A Damsel for the Duke

In the glittering ballrooms of Regency London, whispers of romance swirl amidst the aristocracy as the most coveted bachelor of the ton, Lord Percival Alden Whitworth, prepares to take a bride. Heir to the illustrious dukedom of Whitworth and esteemed friend of the Crown Prince, Lord Percival’s impending nuptials have set high society ablaze with anticipation. But amidst the fervor of matchmaking mamas and ambitious debutantes, a shadow lurks, threatening to shatter the dreams of love and happiness. Amidst the glitz and glamour of the ton, Penelope Hawthorne stands as a stark reminder of one unspeakable truth – a truth that shook the entire aristocratic society. As the Gazette eagerly anticipates the union of Lord Percival and his chosen lady, the question remains: will duty and honor prevail, or will the specter of past indiscretions tear asunder the chance for a true and lasting love? In a world where reputation is everything and secrets lie beneath every silken surface, one duty and one sin may indeed keep apart two souls from their happy ending. Will Lord Percival and his bride-to-be be able to overcome the shadows of their past and find true love, or will society’s expectations tear them apart? Find out in “A Damsel for the Duke,” a captivating tale of love, scandal, and redemption.

Meet Emily Higgs

Emily Higgs is a vibrant voice in the realm of fiction, weaving intricate tales that transport readers to captivating worlds. With a pen dipped in imagination and a mind brimming with creativity, she effortlessly spins narratives that enthrall and enchant.

The Journalist

From master storyteller John Reid Young, this is the opening book in an adventure-filled and action-packed new series that’s perfect for fans of Nick Stone and Jack Reacher.

Meet John Reid Young

ohn Reid Young was born in London’s Welbeck Street in 1957. Although he has spent most of his life in the Canary Islands, home to his paternal ancestors since the middle of the 19th century, he was educated at private schools in England and Scotland. At university he read Law and Politics and completed his studies with a Master’s degree in Diplomatic Studies. After spending time in the UK and elsewhere he returned to the Canary Islands. A family man with a Spanish wife and two sons, he enjoys nothing more than swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, hiking in the mountains and gardening. He owns Tenerife Private Tours with which he finds great pleasure meeting people from all over the world. He has provided his voice to numerous recordings. He has translated numerous documents and publications. He has published several articles and keeps an historical blog, Travel Stories in Tenerife and the Canary Islands. His collections of short stories, and his first novel, a thriller, confirm his passion fo telling a goog story.

Ribbons of Death

A supernatural catalyst for death rises from an ancient myth. Can a federal agent and a medieval scholar stop its terror before it spreads across the US?

Riots are sweeping the US but the media can’t pinpoint their cause and can’t predict the next riot outbreak. Racial tensions run always high somewhere in the country—but never in the place of the riot. Washington DC is the prime choice of groups who seek to showcase their cause, but it’s always been peaceful demonstrations—until now.

When a peaceful protest leaves thousands dead and injured protesters, lying practically on the White House lawn, the country’s many law agencies are forced into uneasy co-operation. But only one such officer of the law, who has to hide his badge as part of his job, looks for perpetrators in the least likely place—in the history books. What he discovers is neither comforting, nor revealing—only more worrisome. Dr. Stella Hunter, a reclusive mythology expert from Montana is the academic who offers not only a proof but explanation. Except she is thought to be a crackpot. Yet in the absence of other sources, Carter has to take her story—and history—at face value.

The product of ancient myths and legends is cutting a bloody path across the continent, and someone has to stop him. The problem is, that no one knows who it is, where he is and how to neutralize an ancient curse.

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