Carly and Star

Carly and Star- ASIN B089SDYP65

All Carly wants for her 10th birthday is the newborn horse her Uncle Joe promised her. When she gets the call to come to the farm, she imagines herself astride an awesome black stallion, one that will win first place in next fall’s pet parade.After her birthday present turns out to be NOT what she expected, Carly gives up the idea of winning. She names the foal ‘Star’ and hopes for the best, despite discovering they share a trait: impossibly curly hair. Little does Carly know that Star has far greater gifts that will help her deal with a bigger problem: BULLIES.What Carly learns from Star sets her on a course where she’ll need all the courage — and kindness — she can muster.

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Never Too Late

Natalie Jones, a drifter, arrives in yet another new town and must find work to survive. A job interview leads her straight to Brock Taylor’s Thoroughbred Racing Stable.

Although Brock is attracted to Natalie, engaging in romantic relationships with employees is a line he won’t cross.

Never Too Late explores the tumultuous relationship that develops between them, even as they try to resist their mutual attraction. Just when it appears that they have overcome all obstacles in their path, a tragic racing accident threatens to pull them apart. Will they discover that both love and fear must be confronted head on, or will their relationship be a non-starter?

The stakes are high in this romance steeped in the world of Thoroughbred horse racing.

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Dead on the Trail

Dead on the Trail - ASIN B07N54YPWK

Molly and her husband, John, are professional horse trainers. They love living on a farm in rural North Carolina, they love caring for the horses, and they mostly love teaching others to ride. When John leaves to judge a horse show, Molly stays behind to take care of the horses and students. Her dog, Bingo, is by her side for everything, including finding a body in the woods…
Soon Molly and John are sorting through clues to help catch a killer, but they will have to work fast because this one is a little too close to home.

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