The Call of Home: A WW2 Historical Fiction Novel

A promise to save a life. An impossible love. When Freida discovers a wounded German soldier washed up on the beach near her home in England, she risks her life to save him. Despite the danger of aiding the enemy, Freida and the soldier are forced to leave their lives behind and collaborate in order to survive. As WWII tears individuals and families apart, Freida and the soldier develop a connection that no bullet can destroy, and Freida is determined to keep her promise and help him return home. But with danger and heartache lurking around every corner, will Freida be able to keep her promise and save the soldier? Unveil the past in “The Call of Home” by Curt O’Riley. This gripping World War II novel, free for a limited time, weaves tales of love and courage, urging you to embark on an unforgettable journey. Don’t miss this chance to delve into history’s heart. #MustRead #FreeBook

Meet Curt O’Riley

Curt O’Riley is a storyteller with a knack for finding the extraordinary in everyday life. Hailing from a small town, O’Riley brings a down-to-earth charm to the world of fiction, where relatable characters navigate the twists and turns of life in compelling and authentic ways.