Part suspense, part family saga, and all romance, The Tales of Chapel Hall continue with Indecorum.

Caprice Winston is on a mission to find answers about the past. She’s determined to fulfill her promise to help her sister but fears discovery. Even she thinks that some parts of the past should remain there. She struggles with the truths she finds, all while fighting her developing feelings for the man by her side.

Jordan Sedgewick, the Earl of St. Clair, is determined to keep Caprice out of harm’s way while a murderous madman continues to stalk the Winston family. The Earl is stoic, reclusive, a man who believes in rules and the reasons they exist, but what did the Earl get when he found Adrian Ravenspur and Machelle Winston at his niece’s cottage in Devon? Fire, kidnappings, madmen from the past, and then the ensuing chaos. The Earl of St. Clair does not like chaos. So what’s an earl to do when the woman he’s drawn to the most turns out to be nothing like he expected? The solution was simple. Fall in love with her, of course.

Meet Debra J Falasco

My name is Debra J. Falasco and I have been a writer for as long as I can remember, from short stories and poetry to college papers and expository writings. But my heart has always belonged to romance. After moving to Colorado from Texas, I met the man I was meant to be with. After marriage and one child, I left a long-term career to become a stay at home Mom. That was a dream come true but after two years, it was time to make another dream come true. I began working on a book and redeveloping characters I created over twenty years ago. Adrian and Machelle’s love had never been forgotten and with the telling of their story, I created a world of romance I can’t wait to share with readers!