Inner Conversations – Insights on Life, Society and Philosophy

Inspires you to think differently about life, society and philosophy and appreciate life through random creative writings and poems. “An action is a commitment to something that you are responsible for. This action is a reflection of your limited capability in finding all possible ways of doing something.” “Life has its own emotions that one’s mind shall never understand.” “It is not that we can do whatever we want. It is that we can choose to do whatever we want. We have the freedom to choose but not the freedom of having whatever we chose.” “My name is a form of a beautiful limitation in this world.” “All the Truth is never yours to begin with. So, stop giving up what you have for what you will never have.” “Most people choose to deny their destiny or fight against destiny. Believe in destiny. Don’t conquer destiny. Conquer yourself.”

Meet Iris H.

Author of “Randomness – Life is always random” and “Randomness – How random can life be” seeks to inspire and encourage readers to challenge life and to see the world differently.