Shela is an ocean cowboy, genetically-engineered to live a peaceful life at sea herding tuna. Human traffickers are intent on capturing her and selling her into the sex trade. Their efforts to kidnap her and collect a substantial bounty leads the reader on a chaotic journey involving scheming dolphins, a bevy of misfit pirates, and the determination of Shela’s friends to rescue her from terrible danger. Everyone’s life hangs in the balance as each person must decide what they are willing to sacrifice to save Shela and themselves.

What they are saying about Shela.

“I thoroughly enjoyed “Shela”! I was pulled into the story right away and enjoyed it all the way to the end. Highly recommended.
Technical analysis of this scifi novel: world-building good (it’s Earth, but not the Earth you know or likely even imagined), character development good, plenty of action, and the suspense is excellent.”
Jack L. Knapp, author

“Set in the near future, this exciting and imaginative ocean adventure features genetically engineered human swimmers, fatalistic sentient dolphins, and malevolent human traffickers. You’ll feel the spray on your face and swell of the sea as the heroes race to save one of their own. Definitely worth a read.”
Science Fiction and Fantasy writer – S. Evan Townsend

“Brumbaugh’s creative imagination sparkles in this tale of action and suspense, love and heartbreak, good and evil. A close-knit community of genetically-altered human shepherds live an idyllic life on the ocean, working with their dolphin partners to cultivate fish for harvest. That is, until slave traders kidnap a female shepherd and spirit her away to a fate unknown. Ride a rollercoaster of emotions as remarkable heroes launch a longshot attempt at rescue. A fun, engaging read sure to keep you entertained. Five stars!”
Doug J. Cooper, author of Crystal Deception

Meet J Drew Brumbaugh

J. Drew Brumbaugh lives in northeast Ohio near Cleveland. He authors sci-fi, fantasy, and suspense novels as well as short stories. A lifelong writer, he presently has eight novels in print. J. Drew has had several career experiences over his life: a crewman on a Great Lakes iron ore boat, serving in the U.S. Army Chemical Corps, being an auto mechanic, and finally becoming a part of the corporate world where he was employed in the quality control field. His avocations have included being a hockey and baseball coach, and an avid karate practitioner attaining the rank of 8th degree black belt and founding his own karate dojo. In the latest installment of his life, he enjoys landscaping and gardening and the large extended household he shares with his wife, children, and grandchildren as well as the menagerie of dogs, cats, birds, and wildlife that call the family compound their home.

DAWN of SUBJECTION: America’s Last Days

DAWN of SUBJECTION: America's Last Days (Last Dawn Series Book 3) - ASIN B08FXFG5H5

DAWN OF SUBJECTION: America’s Last Days by D.I. TELBAT is Book Three of the LAST DAWN Series, a Christian Post-apocalyptic, End Times Novel.

Violence and subjection dawns across America in her last days as the New Federation flexes its muscle under a new administration. Under COIL leadership, Christian refugees flee for their lives toward the West, as killers have been tasked to hunt them down.

In this new age of unrest and persecution, Levi Caspertein exchanges caution for mercy to care for an injured enemy who has lost all hope in living. Jenna Dowler and Chen Li are kidnapped by human traffickers, but their faith in God’s providence lifts their resolve to serve rather than strive. It seems unlikely that Nathan Isaacson will be able to rescue his wife and the blind woman before they are sold or killed.

Meanwhile, Rex Caspertein grits his teeth in determination, buries the dead, and leads the refugees toward the setting sun. Hunger, thirst, and fear threaten his humble band of Christian families, and although he can identify the armed convoy chasing them, he can only suspect the sedition within his own party.

As Book Three of the Last Dawn Series erupts in loss, heartache, and weariness, God’s people set aside their own wounds to patiently care for the lost around them. The sun seems to set on any hope for the future, while the dawn of subjection rises behind them. And yet, there is love, even in the midst of sorrow . . .

In America’s last days, only the steadfast will survive!

Dawn of Subjection is a 90,000-word Christian apocalyptic novel. Bonuses include: an author note, a map, a character sketch, and a teaser for Book Four of the series, Dawn of Tribulation, coming early 2021.

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Ordinary Girl



I close my eyes and pretend I’m not me anymore. I try not to smell his stale breath on my face or feel what he’s doing to me. It’s over quickly, and this one doesn’t want to stay. He stands, zips his pants, and leaves.

The shift seems harder than usual, and my skin crawls worse with each new man who enters my motel room. I want to leave, to run, but Tommy’s thug is standing guard out in the parking lot.

And if he leaves, there’s always someone else. Always. There’s no chance of escape.


A harrowing tale of a high school senior who’s headed for college, but suddenly finds herself the victim of sex trafficking. Based on true-life accounts of survivors, Heather’s story reveals a dark and dangerous world where you can trust no one.

Will she survive?