The Craft Fair Vendor Guidebook

Are you thinking about selling your creations at craft fairs but aren’t sure where to start? Are you already selling items but would like more ideas to enhance your displays? The Craft Fair Vendor Guidebook: Ideas to Inspire is the go-to guide for people interested in this creative side hustle..

Including many color photographs from craft fairs and other vendor events, this book offers logical ways to display merchandise, simple solutions to save time and make money, and other practical advice. It even includes tips for craft fair organizers.

The author’s specialty is wire-wrapped jewelry, but the book’s principles may be applied to other crafts and merchandise. Learn tips on attracting customers to your enticing booth displays, including the Z layout.

Being a craft fair vendor involves efficiently transporting your booth items, quickly setting everything up like an attractive “mini store,” dismantling everything later that day, loading your vehicle (again!), and going home with more money than you’d brought. Setting up a portable display poses different challenges from creating one that will be stationary in a store setting. Each craft fair has its own layout and what works in one venue may not work in another. Therefore, it’s essential to have a variety of display ideas to determine the best one for each show.

The Craft Fair Vendor Guidebook contains common sense strategies to assist with your home-based business. It starts with business basics and expands to cover a wide range of topics from set-up to sales, including selling beyond the typical craft fair venue. Offering economical DIY techniques, learn how a child’s art kit can be transformed into a lovely jewelry display case or how PVC pipe can uplift your displays literally and figuratively.

Throughout the book, the author shares her experiences to encourage and inspire others. Instead of wasting countless hours searching online for realistic ways to elevate your craft fair business, this book is a handy, step-by-step reference. A quick read including 100 color photographs, this book should spark ideas and motivate vendors to create their best booths ever!

Note: This book has been updated regularly with the most recent in February 2023.

Meet Brenda DeHaan

This was my first book, and it has been one of my most popular books. I have regularly updated it as I have learned more at various craft fairs over the years. I am a certified English teacher and K-12 librarian, so I enjoy helping people discover information and find more ways to be creative.

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