Marriage Utopia: 15 Steps to Improve your Marriage

Why do more than 50% of all marriages end in divorce? The answer is simply couples are never taught how to have a happy marriage. With no proper guide or teacher to follow, it is no wonder why many people cannot function in marriage. The good news is you do not have to be another statistic to the tragedy of divorce. By reading this book, written by bestselling marriage expert Sarah Mostyn, you will learn how to better communicate with your spouse, increase your attachment for each other, and better solve your problems together.

Meet Sarah Mostyn

Bestselling author, Sarah Mostyn life’s ambition is to help couples achieve happiness and commitment in their marriage. Sarah has been happily married to her husband Steven for over 18 years and has a growing family of 4 children.

The Psychology of Motivation: Path to Becoming Motivated Every Day for a Successful Life with Practical Training and Exercises

Do you usually feel demotivated to pursue your dreams? Do you lack the drive to push through difficult situations? Are you ready to learn ways and tips to quickly achieve your goals? Or will you like to live an inspiring life worth emulating? Then, this is the right book for you.

Meet Richard

Richard Brown is an experienced writer born in Ukraine. At a young age, he moved to the United States. After moving, he entered the University of Psychology, which he eventually graduated from. During his student years, he began to write about psychology. Throughout his life he taught and wrote about psychology.