The Sallow Scourge

On the cusp of becoming maidens, twin Queens Allison and Joie Wynpenny have spent the past year trapped inside their castle. The Sallow Scourge has their kingdom in its grip. Whether curse or contagion, the wisemen do not yet know. What is known is that it causes the afflicted to commit severe bodily harm, while disrupting the balance of magic throughout the realm.

Both queens decide that something drastic must be done, though each has a very different solution. Allison vows to seek out the culprit, be that witch, wizard or madman. Her sister Joie, always rebellious, would rather stir chaos. As the kingdom cracks in two, the Sallow Scourge may wind up the sole victor.

Meet E Stuart Marlowe


The Peacetaker Series Boxset

From the US shores to London, France and Spain, death stalks Stella and Carter as they follow the Peacetaker’s bloody trail….

Ribbons of Death (Book 1)

Three months after surviving a deadly riot in Cairo, Timothy Carter is compelled to track down Stella Hunter, a disgraced academic whose book could be the key to deciphering whether the legend of the Peacetaker is more than a dusty myth. She might be a recluse, and people think she’s crazy, but she’s his only hope to find answers to questions he’s been asking himself since receiving the scars that now mar his face.

The Harmony Scroll (Book 2)

Almost a year to date from the time Carter braved a horrible blizzard just to be able to knock on Stella Hunter’s door, the two are following a trail again—this time searching for a mysterious scroll that a few unreliable historians documented in the course of time.

The Byzantine Connection (Book 3)

Stella Hunter is an obsessive reader of all myths and legends. She and her long-time boyfriend, Carter, go to visit their old friend and priest at his church. There the journey begins when Carter sees an old Oriental couple pray, then leave the worship decades younger than when they walked in minutes before. Their story surrounds a bizarre and poorly chiseled granite statue delivered to the church. But is it just an ugly statue?

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The Birth

Renowned Professor Saurabh Chatterjee is found dead in his apartments just before his scientific seminar on a topic named “Knowing God through Physics”. All the records of the so called presentation is wiped away. When Rudra, their son, with his friend Soutrik reaches the apartment, they find out that his mother was also missing.
Rudra receives a phone call in between just to know that a person kept his mother hostage and had asked him to finish his father’s work. As the mystery starts unfolding, they just realize that Mr. Chatterjee was working on a question that will arise more questions than answers.
The duo starts the hunt with a deadly killer on their tail. The ultimate answer they got, was far more jotted than the question.
Leap into the book and witness the cold war between science and religion.

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Arachne’s Challenge

Arachne's Challenge  - ASIN B01KQZSTCO

Edita Petrick has a devilish imagination and a wicked sense of humor. Love the gritty characters and complex plot. Lots of adventure, intrigue, and fun. I have bought all of the series and will start on number one next.

A suicide bomber strikes at an unremarkable department store in upstate California. A week later, two teenage nerds perish in a house explosion that left a crater in the ground but otherwise did little damage beyond its perimeter. Five days after the tragedy, a dying teenage car thief whispers ‘Marseille’ to the FBI agents at her bedside. Any of the three gruesome events would have seen Senior Agent Vern Saunders summoning his crack operative, Carter, once on contract to the Justice Department. Today however, Carter, lives far removed from such events. He is planning to surprise his wife, ex-history professor, Stella Hunter, with a trip to Europe to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. He’s prepared to make it into a half-working vacation because Stella has no concept of relaxation. What he’s not prepared for is to start his vacation by finding himself threatened not only by the terrorists, car thieves and artifact smugglers, but also by something that even mythology can’t explain.

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Ribbons of Death

A supernatural catalyst for death rises from an ancient myth. Can a federal agent and a medieval scholar stop its terror before it spreads across the US?

Riots are sweeping the US but the media can’t pinpoint their cause and can’t predict the next riot outbreak. Racial tensions run always high somewhere in the country—but never in the place of the riot. Washington DC is the prime choice of groups who seek to showcase their cause, but it’s always been peaceful demonstrations—until now.

When a peaceful protest leaves thousands dead and injured protesters, lying practically on the White House lawn, the country’s many law agencies are forced into uneasy co-operation. But only one such officer of the law, who has to hide his badge as part of his job, looks for perpetrators in the least likely place—in the history books. What he discovers is neither comforting, nor revealing—only more worrisome. Dr. Stella Hunter, a reclusive mythology expert from Montana is the academic who offers not only a proof but explanation. Except she is thought to be a crackpot. Yet in the absence of other sources, Carter has to take her story—and history—at face value.

The product of ancient myths and legends is cutting a bloody path across the continent, and someone has to stop him. The problem is, that no one knows who it is, where he is and how to neutralize an ancient curse.

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A House of Repute

A House of Repute - ASIN B08734L3Z2

Mrs Henry’s brothel has its idiosyncrasies: house lunches on Sundays, shared cleaning duties, and Mrs Henry herself—a combination of mercenary efficiency and caring mentor for her girls. It’s home to?Lizzie,?Charlie?and?Dina, three women who have become close friends whilst soliciting on the streets of Victorian London. 

When prostitutes start turning up murdered, the girls’ work becomes more dangerous than usual, and the police investigation into the murder is getting nowhere fast. Fearing for their lives and seeking justice for the murdered girls, Mrs Henry’s girls take it upon themselves to catch the killer before he strikes again.

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The Nazi Spy: Nazi Spy Mystery series Book 1

Scotland. 1941. Fiona, rich and privileged, is trapped in a loveless marriage to a Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force. Although, at thirty-seven, she is no longer the pretty young thing she used to be, she still secretly clings to the romantic dreams of her youth. The very young and very handsome Flight Lieutenant Matthew Manfred, in the same squadron as her husband, is starting to figure very strongly in those dreams… Out there, meanwhile, in the real world, Great Britain is on its knees, and Germany triumphant. War threatens not just the survival of Great Britain, but also Fiona’s position and wealth. And even her life… You see, murder has raised its ugly head… Someone close to her has been killed. But who is the murderer? And who might be his (or her) next victim? Fiona sets out to investigate, but it’s not going to be easy, because, you see, there are another two mysteries she needs to solve. Firstly, who has been writing love letters to her? Very beautiful letters, but letters of an extremely intimate nature… Then there’s the other mystery, probably the most important, and the most threatening of all. You see, she fears there is a spy in her midst…who is about to strike the most lethal blow of all… She will have to find out who that person is, not just to protect her country, but to protect herself. She must tread carefully, without arousing suspicions. Are the murderer and the spy one and the same person? Or could they possibly be two different people? Who is implicated? Is it dour, dull Squadron Leader Jackson? Or Belinda, his cheeky, promiscuous wife? Is it ladies’ man, Flight Lieutenant George Turnbill? Or Paula Wentworth, his latest, shameless squeeze? What about the moustachioed Group Captain Jenkins? Or Mary Wilkinson, looking far too attractive in her smart blue-grey uniform? And, to Fiona’s annoyance, looking far too young… And what is the role in all this of gorgeous, young Flight Lieutenant Matthew Manfred, who once gave Fiona a soft, lingering kiss she just can’t forget? What secrets are hidden in his beautiful, throbbing breast? And is he the person who has been writing sweet nothings to her? Fiona hopes so, but fears he might turn out to be something a good deal worse, and quite terrifying… And what is young Mary Wilkinson to him? Fiona has to tread warily, as if on eggshells, because, if she makes one false move, it could well turn out to be her last.

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