Veiled Threats: Dead Mawl #2


Cashier-turned-monster-masher Cari Hembert has a lot to learn about the evil entities that reside in the Edensgate Shopping Center. While some of them are stupid lumps of flesh that can be taken down by brute force, there are others that are not so easy—a fact Cari learns when she and a coworker are sucked into a waking nightmare by a devilishly charming host who’s eager to make a deal. Trapped and weaponless, Cari must find another way to escape his enticements—or lose herself forever.

Veiled Threats is the second book in the Dead Mawl novella series, where saving the world from the forces of evil is all in a night’s work. For fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, and Ash vs Evil Dead.

Cover design by Joseph Reedy.

The Long Moon: Dead Mawl #3


Cari Hembert is on top of the world. Thanks to her new job as a junior custodian, she has earned her mother’s grudging respect for the first time in her life—even if it is if only because of the hefty pay increase. All of that gets thrown into jeopardy, however, when her boss informs her that merely assisting her best friend Rex with his homemade munitions isn’t going to cut it in the long term. But when a vengeful witch seizes control of Edensgate, it seems that Cari isn’t the only one facing termination. With the fate of the mall hanging in the balance, Cari must face their most powerful enemy yet—and this time, she will have to do it alone.
The Long Moon is the third book in the Dead Mawl novella series, where saving the world from the forces of evil is all in a night’s work. For fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, and Ash vs Evil Dead.

Cover design by Joseph Reedy.

A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men, and Monsters


“Replete with tinges of Supernatural and Stranger Things, it brings to mind what you might get if director Tim Burton wrote horror novels!” —Manhattan Book Review

Can a village be inherently evil? Welcome to Brunswick NY, Population 4,941.

On the surface, this sleepy hamlet comes alive in the autumn with picturesque apple orchards, haunted corn mazes, laden pumpkin patches and holiday hay rides. During a snowy Halloween, a young William Willowsby must battle evil forces that have been shielded by the locals for generations. On the outskirts of the town is the abandoned Forest Park Cemetery. All things wicked seem to revolve around the old graveyard. A rarely seen homunculus serves an evil task master. Together they weave a wicked web that attempts to snare the youth of the hamlet. A creepy graveyard, a spooky schoolhouse, an abandoned mortuary and a member of his own family will leave you simply sleepless.

Insidious Silent Infiltrator: A Science Fiction Horror Story


How can a doctor aid the intergalactic military when she’s stuck in the dark void of space being hunted by an alien apex predator?

Devin Devereaux is a quantum doctor testing her alien virus antidote with human subjects on a space mission trial run. There was a navigational mishap and they were thrust into the edge of the live conflict.

As they were trying to return, another ship intercepted them. During the altercation, something treacherously nefarious got on-board. Can they navigate the edge of an active battlefield and defeat their foe to return home?

Purchase this science fiction horror novel to find out if they can survive the relentless dark abyss of space and the destructive hunter determined to destroy them in Insidious Silent Infiltrator: A science Fiction Horror Story.

Undead of Night


Three short tales of things that go bump in the night.

Under the Bed: Allison is trapped in a frightful game of hide and seek with the monster under her bed.

Night Creature: Stacey’s relaxing weekend takes a terrifying turn when a determined werewolf tries to have her for dinner.

Haunted: Seventeen-year-old Mikala must confront her fear of the dead to help a ghost child in need.

Allison, Stacey and Mikala may not be brave, but they’re no damsels in distress!

Mermaid Cliff


Secrets come to light in this supernatural mystery, sending one teen on a journey that will change his life – forever. 

Rockport is a small, seaside town. After the new girl’s body is found beneath the iconic, Mermaid Cliff, a group of teens will hunt for the killer or become the next victim. The town is thrust into the national spotlight, forcing an investigation into the town’s darkest secrets.
The townspeople have always preferred to stay out of the spotlight. They have their own traditions and secrets. The most intriguing part of Rockport, however, is the Legend of Mermaid Cliff. It’s not a science fiction story of vampires or werewolves. It’s not a fantasy tale of magic or superpowers. The Legend of Mermaid Cliff is a reminder; a reminder to the townspeople of their sinister past.
One boy, Mark Parker, swears to avenge the death of the girl found murdered beneath the cliff. Mark recruits the help of some friends and begin to unravel the mysteries of Rockport. The events that transpire during the investigation send Mark on a path that will make him question everything he ever knew.
Be sure to check out book 2 and 3 in the Mermaid Cliff series:
Book 2 – The Chosen One
Book 3 – The Resistance

Macabre Morsels


A collection of 9 dark and twisted tales to fuel your dreams.
Stories include a hospitalized invalid confronting a horror no one else can see, a con-man who receives his own personal dose of karma, and a mother who’ll do anything to feed her kids.

Author Jeff Dosser presents an assortment of shorts, some have been previously published in acclaimed anthologies and popular magazines, while others have never seen the light of day.
Adult themed literature best consumed before the sun goes down.

The crack in the dark

The crack in the darkness book cover

At the weekend, four friends go out in a villa in the wood, with the intention to enjoy themselves and to spend a little time together. However, they realize very soon that there is something strange: odd events will upset their quiet night and will catapult them in a world where the laws of physics are no longer valid.

There is something in the cellar, something very ancient and completely unknown that is fighting to come out!
This short-story is a mixture of dramatic turns of events, primordial fear and gothic and grotesque elements.

“I like foreign thrillers, and i had never read a book from an italian writer up to now. I found it very good, a nice thriller ebook with a lot of suspence. Buy it if you like horror stories, with a bit of grotesque elements. I think that young adults will love this ebook, as much as teens. I found this in the horror section, and i immediately downloaded it. Very strong!”
Damien Dork

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“I loved this fantasy books, and i’m a teen/young adult, so i think this ebook will be good for those categories of people. I loved the fact that no one could predict what happens in the end, and i think there is a lot of suspence in this thriller book! I liked it!”
Rossana Delleri

Federico Calafati was born in Maglie (Italy) on 29/06/1990. He awarded the diploma at Liceo Scientifico in Gallipoli and undertakes his career as a writer. In 2013, he debuts with the collection of short-stories “Storie di Soglia” (“Stories of Threshold, and then in 2016 he continues with the novel “Sesso, erba e disastri vari” (“Sex, weed and various disasters”) and in 2017 with the short-stories “La crepa nel buio” (“The crack in the darkness”) and “Orrore in periferia” (“Horror in the outskirts”).

“I found it a delightful horror books, with fantasy elements. I’ve read many thriller ebooks lately, in particular a lot of thriller books for teens, but no one else could render the fears of man like this author. I was scared all the times, and that doesn’t happen easily, expecially when it comes to suspence thriller books for teens and young adults. Very good”
Lorena Maccarina

Scary Short Stories To Scare Your Friends & Family


Scary Short Stories: To Scare Your Friends & Family!

A Teeth Rattling, hide under your pillow, keep the lights on and look under your bed experience for the whole family.

Look what awaits you inside if you dare….

Three terrifying tales of pure horror come together to give you and your friends & family a fright like no other in this collection of scary short stories.

Chapter 1

    Don’t go in the Basement
    A Christmas trip leads young Harry to investigate his Father’s workspace in the basement…. A place he dares not enter will uncover a chilling secret.

Chapter 2

    Beyond the Roses
    Newlyweds Marnie and Derek stumble on a home in the forest, complete with a beautiful garden, gorgeous spacious rooms… and a deadly past.

Chapter 3

    Back Cracker
    Gerard works the nightshift at the local warehouse. He wishes his job was not so boring until something odd happens, something he can’t explain, something not of this world makes contact… Gerard should be careful what he wishes for.

Delve in and feel that shiver down your spine. After all, what have you got to lose… but your mind?

Purchase today and you can download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!