Miguelito Leaves Cuba for New York City

Eight year old boy–Miguelito–leaves Cuba on a cargo boat headed for Africa. This is a true story. This incredible journey is an amazing adventure. He finally gets to NYC Harbor and sees the Statue of Liberty–America! This tale will motivate children to truly appreciate family and American freedom.

Meet Michael Ruiz, Jr.

Michael Ruiz is a teacher of Spanish, Italian and English. Moreover, he is a father of two children and a grandfather of two grandkids. He is the real Miguelito who traveled on this boat to Africa and then to NYC. He loves children, teaching, tennis and writing.

The Irish Flapper


The Irish Flapper, is a novel set in Manhattan during the exciting Roaring Twenties about a young Irish woman’s journey to America to fulfill her contrasting dreams of wealth and living the life of an artist. Once in America she awakens to the stark difference between her dreams and the disillusioning reality of an immigrant’s life. It is her new friends, flamboyant cousin and her new found love that make life in the big city an unforgettable adventure.
In America, it is her wildly flamboyant cousin Isabelle, the “IT” actress of the moment and the girlfriend of a notorious dangerous gangster who introduces Annie to the enticing, glamorous yet deceptive world of fame and fortune. Annie falls deeply in love with Jack, a successful stockbroker haunted by the ghost of his past which threatens their future. As the great depression takes hold of New York City, it is the knot that ties family and friends together that helps her through great adversity and devastating loss.