The Village: Short Stories of Indian life

A profound and vibrant collection of short stories exploring life in India.

When Meena Chechi witnesses a bus accident on the busy streets outside her store, she never could have imagined the series of events which would unfold in her village. Quietly watching the world through the window of her storefront, Meena has a story – and words of wisdom – for everyone who crosses her path. And in this small and quiet village, life isn’t quite as simple as one might expect…

With an intriguing and enigmatic narrative, this imaginative short story collection explores life in a remote village in the heart of southern India, effortlessly intertwining rich themes with vibrant characters to create a unique yet strangely familiar setting.

Blending the daily lives and perspectives of characters with relatable struggles and universal themes which span all cultures and people, The Village: Short Stories of Indian Life stands as a profound piece of cultural expression, seeking to touch the hearts of readers and give you a newfound insight into the lively – and at times very different – lives of the people living there.

Inspiring, thought-provoking, and deeply spiritual, this engaging collection is the perfect read for anyone who enjoys anthologies, Indian culture, and discovering the world through literature.

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