Book short-listed for the Words for the Wounded’s Georgina Hawtrey-Woore Award for Independent Authors
What would you do if you saw a man push his wife overboard…or were you mistaken? A game of cat and mouse on a cruise ship ensues in Suspicion – is it the perfect murder?; a traveller stumbles across a chilling gothic tragedy in Lighthouse Eddy; a veteran of Afghanistan discovers who really cares in The New Samaritan; A Good Russian plots to save the country he loves; and a Manhattan detective discovers something about himself during his latest case in The Lady in the Room. 

By turn humorous, mysterious, thought provoking but always enthralling, these eclectic short stories and 16 others from the Light and Dark sides of life are the perfect quick pick & mix read for coffee breaks, while travelling, or to escape the humdrum.

Meet C.G.Harris

C.G.Harris (Chris) was born and raised in Brixton, England, U.K. before eventually locating to the suburbs of Kent, a huge contrast to inner city life.
He has been a runner for most of his life, then a Coach, assisting several sprint athletes to compete for Great Britain as youths and juniors. He loves music and has played in a rock band. His current hobbies are tap dancing,juggling and playing the ukulele…almost never all at the same time…

His first book of short stories, Light and Dark, was well received and short listed for the Georgina Hawtrey-Woore Award for Independent Authors. This success encouraged him to write a second collection, Kisses from the Sun, also available on Amazon.

He is now focusing on his first novel, Billy’s Band, which is very much based around the streets of South London which he knows so well.

He is a member of the a writing group, the Ten Green Jotters, who meet regularly to discuss their literary work, and an anthology of short stories was produced in 2019 entitled “Literary AllShorts” also available on Amazon.

He has a wife, two daughters, three grandchildren, a cat and a dog, all of whom keep him happy and busy.

Size matters. Or at least it does to Ed, nitpicking quantity surveyor and captain of his local pub football team who has faked a business trip abroad to get some cheap plastic surgery.

Ed intends to be even more of a man upon his return. But has he managed to keep this as secret as he thinks? Will this really be such a wonderful surprise for Fiona on their wedding night? And just who is this operation for anyway?

Alex Henderson’s outrageous comedy debut shows what it means to be a man with a small problem that just got bigger.

Much bigger!

“Nothing my gorgeous Calamity Jen,” he laughed, “it’s just that it seems you’ve managed to find yourself a bunch of misfits to play with who sound even nuttier than you!”

Jen Harrington attends the first meeting of the Time 2 Trim slimming club looking for something to keep her on track after her…well…incident, and, much to her adoring husband’s amusement, soon finds solidarity and camaraderie in a quirky bunch of oddballs!

They form a fast and tight bond that catapults them along a journey of chaos, laughter, self-discovery, encouragement and new found motivation.

After being nudged into entering a local endurance competition, ‘The Beckleton Beast’, our underdogs are determined not to be humiliated by Brandi and her evil Barbies and set about trying to train.

If they can just manage to avoid suspicious policemen, murderous swans and of course the chippy…then maybe they stand a chance.

But then, nothing ever goes quite to plan…

London Oxford Press presents Book One of The Silly Series, Covid Kiss: A Very Silly Very Short Story. Written by number one international bestselling author, Joel Schueler, in this ‘covidy’ — where Covid meets comedy, Danny and Lula must survive Covid at all costs if their love is to stay alive. They go to the forest where they think they will be safe, but will they? Then there’s the rest of the world to consider too…

The Silly Series continues with Book Two, Jim & Martha: A Novel on Eco Living

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Fake History: The Wildly Inaccurate, Ruthlessly Manipulative, Dangerously Deceptive, and REAL History of the World - ASIN B08K3FHG68

Fake History is the textbook you wish you could have read while falling asleep in history class. It reveals the secret reality behind world history, including these incredible ‘‘fake facts”:

  • Noah and the Flood was the original political controversy over manmade climate change.
  • The famous general Hannibal rode war elephants during a historic battle with militant animal-rights activists.
  • Julius Caesar was assassinated by Roman senators for demanding bipartisan cooperation.
  • The Black Death was an Asian bioweapon of Genghis Khan.
  • Barack Obama assassinated Osama bin Laden because of an internal feud between Shia and Sunni Muslims.
  • And Donald Trump actually planned to replace the torch of the Statue of Liberty with a searchlight.

From Jesus Christ to Donald Trump, from Genesis to World War III, from ancient legends to alternative facts, Fake History takes a comic romp through the tangled narratives of history to reveal the scandalous truth of the world’s past and the incredible destiny to which it is heading. The provocative novel of “fictional nonfiction” takes the form of a mock textbook and rewrites human history as fake news. It satirizes the extremist spirit of the Information Age in all its social misinformation, political disinformation, and hysterical hyperreality.

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This is the story of one Prince Tarantino Coleman. A young college Kid from Houston Texas and his escapades with his friends family and most importantly his relationships. However he has encountered a new face into his fold and that is…himself or also known as Solodolo. It’s an inside battle between the ego and the self within. The question is, will Prince keep running away or we learn to accept himself.

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From the author of Girth and Not Going Gently comes the hilarious tale of someone finding life a little tough at the top.

Gentle giant Jacob Waxman probably isn’t the right person to be overseeing the ethics of a voracious international bank.

It was never his dream job and he’s giving it his best shot, but when he gets trapped on the top floor of the building, Jacob’s going to find out that truth is the first casualty.

Because he certainly can’t tell his boss Brittany. She thinks she’s finally seen a spark of ethical passion in him and had only just asked him out on the date he now can’t attend.

Nor does he feel he can tell his colleague Helen and that’s more painful. She and Jacob are the best of friends, but there’s always a lot unsaid between them and she’s prone to panic, so this could be another truth she can’t handle.

Somehow though, he does feel he can tell his online delivery driver. Which leads to some very unorthodox outsourcing solutions.

And yet this new approach to the truth he’s forced to live with may just fix Jacob’s failing career and his non-existent love life. Hell, it might even help fix some of the other problems in his life that need to be addressed.

Just so long as he can keep everything under control.

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