Vegan Plant Based Cookbook: High Protein Recipes For Athletes And Bodybuilders. (Low Calorie, Muscle Growth, Workout Fuel, Healthy, Nutrition, Weight Loss and Energy Boost)

BRAND NEW: Unbelievably tasty simple recipes that ANYONE can cook! Best bit? They are all high protein, making the dishes perfect fuel for athletes, bodybuilders and ultimately a healthy body!

This easy-to-follow recipe book is jam packed with recipes from all different cuisines, creating a whole new world of flavours for your plant based lifestyle, tantalising your tastebuds and creating your perfect body at the same time!

Are you fed up of looking for recipes week in week out? Bored of the same bland tasting food everyday? Struggling to lose those extra pounds? Keep getting cravings?

YES? Then this book is for you! You do not need to eat boring to be healthy. Remember that you can still taste good food and achieve the body that YOU deserve! NO MORE LOOKING FOR WEEKLY MEAL PLANS!

This cookbook will have you covered from breakfast right to dessert! Heres a sneak peak of just a few of the delicious recipes included

  • Rainbow Summer Porridge
  • Burrito Bowl
  • Nacho Burger
  • Crunchy Berry Cheesecake
  • And many more!

With this cookbook you can create your own meal plan and it will help you sustain your healthy plant-based diet without having any cravings or urges! Maintaining and creating the body you desire while eating foods that your tastebuds will love! This will guide you to achieve your fitness goals and broaden your horizon with food from all over the world.

Make the change today! Invest in the book, take action and live the healthy plant-based lifestyle you deserve!

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Superfoods For Super Health


This book is a collection of the most nourishing superfoods, from refreshing almond milk to plant-based foods that will give you much eating pleasure. Every superfood in this book is packed with nutrients and guaranteed to promote good overall health and longevity.
With this book, you’ll discover practical and easy-to-follow tips that will help you eliminate dangerous sources of calories, fats and carbohydrates from your diet irrespective of your style of eating. This book will appeal to anyone who seeks greater vitality, a healthier life, and longevity.
Eating the way this book suggests will help you lead a healthier, more energetic life and live longer.

Aging Sexy, 5 Steps to Feeling Younger as a Middle Aged Wife & Mom



This book was created as a step by step how-to to teach you to bring out your sexy no matter what limitations you have knowingly or unknowingly set for yourself or judged for yourself before this point. That stops now. That sexy, energetic, alluring and exciting woman is in there. This book will tell you exactly how to bring her out. I will stress several times in these pages the importance of taking time each day committed to only you. Time that involves your mind, your body, your spirit and your emotions. Working out is not only for your biceps and calf muscles. It is for the whole you.
As with any advice that anyone can give, this book comes with action steps. If you follow them with intention and consistency, then you will succeed. If you don’t, you will not. These steps are proven and guaranteed to help you bring out your inner sexy Goddess and start enjoying the vibrant life you deserve!

Aging Sexy is a complete support system for every woman who has begun to feel that growing older does not allow her to be sexy, vivacious and sensual at this point in her life. This book is meant to be used, devoured and shared. We, as women are meant to feel delicious exactly as we are no matter what changes are happening to our minds and bodies.

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