12 Days of Christmas Touch and Sing Book


Don’t wait forever for the delivery man to send you a song book. Just load this song book into your kindle and experience a cherished Christmas carol right now, in a new vibrant way!

No need for AA batteries or biting your fingernails while waiting and hoping that your kid’s songbook will arrive on time and in good condition!
Get this interactive kindle Song Book and have fun with your kids, singing to one of the most beloved yuletide songs of all time.

Kids will love this entertaining and educative interactive book

The 12 days of Christmas is best suited for teaching young toddlers their numbers 1 to 10, (with the added bonus of 11 and 12!) in a very passive and entertaining way.
Through its use of constant repetition of these numbers throughout the song’s verses, the child will constantly be shown those numbers and the amount of objects associated with them.
This book makes use of rich colors to hold the child’s attention and has each of the gifts in the song labeled with their numbers in figures so kids can learn to associate the numeric digits with their word form.

Kids will learn and play through the songs

Music is known to be a very useful tool used in aiding toddlers to easily grasp and learn concepts. With music, a child can learn more in minutes than they can through having the concepts explained or read to them over time.
With a captivating tune littered with little doses of educative content, the child will learn on the fly as they sing and sway to the rhythm of the song!
And what more captivating tune is there than the 12 days of Christmas to show the concept of numbers!

Kids can choose to listen to songs or voices and sing along

The book offers the option to sing the poem as a tune (instruments only) or using vocals (sang by adorable sounding kids!).
With the instrumental song version, you can sing with your kids, passively teaching them how to sing in tune to sharpen their listening skills and expose any musical talents hidden in their little voices!
With the vocal song version, kids will be intrigued to hear other kids singing and will like to sing along as well!
Both ways, the toddler will learn words and over time, get to read them as they sing along with the book.

This book promotes engagement for the child through interaction

Kids will be fascinated when they get to know they can touch the book and get lovely reactions.
As kids, they’ll want to touch things they see and what better way is there to get them to work by touching buttons that produce songs!
Each verse of the song has a dedicated page with a button that can be pressed to produce the song for that verse, making it interactive and fun!

Your kids will love this book because

• It can sing a very popular Christmas song
• It can sing the song using real voices
• It can sing using only tunes too so that can do their very own karaoke time
• It has buttons that do stuff
• They’ll learn to read when they get to know the song’s lyrics
• It shows all the gifts with their numbers so the kids can learn their numbers while having fun singing along
• It has very colorful, bright and shiny pages that will keep them entertained
• It doesn’t need AA batteries to work, just a kindle will do!