Darcy and Fitzwilliam, A Tale of A Gentleman and An Office

(Second Edition) Darcy and Fitzwilliam is the romantic and humorous tale of Pride and Prejudice’s two cousins, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam, close as brothers and fierce competitors – their lovers and wives – and one crazy old aunt. Book One in the Pride and Prejudice Family Series begins where Pride and Prejudice ended, immediately after the wedding of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, following the young couple through the ups and downs of learning to live with the person you adore. Add to the mix Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam returning to London after the Battle of Waterloo, eager to shake off the bitterness of war with a little bit of scandalous behavior, only to find the love of his life.

“It is absorbing. It is intoxicating. It is excellent.” Jane Austen World

“The story line is so engaging, the plot so thick with intensity and literary genius, that I was immediately roped into the novel and ultimately, emotionally invested in the outcome… fan-tas-tic!” Suite 101.com Reviews

“Austen herself would no doubt welcome Darcy and Fitzwilliam, an amusing and witty interpretation.” Historical Novel Review

“Laugh until your sides ache and then augh some more… Delicious!” Linda Banche Reviews

“This book is a delight to read… heartfelt and poignant!” Jane Austen Examiner

“Her work is page turning… humorous, maddening, touching!” “The Calico Critic

“Austen fans and fans of Austen inspired fiction will not want to miss this one!” Debbie’s Book Bag

“It is fast paced… if you enjoy Jane Austen you will enjoy this book. It is sure to be a new classic of an old tale!” April Renn, My Book Addiction

Meet Karen V. Wasylowski

Karen V. Wasylowski is the author of The Pride and Prejudice Family Saga, beginning with Darcy and Fitzwilliam, followed by Sons and Daughters, Wives and Lovers and Saints and Sinners. She is a native of Chicago, married and living currently in Florida with her husband and two dogs.

Discreetly Matched (Bargain Reads)

What’s an heiress’ to do when her fiancé dies suddenly? Ask her aunt, who is the premier matchmaker in all of the West, to discreetly match her with a new suitor. What could go wrong?

Edwin Clarke is aimless. A fault his father insists can be corrected by way of a wife of substance, financial that is. Ed stands to inherit the family ranch, and the thousands of acres that comes with it. The problem is, the family’s money has been depleted by his mother’s outrageous spending habits. A rich heiress can solve all their problems, but how does he go about finding one? 

Julia Bennett’s life is perfect, enjoying the spoils of being the darling of the upper crust of society. She’s an heiress with a handsome fiancé, set to marry within weeks. When tragedy strikes, however, her future crumbles around her, forcing Julia to make new plans. With her father’s imminent death looming, Julia must find a new man to marry in order to inherit. She is forced to turn to her aunt, a seasoned matchmaker.

Can Ed find his way to be the man Julia needs? Can Julia find her way to open her heart after her loss? And will the two of them agree to marry before the clock runs out for both of them?

These standalone stories are sweet, clean romances designed to whisk you away. We believe in building a world that begins at the very core of what makes romance stories work – faith, hope, and love. 

Come join us in the border towns of the Old West, where cowboys, lawmen, and small town workers not only end up with brides, but their perfect partner, too!

*This book was previously part of the Match Made in Heaven Series and has been edited to move it from a Victorian era to an Old West setting. The characters and plot have remained the same.

Rejected by Love’s Nobility: Secrets Behind the Curtain, Book 1 (Bargain Book)

Eloise leaves her hometown after she witnesses a tragedy that causes her to seek an escape. She finds her way in New York and enjoys a few years of peace and success. 
But when the family of the man she loves begins to ask questions about her past, she is forced to confront demons she has pushed back for years. This, coupled with an unexpected letter from someone from the past takes Eloise back home and forces her on an unraveling choice to make between justice and love.

Will she choose to seek justice or seek love?

Meet Lane Anderson

Author Lane Anderson has a passion for writing. She hails from the small town of Mattoon, Illinois. Before she started writing historical romance, Lane wanted to experience living in a big city. That’s when she decided to attend the University of Chicago, where is studied English Literature.

She currently resides in the UK alongside her wonderful and loving husband.

When she’s not writing, she can be found sipping coke zero and chomping on buttery popcorn while watching Netflix dramas with her husband and two cats Sunny and Jasper.