Think About Homeschooling: What It Is, What It Isn’t, & Why It Works

How can you make a decision about homeschooling if you don’t know what it really is? And how will you reach your full potential as a homeschooling family if nagging doubts keep you second-guessing your every move?

Think About Homeschooling guides prospective and new homeschoolers on a journey of discovering what home education actually is so they can make well-informed educational choices for their family. This book will help you:

  • Discover the three key benefits to home-based education and learn why it works so well for so many different families.
  • Identify and dismantle the homeschooling stereotypesand misconceptions that are holding you back.
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of educating your child(ren) at home.
  • Explore what the role of home educator means for youand envision what the homeschooling lifestyle could look like for your family.
  • Respond confidently to the homeschool critics in your life.
  • Gain the knowledge and courage you need to step out of the cultural current and homeschool successfully.

Don’t let fear stand between your family and this rewarding, life-changing adventure! Empower yourself to make an educated decision; think about homeschooling!


“Sandy uses a wonderful blend of scholarship, statistics, logic, stories, and humor to address many contemporary objections to homeschooling. The transparency, honesty, and vulnerability of her own journey allows others the necessary emotional and intellectual air they need to deeply consider homeschooling, not simply as a viable educational alternative but as a way of doing life together. This book provides both macro and micro insights to prospective homeschoolers as well as serving as a solid treatise for veterans to use.”

—Kirk Smith, Executive Director of Illinois Christian Home Educators (ICHE)

“I think anyone considering homeschooling for their family will walk away from this book with the confidence to step forward and the tools to put it in motion. And those seeking to understand a friend or family member’s homeschool decision will find themselves better informed and able to see it in a new way.”

—Katie, stay-at-home mom of three public-schooled children

“A must read for anyone who wants to homeschool their children. I wish my mom had this resource when I was homeschooled 30 years ago.”

—Lisbeth, homeschool graduate and pricing analyst

“In a systematic and logical way, based on research, Sandy addresses all the fundamental worries I had this year (our first as a homeschooling family). I have new-found confidence in my role as a home educator and my ability to respond to any potential criticism of our choice to home educate our children.”

—Kristen, first year homeschooling mom of three

“LOVE IT!! Love the writing style, love the snippets of humor & pop culture, love that the white elephant in the room, referred to as “weird homeschooled kids,” is addressed. I appreciate that the intention of the book is to open the eyes of parents to other educational options for their children.”

—Sheri, full-time brand and product development manager

“Sandy is honest, transparent, and objective about every aspect of homeschooling, including some I didn’t even know I should be thinking about until I ran into them myself. An excellent overview of what homeschooling is (and isn’t) and why it just might be the best choice for your family.”

—Kathy, part-time book editor and veteran homeschooling mom

Meet Sandy Glenn

Sandy Glenn, MAE, went from “Homeschooling? No way!” to “Homeschooling is awesome!” in just a few short years. She and her husband live and learn with their three children in the Chicago suburbs. Sandy’s writing has been published in the Journal of Architectural Engineering and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, and she also provides practical help and encouragement to homeschooling parents on her blog,