Welcome to the Agrihood: Housing, Shopping, and Gardening for a Farm-to-Table Lifestyle

Welcome to the Agrihood: Housing, Shopping, and Gardening for a Farm-to-Table Lifestyle	- ASIN B087GBQFYP

Welcome to the Agrihood, Housing, Shopping, and Gardening for a Farm-to-Table Lifestyle, has something for everyone—new homebuyers, city-dwellers, and retirees. Award-winning author Anna DeSimone explains all the ways that sustainably sourced, locally grown food is healthier, preserves farmland, and lowers your carbon footprint. 

LIVE IN AGRIHOOD, an eco-friendly, healthy-lifestyle community centered around a professionally managed farm. Discover why agrihoods are winning awards across the nation for “best places to live.” You can have a beautiful, sustainably built home with the latest energy conservation features, and yet be surrounded by pastoral landscapes and natural habitat. This book takes you through a virtual tour of agrihoods, known for amenities such as charter K-12 schools, clubhouses, fitness centers, boating, golf, horseback riding, swimming, walking, hiking, and biking trails. Best of all, many are surprisingly close to major cities and metro areas. 

ORGANIC ROOFTOP FARMS are the newest trend in multifamily housing, where tenants can take the elevator to shop for fresh food, or perhaps dine at the on-site café where meals are prepared with food from the chef’s garden. Many apartment complexes are incorporating community gardens into the landscape or offering individual raised-bed gardens for tenants to grow their own produce.  

GROW YOUR OWN ORGANIC FOOD on your porch, balcony, or in your backyard with helpful tips, planting guides, and valuable resources about sustainable, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly growing methods. This book teaches the basics of organic certification, food safety, biodiversity, beekeeping, soil testing, composting, and local laws. With infographics and clear commentary, readers will understand how sustainable agriculture helps the environment, and how far food travels. You might be inspired to start planting microgreens indoors after learning about aeroponics, hydroponics, and aquaponics. 

SHOP FROM THE FARMER YOU KNOW and learn the story behind your food. This book illustrates the “harvest season,” and describes the scope of food products and pick-your-own options at “on-farm” markets. You’ll learn about “food hubs,” mission-based organizations dedicated to sustainable agriculture, fair trade, social, and environmental causes. Food hubs bring together local farmers, fisheries, ranchers, and artisans. By enrolling in a season-long “farm share” program known as “Community-Supported Agriculture” your family can enjoy fresh, healthy food and connect with the people who plant, manage and harvest your food. 

•The Local Food Sensation
•Say Hello to Your Farmer
•Urban Agriculture
•Backyard Farming
•Community-Supported Agriculture (CSAs)
•On-Farm Markets
•Food Hubs

BOOK INCLUDES A NATIONAL DIRECTORY OF AGRIHOODS AND LISTS OVER 2,200 RESOURCES TO BUY FRESH, LOCALLY GROWN FOOD. Listings include farm’s website address (direct links on ebooks).

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