Aether War: Book 1

“Breza spins a world that’s rich in detail; imaginative, but still grounded in history as we know it.”★★★★★

Royal Marine James Gray wanted adventure, and got it, when he crews a wooden ship headed to the moon. This was beyond his wildest dreams – one that quickly turns into a nightmare.

A navy ship always has challenges but James didn’t bargain on a killing aether, Ben Franklin’s ray gun and an impossible mission.

England’s alchemists need something only found on the moon and her enemies will stop at nothing to destroy the ship.
James teams up with shipmate Ash Bowen and they fight to save their ship and themselves while struggling heroically to achieve their mission. If they fail England will be crushed by her enemies. Are they strong enough to survive the attacks and come out alive?

Aether War is the first book in a series, set in 1755. Drift away with this science fiction alternate history today. Click Read Now or Buy Now.

Meet Mike Breza

Mike Breza grew up on Johnny Quest cartoons, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Marx Brothers films, and classic stories from Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. His lengthy career within museums gave him outstanding first-hand experience with history. It was this blend of science fiction, history, and humor, that continues to inspire him today.
Mike currently lives in the rural Midwest with his wife and two black cats, Bombay and Wilson. Aether War is his first novel as an indie author, with a sequel in the works.
Aether War is a stunning adventure story set in an alternate 18th century where steam and static electricity drive wooden sailing ships to the moon.

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Meet Brenda DeHaan

Brenda DeHaan is the author of an eclectic mix of books that reflect her interests: writing, library genrefication, healing crystals, children’s picture books, craft fairs, and hospitality. As a certified English teacher and school librarian, she is programmed to help people and wants more books in the world!