Skate Shovel Scoop: A Hockey Season with a Professional Ice Crew

Behind every professional ice hockey team, whether NHL, AHL, PWHL, or WHL, is an ice crew working to maintain the best ice surface conditions for the players and create a memorable fan experience. Want to know what a day in the life of an ice crew member looks like as they skate with the stars before they were stars? This makes a great Christmas or birthday present to your hockey-loving friends! Whether you are a die-hard hockey fan wondering what goes on at ice level or a hockey mom looking for ways your child can score job experience in a sport they are passionate about, look no further. Ringette and figure skaters, speed skaters and hockey coaches, skate instructors and referees, this could be for you too. If you’re a teenager, young adult, or retiree who skates well and is looking for a fun part-time seasonal job that will put your skills in the ice rink to good use, then apply to your local organization for the ice crew role! In this guide you will learn: When and where to look for auditions/tryouts to get hired How to be the ultimate ice crew team member Understand the complexities and challenges of the role and the aspects your employer may not explain to you Avoid common mistakes for those new to the role Tasks, tricks, and tips on how to excel in each position on the ice Diagrams of the formations ice crew skate (subject to change for each team & league) Training in additional behind-the-scenes roles you might participate in Fun facts about the job and so much more! Apply your knowledge and love for ice hockey to net a new income stream and earn money. Glide through the pages and experience the game of hockey through the behind-the-scenes lens of these unsung heroes as they cheer their team on to win the Stanley Cup or Calder Cup. If you are looking for a fun part-time job on evenings and weekends this winter season that will keep you in good physical shape and give you some extra cash, lace up those skates and pick up your copy today!

Meet Lorena Matzek

Lorena Matzek first developed her love for hockey while watching the Canadian Women’s Olympic Team bring home the gold medal as a kid. She played competitively throughout high school working her way up from defenseman to centerman, before stepping back as a player to pursue higher education. Her passion for hockey never ceased, and now she finds enjoyment in working for the team she cheers for and playing a small part in their success. She enjoys pursuing jobs that transform expenses into income streams, like watching hockey. When she’s not at the rink, you can find her working her day job, volunteering at her church, and traveling to a new destination.

How to Make a Living Freelance Writing

Have you ever dreamed of being a full-time writer?

I did. I left my full-time job as a marketing writer and became a full-time freelance writer. And honestly, I struggled. I quickly discovered there was a lot more to freelance writing than writing.

Eventually, I took a job as a newspaper reporter. I enjoyed it because I could write and not worry about things like marketing, cash flow, finding keywords, writing queries, etc. Then the newspaper I worked for folded, and I found myself needing work. I went back to freelance writing, but this time, I knew what to expect. I was better prepared for what was needed to make a living a full-time writer.

I have now been a full-time freelance writer for 14 years, and my business continues to grow. It also continues to shift focus from time to time as I learn more and move to stay current with the market. How to Make a Living Freelance Writing is a distilling of what I have learned to the essentials you need to make the decision whether to become a full-time writer and how to establish your foundation as a freelance writer.

How to Make a Living Freelance Writing will show you:
• Why freelance writers are needed and how to fill that need.
• What types of freelance writing are available.
• How to get started.
• Developing multiple streams of income (often from the same material).
• The business side of things.
• Marketing your and developing your platform.

You will also find plenty of examples and strategy tips to make your transition to a successful freelance writer as easy as possible. It’s time to take that first step and Write Now!

Meet James Rada Jr.

James Rada, Jr. is an author non-fiction history and historical fiction. His books include the historical novels Canawlers, October Mourning, Between Rail and River and The Rain Man. His non-fiction books are Battlefield Angels: The Daughters of Charity Work as Civil War Nurses and Looking Back: True Stories of Mountain Maryland. He lives in Gettysburg, Pa., where he works as a freelance writer. Jim has received numerous awards from the Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association, Associated Press, Maryland State Teachers Association and Community Newspapers Holdings, Inc. for his newspaper writing.

The 14 Unshakable Laws of Learning Music: How to Master Any Instrument and Singing in 5 Minutes a Day

Do you dream of being on stage, a rock star, pop star, or serenading your loved ones with melodies that flow from the very depths of your soul? Let this guide be the bridge to those dreams. Just a short while ago, my dream was distant, like a fading star. I had a passion, a desire to sing and play, but I hit wall after wall. Every time I tried to learn, I felt more and more disconnected from the world of music. But destiny had another plan. With relentless perseverance over many years, I unveiled the secrets to mastering music in this digital age. I unlocked the treasures of music on various instruments and vocal techniques, amassing knowledge from diverse sectors: digital apps, books, online courses, and hands-on instruction with music teachers…including two college degrees. Unlike most, my journey wasn’t just about signing up for expensive courses or spending hours aimlessly on apps. It was about crafting a blend of apps, books, courses, and sometimes teachers so powerful that failing felt unthinkable. Dive into this ultimate guide for learning music and discover how easily you can reach your dreams.

Meet Dan Spencer

After fighting to find easier ways to make sense of music through a fog of anxiety, ADHD, and trauma from growing up in a cult, I decided to dedicate my life to bringing you simple and straightforward ways to learn, understand, and create music. I’ve helped hundreds of students one-on-one and thousands through books, courses, and social media make music, use their time and focus effectively, and feel confident in their music journey. Because making music is the best way to discover who you really are.

Effective Habits: The Science-Backed Guide to Building Lasting Habits

If you’re looking to transform your life and achieve your goals, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is the ability to build lasting habits. However, as anyone who has tried to change their habits or routines knows, this is often easier said than done. That’s where ‘Effective Habits’ comes in – a science-backed guide to help you master the art of habit-building.

Using the latest research in psychology and neuroscience – this comprehensive book offers practical strategies for building habits that stick. You’ll learn how to identify the triggers that set off your habits, how to create effective rewards that reinforce positive behaviour, and how to stay motivated even when faced with obstacles.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get fit, quit smoking, or build better habits in general, ‘Effective Habits’ has everything you need to get started. With clear, actionable advice and science-backed insights, this book will help you achieve lasting change and transform your life.

So why wait? Start building better habits today – grab your copy of ‘Effective Habits’ now!

GET RICH WITH CHATGPT : A Comprehensive Guide To Earning Money With Artificial Intelligence Chatbot


In this book, Oliver R. Jacobs delves into the various ways in which ChatGPT can be utilized to generate income and explores the numerous benefits of leveraging this innovative technology.


The rise of ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has been nothing short of remarkable. This powerful tool lets users type natural-language prompts and offers conversational responses derived from vast volumes of information on the internet. While the bot may seem stilted at times, it remembers the thread of your dialogue, using previous questions and answers to inform its following responses. In fact, within days of its launch, more than a million people were trying out ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is an important breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence. While it’s not yet smart enough to replace human beings entirely, it’s remarkably knowledgeable in areas with access to good training data to learn from. Its ability to be creative and offer authoritative answers is a game-changer, and it will only get better from here.


  • Profitable blogs
  • Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns
  • Creating and Selling Digital Products
  • Social Media Content for Clients
  • Marketing Copy and Advertising Campaigns for Clients
  • Effective Lead Generation and ROAS, and more…

LEARN 150+ “ACT AS” Prompts for CHATGPT, such as:

  • Prompts for Content
  • E-Commerce
  • Programmers and Developers
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Resume
  • E-mail Campaigns and more……


CHATGPT is an advanced chatbot developed by OpenAI and officially launched in November 2022. This state-of-the-art technology is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 family of large language models and has undergone extensive
fine-tuning using both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques.
Upon its initial release, ChatGPT quickly gained widespread recognition for its ability to provide detailed responses and articulate answers across a vast range of topics.
ChatGPT has already become a big business. In January, Microsoft pledged to invest billions of dollars into OpenAI. A modified version of the technology behind ChatGPT is now powering Microsoft’s new Bing search engine, challenging Google’s dominance. This technology is also set to power Microsoft’s future efforts to build new AI co-pilot features into every aspect of our digital lives.
ChatGPT represents an exciting development in AI research and has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with computers. As the technology continues to evolve and improve, we’ll likely see more and more applications for AI chatbots in various areas of our lives.

Bitcoin Answered: A Beginner’s Guide to Everything Bitcoin

Bitcoin Answered disentangles the fragmented web of information around Bitcoin being received by the general public through a simple, question-based format. The book breaks down the scope of Bitcoin, digital currencies, and blockchain, and provides an understanding of Bitcoin from a sentiment, technical, historical, and conceptual standpoint, all in a simplistic and visual-backed manner. Simply put, we’re your one-stop shop for Bitcoin understanding. The 100+ questions and answers include:

  • What is Bitcoin?
  • Who started Bitcoin?
  • Can Bitcoin be hacked?
  • Will Bitcoin run out?
  • Is Bitcoin a scam?
  • Is Bitcoin anonymous?
  • Is Bitcoin outdated?
  • How is Bitcoin mined?
  • Is Bitcoin a good investment?
  • Does Bitcoin have intrinsic value?
  • Was Bitcoin the first cryptocurrency?
  • How popular is Bitcoin?

… and more!

Meet Jon Law

Jon Law is a long-time reading and writing enthusiast and a multiple-time bestselling author. He loves to write about business, investing, and cryptocurrencies. He updates his blog at and lives in California.

Don’t Buy a New House! BUILD IT

Has looking for a new home left you discouraged? You are not alone!
There are very few good options and buying an over-priced fixer upper is just not appealing.

But what if I told you:

  • Right now, you can build a great custom home exactly as you’ve imagined and save 10-15% of the cost by doing it yourself!
  • These savings will translate into positive equity from the day you and your family move in to your new house!
  • Lenders are offering great “One & Done” programs that make it easier and cheaper for you to finance construction with a single loan that converts to a regular mortgage.
  • There are great professionals out there who’ll make it easy for you!

Older homes are now functionally obsolete and with the current shortage of new construction homes, it will take builders years to meet demand.

Meet Roger Luri

Roger Luri lives in Chicago with his wife Christine and two sons.

“Growing up in Chicago, I’ve been intrigued by architecture and building since I was a kid”

Roger has been in the real estate and development business for well over 30 years. His companies have specialized in home building, real estate development, general contracting, architecture & design and real estate brokerage. He formerly served as a director on the board and on the loan committee of Ravenswood Bank.

The Stoic Philosopher Within You: Uncover And Embody The Wisdom Of Seneca, Epictetus And Marcus Aurelius (Stoicism Mastery)

We all want to be kinder and thankful for what we have. 

We all aspire to be happier, more successful, and free of negative emotions. 

All we need to achieve our goals is a philosophy of life. Enter Stoicism. 

What takes someone from good to great? 

This question has haunted humanity for millennia, engaging the most learned and well-regarded people in finding its answer. 

Today, we believe that the difference between failure and success, from average to elite, from dead-beat dropout to CEO is the mentality.

It might sound like an easy answer but a healthy mentality requires constant work, just like happiness and all the good things in life. 

To help you achieve that wholesome mentality that takes you from good to great, we analyzed three of the greatest philosophers and broke down their observations on human nature, mentality, and happiness. 

Seneca. Epictetus. Marcus Aurelius. Before these men became history’s greatest philosophers, they had insecurities just like you.

We’ve studied their lives, we’ve researched their teachings and philosophies of life, and we’ve extracted key concepts and actionable information for you to better digest Stoicism. 

Here’s a bit of what you’ll get in this book:

  • How a lottery winner could’ve saved $113,000,000 by heeding the teachings of Seneca on prosperity 
  • A crucial lesson Lance Armstrong learned from the Stoics and how you can apply it to meet your goals 
  • How to find empowerment in the challenges you face and overcome the barriers you encounter (hint: your teachers are Seneca and the founder of No Barriers) 
  • What it takes to accept what you cannot control and take charge of what you can control (mastering this will change your outlook on life) 
  • The philosophical difference that made Joan of Arc a hero and martyr, and how you can embody her perspective for that beneficial change you want in your life 
  • The Stoic cure to procrastination, and how self-love saves us from feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and lack of self-confidence 
  • Prince William’s way of putting himself into somebody else’s shoes to better understand life and what we can all learn from his experience 
  • How to emulate Stephen Hawking and Marcus Aurelius’ views to “live the life of the mind” (side effects: increased focus, tranquility, and kindness) 

…and much, much more!

You can do all the right things, check all the right boxes, cross every T and dot every I in life. Still, without the right mentality for success, you’ll cap out.

On the other hand, stoic principles can take you anywhere. 

Just ask Angel Cruz, who after a series of arrests and criminal convictions, internalized a principle of Marcus Aurelius’s – we are responsible for our own virtue. 

In prison, he began studying the law, appealed his own case, and was granted clemency. Today he runs his own legal practice and is a candidate for civil court judge. 

Such a transformation is possible only with the right mindset. 

That’s why we’ve distilled the greatest philosophers in history, down to the essentials for you. 

This book is full of actionable stoic principles applicable to your professional and personal life. 

Let the Stoics guide you towards a more meaningful life by simply scrolling up and clicking “Add to Cart”!

Meet Thinknetic

“Thinknetic publishes books that speak to people’s minds. We love uncovering and discussing topics like critical thinking, philosophies, or mental models (to name a few), and we’re earnest to share with you their daily applicability.

Our books start the conversation about the thought process and ways to improve it from different perspectives. Expect to be entertained, inspired, maybe a little bit enlightened, and supported to take action.

In every book, we provide you with a mix of storytelling, timeless quotes, theories made easy (and making a lot more sense), tools, and strategies to support you in improving your life while improving your thinking.”

Mom, Dad…Can We Talk? Helping our Aging Parents with the Insight and Wisdom of Others

Mom, Dad…Can We Talk? is for the tens of millions of people dealing with concerns for aging parents. It is controversial, sometimes humorous, often poignant, encouraging — and always helpful. The book is rich with stories of adult children who have been challenged and rewarded in this final stage of the parent-child relationship. It includes tips for initiating caring conversations like: “Mom, we’re worried about you living alone.” “Sis, I need your help with all this.” And, “Dad has a lady friend!” There are also helpful hints on how to understand and manage the realities of dementia, drinking, depression, and driving. In this newly revised edition, Guest Contributors address new topics like: helping grandchildren understand their aging grandparent; helping families with aging parents who have a special needs adult child; and, adapting to the complications imposed by the sudden intrusion of a reality like a pandemic. Also included is a new discussion guide as a bonus! Mom, Dad…Can We Talk? is the how-to book you need to help successfully manage these challenging times in family life.

Meet Dick Edwards

Dick Edwards has worked closely with older adults and their families for thirty-six years. For the last twenty years he was administrator of the Mayo
Clinic’s highly acclaimed retirement living community, Charter House, in Rochester, Minnesota. Dick’s expertise and leadership in eldercare has been recognized by Mayo Clinic and LeadingAge Minnesota, with its Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dick has traveled across the country extensively speaking with over 130 audiences of appreciative adult children dealing with the issues and concerns of their aging parents. Dick and his wife, Pat, have three adult children and six grandchildren.

Best Life-ing


What if you had a magic lamp?

What if you could make a wish…and your every hope, dream and desire came true? 

Think about how you’d feel if this magic lamp wasn’t a fantasy. What if you really had one but just didn’t know it?  

The truth is, you do have a magic lamp: your mind

It can manifest anything you wish. You just need to learn how to free the genie, and Best Life-ing will show you how. 

If you’re trapped in a dead end job, toxic relationships and a hopeless life, Best Life-ing can transform you into a fearless, empowered badass that is in control of your destiny.

Opening the pages of Best Life-ing is like rubbing your magic lamp—a whole world of possibilities, dreams and desires are suddenly at your fingertips. 

But is this just a load of BS? 

Well, the author was once stuck in a far worse place than most people. 

Best Life-ing documents Julia Brodska’s story of how she grew up in poverty and later was a high school dropout, overweight, drowning in debt and going nowhere in life. In one year, she underwent a radical transformation: she paid off $30,000 in debt, lost 30 pounds and started her own business. Today, she owns two successful companies, teaches workshops and classes, and speaks to auditoriums of corporate employees, all while traveling the world. 

Best Life-ing will teach you how to undergo your own dramatic transformation. 

Using Best Life-ing’s 7 Areas of Life Framework, you’ll learn how to pummel your insecurities, conquer your fears and become unstoppable as you achieve dream after dream in your best life.

Unleash your genie. 

Buy this book now and start living your best life today. 

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