In her senior year at Coleman High School, Jordyn Williams embarks on a crash course in the unforgiving world of adulthood. Juggling the hectic demands of school, sports, and work, Jordyn often finds herself at her wits’ end.

These challenges intensify as Jordyn befriends Tamera, a new schoolmate who finds herself the target of a ruthless bully. Bent on helping, Jordyn comes to Tamera’s aid and takes the younger girl under her wing. Her act of kindness and bravery radiates through the school. Seen as a beacon of trust, Jordyn quickly finds herself a confidant among her peers. Inundated by a bully, a callous principal, and an egocentric coach, Jordyn wages an uphill battle for those she holds dear.

Despite her committed diligence, Jordyn’s valiant efforts are ignored. In the face of overwhelming adversity, she must summon every ounce of courage and resilience to navigate the rocky path forward. And if the trials of adolescence weren’t enough, the merciless final exam delivers a shattering blow that will forever alter her life.

Meet K. L. Bedwell

Kevin was born in Ft. Myers, Florida, and now calls Pennsylvania home. He can be found on a mountain bike, shredding the trails when not working or writing. The woods are the best therapy. One of his biggest laughs in life is watching people cross the street as he walks his Rottweiler/English Mastiff rescue. He’s a hundred-and-forty-pound baby. Kevin’s works include Not In All My…, Hand of Retribution, and Jordyn.

The High School Survival Guide for Mythical Creatures.

Journey into a world where gryphons soar, mermaids mingle, and enchantment fills the air. In “The High School Survival Guide for Mythical Creatures,” author [Jennifer Rich] weaves a heartwarming and whimsical tale that follows the unforgettable adventures of Griffin Greenthorn and his extraordinary friends through the halls of Mythical High School. Step into the hidden corner of the bustling human world, where Mythical High stands as a haven for creatures of scales, feathers, and fur. From the very first page, readers are whisked away into a realm where the ordinary and extraordinary collide, and the laughter of mythical creatures fills the air like sweet enchanting melodies. With each turn of the page, the halls of Mythical High come alive, painted with vivid descriptions that transport readers to a world where minotaurs navigate lockers, potion classes are a whirlwind of magic, and lunchtime becomes a culinary carnival of fantastical flavors. The author’s imaginative storytelling invites readers to join Griffin and his friends on their journey of self-discovery, mischief, and friendship that knows no bounds. As the characters face challenges, pranks, and perplexing mysteries, their bonds grow stronger, creating a captivating narrative that captures the essence of the teenage experience – the awkwardness, the laughter, and the joy of forging connections that last a lifetime. Through the pages of this enchanting story, readers will find themselves immersed in a world of mythical wonder, where magical creatures face relatable trials and tribulations, and where the power of friendship shines as brightly as the moonlit sky. “The Mythical High Chronicles” is a celebration of friendship, individuality, and the magic that lies within us all. With its blend of humor, heart, and a touch of gryphon charm, this delightful tale is a testament to the enduring bonds that are formed during the unforgettable years of high school. Prepare to be transported to a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and where laughter is the key to unlocking the most enchanting adventures of all.

Meet Jennifer Rich

Jennifer Rich is a talented and educative writer who has written a lot of books, some published and some not published. She has the ability to write an interesting book in almost all the genres. She is a force to be reckoned with.

Larkspur Academy: Complete Series

Larkspur Academy is a five book young adult paranormal mystery series featuring a smart teen heroine, powerful friendships, and sweet romance along with magical secrets. This bundle includes all five books, which must be read in order as each installment moves the story forward. Join Mina and her new friends as they discover the life-altering secrets hidden within the walls of Larkspur Academy. 1. Mirror: Mina must adjust to her new life at Larkspur Academy, but her mean cousin and frightening secrets make her wish she was back home. 2. Illusion: Sweet, popular Gavin comes to Mina’s rescue, but she wants to save herself. Can she deal with the knowledge she must save everyone? 3. Spiral: Mina no longer knows who to trust after a shocking revelation and a devastating confession. Which secret, she wonders, will be the one to cause her downfall? 4. Mirage: The summer semester class trip promises adventure as well as an escape from Larkspur’s walls, but the dangers of Moon Lake prove all too real. 5. Glow: Will Mina’s time at Larkspur Academy end in triumph or tragedy?

Meet Molly Lavenza

I love my home state of Ohio, where I live with my family and attend Kent State University. I couldn’t live without my cats, potato chips, and my boyfriend, whose dark curly hair and obsession with Converse sneakers was the inspiration for The Changeling Covenant hero, Declan.


Potluck - ASIN B01EZS1BXM

Jesse Minkin is a study-mad Harvard hopeful. Anything that could possibly distract him from this goal is just petty teenage drama to him, including romance. His two best friends since childhood—the popular jock and the intimidating bad boy—have created the perfect shield for him, behind which he can safely practice his nerdy ways without harassment from bullies. However, when he meets the openly gay target of a violent hate crime, Jesse begins to see beyond his textbooks; perhaps there’s educational merit in petty teenage drama after all, and not all learning leads to Harvard.

(contains mature language and references to drug use)

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