When in Germany, don’t forget to visit its un-BERLIN-able capital city. Let the German author take you to the best places (not only world-known sights), but also hidden secrets: Take a Selfie at the iconic Berlin Wall, dance in huge factories until Monday Morning, enjoy street art, have lunch while seeing elephants, sip a beer in an abandoned airport, try a Döner Kebap or just sit down in one of the many parks and watch its unique citizens. One thing is for sure, your stay in Berlin will be unforgettable, whatever you do. And the great thing is, you will probably still have a lot to do when you go for the second or third time. Enjoy your stay, and of course, feel free to contact the author at any time.

Meet Sven Bornemann

Hey there, I am Sven. I am passionate (part-time) traveller, owner of a city tour and also travel planning company. When the pandemic hit me, I started writing about my trips, and have finished 7 different travel guides and books about my travel anecdotes. My Berlin guide is my latest piece of work, and I really hope you enjoy reading it, and can one day visit Berlin. Take care!