The Black Veldt (Bargain Read)

The Black Veldt - ASIN B089MF3FS9

Jose Carvel is a scumbag. But he wants to be a better person.

The degenerate writer and former ward of state is trying to recreate himself in the slums of the Lower East Side, yet his past won’t stop haunting him.

Those violent memories of his dark nights on the road. The tormented faces of those he left behind. The relentless nightmares of that ancient, demon- stalked veldt with its covenant of blood and its master of shadow, dirt, and stars.

He must confront his own dark truth while exploring the depths of sexual depravity and obsession in Fear City during its Summer of Sam.

Carvel must fight to save the woman he loves… While rescuing his own soul from the Black Veldt’s vile kingdom.

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Seeds of the Dead

Seeds Of The Dead is a story about a man at the crossroads, one which will, in turn, jeopardize the very fate of humankind. On one hand, this man supports the creation of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) to help feed the vast population of the world. But to do so, he must align himself with a nefarious corporation and the corrupt elitists who control it.
Seeds Of The Dead is set against a zombie-apocalypse in small-town America, the story’s hero is Peter Malik, a promising young scientist employed by the dubious Moonstar Foods INC. When Peter learns the treachery his corporation is set to unleash upon the unsuspecting masses, he threatens to expose their dark secret by turning whistleblower. The corporation retaliates, contaminating Peter’s hometown with infected food, and turns the people Peter loves most into flesh-eating zombies. The zombie eating machines created by the Moonstar is the perfect biological weapon and will be used for a very sinister purpose: population control of the 99 percent.
Can Peter save his hometown, his parents, and the woman he adores, plus warn the entire planet of the impending doom?

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The Fifth Survivor: Wet Dreams

Hotshot vigilante, George and his gorgeous sidekick Elaine are thrust together into a video game nightmare that will either see them end filthy rich… or dead.

While the evil Hybrid Corporation seeks to further its world-ending plans, George and Elaine must escape a video game haunted house filled with sexy chicks who think he’s their king. As he’ll find out though, he knows these fine women rather well. There’s more to these seductive women than he first believes. They are victims of the evil Hybrid Corp and this whole haunted house thing is a trap. One that might see George and Elaine join the countless other victims of the evil company. Sexy Zombie female killers, male vigilante badassery, video game b grade zombie shock lunacy! Come join the fun.

Warning: Contains sexy scenes with naughty words, lots of blood and gore, gun violence, knife violence, one instance of pogo stick violence and drool-worthy women who roleplay the gals of your wildest male dreams.In other words… Kids go home. Everyone else, welcome to the party!

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Curse Breaker

Sit back and enjoy this compelling dark fantasy novella by International Bestselling Author, Jaclyn Roche..

A reincarnated goddess…
An unrisen long-dead god…
Only she can bring him back to life.


“You’re mine for now and eternity,” he rumbled against her.
She ignored the voice telling her this wasn’t real. The niggle of doubt reminding her she was crazy—certified and released—not because she no longer was a ward of the government that had happened quite a time ago at eighteen, but because she had served her time.
“Tell me you’re mine,” he demanded, ceasing his exploration of her.
His lust glazed eyes captured hers in their gaze. She could see the outline of the minotaur against his body. The beast simmered at the surface, a layering over Viktor’s form.
“I’m yours. All yours.” Kali’s words a panted whisper against his ear. That couldn’t be me. Her voice husky.
Viktor’s mouth reclaimed hers, beginning his feast with the flesh of her breast. His tongue darted out licking her hardened nipple and teasing her other nipple with the pad of his thumb. He tore off her clothing pausing only to consume her with his olive eyes. There was no one else in the world who looked at her the way he did as if she were the only woman he needed or wanted.
Kali moaned leaning into him. Her core became molten as their tongues intertwined. Her hips moved against his groin of their own accord. Tension wound with every draw of his mouth and flick of his thumb. Her fingertips traveled down the rippled plane of his back, tracing the Egyptian tattoos she’d seen covering his torso. Kali clutched Viktor to her as they tumbled to the inky ground of the between. Her hands entangled in the wild mop of chestnut waves atop his head. His body felt airy rather than solid as he removed the rest of their clothing. She fought to remain submerged in the between, unwilling to leave, as Viktor didn’t escape his beastly curse often.
“Don’t go,” she cried, wrapping her legs around his waist. “Please.”

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Curse Breaker is an Insta-Love Stand Alone Novella of the Dark Legends series. It includes dark themes and fated mates.

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Fated (Into the Beyond, Part 1)

The Beyond exists outside of time…
few are fated to enter.

High school sophomore Lewis Graham is awakened by a strange creature appearing through a portal in his bedroom. The creature looks like a doll, dressed in a little button-down suit, and calls himself Mr. Gray. He says he is from the realm of immortals – a place called the Beyond – and that he is a Fate, like the three Fates of Greek and Roman mythology. Mr. Gray says he has come to lead Lewis to his destiny, and that it is imperative he does what he’s told.

Mr. Gray insists on being taken to school with Lewis to help guide him through his day, but when Lewis follows Mr. Gray’s instructions, some very bad things start happening to the people around him. Lewis is forced to question what sort of destiny the creature really has in store for him.

Mr. Gray claims no one else can see or hear him, but when a Native American girl at school sneaks Lewis a note containing three simple words, he is launched down a frightening and thought-provoking path:

Don’t Trust It.
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Second place winner 2018 Oklahoma Writing Federation’s (OWFI) annual writing contest Horror Division.

Following the brutal murder of his wife and the traumatic backlash to his son, Detective Mark Boyd has retired from the Alsuma Police Department and taken up the tranquil country life outside picturesque Button Creek, Oklahoma. But Mark’s plans to heal his son and rebuild their relationship are shattered when their new life is destroyed by a pack of violent marauders.

Mark’s call to authorities falls on deaf ears and his only assistance comes in the form of alluring telephone lineman, Heather James. With Heather’s help, Mark makes plans to uncover those responsible but soon learns the peaceful town of Button Creek is not what it seems. Its citizens are prisoner to a horrible secret, a secret which could steal his son and destroy their chance for a fresh start.

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Screamcatcher: Web World

Screamcatcher: Web World - ASIN B07QDK5M75

When seventeen-year-old Jory Pike cannot shake the hellish nightmares of her parent’s deaths, she turns to an old family heirloom, a dream catcher. Even though she’s half blood Chippewa, Jory thinks old Indian lore is so yesterday, but she’s willing to give it a try. However, the dream catcher has had its fill of nightmares from an ancient and violent past. After a sleepover party, and during one of Jory’s most horrific dream episodes, the dream catcher implodes, sucking Jory and her three friends into its own world of trapped nightmares. They’re in an alternate universe—locked inside of an insane web world. How can they find the center of the web, where all good things are allowed to pass?

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Day Of Awakening

Seattle. Summer. So much blood.

Having fled the zombie outbreak in their hometown of Lynden, Violet and Fynn are on the run in an abandoned SUV. Desperate to find her mother and sister, Violet has driven Fynn to Seattle with her; but with very little petrol and even less of a plan, time is running out for the duo. Like Lynden, Seattle has become a post-apocalyptic battlefield of the undead, where death is imminent, and survival is a victory.

Arriving at the hospital where Violet’s mother, Elena, is a nurse, Fynn and Violet encounter the apocalypse firsthand. The walking dead have spread like a plague – and if they don’t find Elena here, Violet and Fynn will be forced to travel further into the zombie-infested city to try and rescue her last remaining family members.

But all is not as it was in Lynden. The zombies are learning to adapt to their surroundings – and fast.

While the undead used to flounder blindly, relying mostly on their sense of smell, the zombies in Seattle are developing superhuman strength and sensory superpowers that enable them to hunt human flesh with even deadlier speed and accuracy. Mutant spider-like creatures scale buildings, local pets become life-threatening, and human traits are amplified with ferocious intent. Faced with deserted streets and ever-stronger zombie attacks, Violet and Fynn need each other more than ever as they advance deeper into this dangerous new world.

But are the two fugitives really as alone as they think? Could there be others who have survived the flesh-eating pandemic – a last remaining hope for a world under attack? Or are Violet and Fynn the sole survivors of the deadliest summer in living memory?

Amidst the chaos, Violet is realizing that there is more to Fynn than his tough exterior…and has he always been that handsome? While life as they know it crumbles around them, the pair find solace and safety in each other. But does Fynn remember their first kiss the way Violet does? Or is their chemistry a passing connection, forged out of desperation in their terrifying circumstances?

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Athena: Tales of Love, Magic, and Sheer Madness

At last, it’s here!

The very first anthology of Dastaan World …

Sixteen of the finest and most underrated writers gather from around the world. Each of them weaves a tale that would entangle you and not let you go till you’ve devoured every word of it.

Intriguing characters, shocking plot twists, and climactic endings will leave you playing these stories out in your mind for days after you’ve read them.

•What secrets await Effigy after her father loses her in a game of poker?
•Why are Alijah’s parents disgusted at his plans to save his family from the Magi?
•How will Norris deal with his wife’s dead body in his car?
•And much more …

This collection of short stories features both real-world and fantastical settings, ranging from the Appalachian Mountains in North America to the Faraway Hills of Africa to realms mankind has yet to discover and explore.

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The Last Disciple

“An apocalyptic thriller that will make you lose sleep.” -Orlando Sentinel 

The Time is Near.

The last thing Special Forces operator John Sunday expected to find taped to the body of a dead terrorist was a woman’s portrait.
The last thing Kat Devier expected to find beneath the paint was a lost gospel claiming the body of Jesus Christ is in a cave in Jordan.
The clues lead to a cold, clay jar sealed in mud and kept hidden in the darkness for thousands of years. But what’s inside?
And why does a man who cannot die walk the earth in search of it?

The Last Disciple is a terrifying hunt across the sands of time for the hidden plans of gods and devils. Once revealed, John Sunday’s demons, and yours, will become real.
And the great day of wrath shall come.
For us all.
Sometimes darkness is better than the light.

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