Individualist Manifesto

Are you tired of politics?

Are you tired of the constant left and right, with one or the other forced on you?

Are you tired of an ever-growing government? imposing increasingly strict and opinionated laws, raising taxes, and making decisions for you?

Are you tired of navigating through complex political beliefs, identity politics, and political faux pas?

Do you just want the room to be you? To express yourself, think for yourself, work with others and pursue your goals, without being thwarted, controlled, and violated? if I don’t harm other people, Do I need to be controlled?

Can’t there just be one simple way? Can’t there be one simple, natural, system underneath the mess of politics and opinions? Can’t there be a simple ideology that rejects war, violence, environmental destruction, racism, and deals with all of society’s problems with no strings attached??


The profoundly straightforward yet easily digestible manifesto of individualism as a political philosophy, this book defines, describes, and defends the beauty of the individual, the right to their mind, reason, and values in an increasingly collectivist world. Seeking to eliminate the idea of individualism and capitalism as irrational immorality, selfishness, and refusal to interact with others, the book paints a picture of individualism as undeniable human nature as well as the source of creativity, ingenuity, community, and social progress, pointing out that any belief, idea, organization, or action is fully individualist so long as it is done in free will.

The author’s debut as a political philosopher which he completed at the age of 15, and the declaration of his philosophy, this book outlines, structures, and defends Autarchism, the belief that individuals are the owners and governments of themselves and their property. The belief also commonly goes by the names of Anarcho-Capitalism, libertarianism, and voluntarism, which, in the book are described as a single belief: “individualism, pure and without exception”. This book is to be a “catechism” of these beliefs. The book defends Autarchism in various new, simple, and inventive ways, influenced most heavily by Murray Rothbard’s ideas on the state and property, Ayn Rand’s ideas on relative values and self interest, and Max Stirner’ ideas on the subjective spirit. This book also goes deep into the nature and anatomy of the state, and how it operates.

This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to learn of this ideology, defend or debate individualism and libertarianism, propagate libertarianism, have a deeper moral and philosophical understanding of individualism, libertarianism, Anarchism, or capitalism in general, or just to learn more about different political philosophies.

A Manhood Doctrine:A Survival Guide Versus Societal Shifts & Ideological Subversion


In 1963, The Feminine Mystique was published. The second wave of Feminist goals followed from its publication.

A Manhood Doctrine discusses the origins, results, and ongoing malaise facing not only the United States, but also the majority of the Western world. The author presents the issue in three parts: societal radicalization, family history, and individual responsibility and action.

From the family story of a left-leaning son, of a single mom, to facing the future individually, the author provides a theory of self-development approach and insights from forty plus years of “failures” and more recent improvements. Derived out of Maslow’s hierarchy pyramid, the keystone habits of health and energy form the foundation and supports one’s trek to growth. Career, knowledge, finance, relationships, and legacy lead to a path of self-fulfillment. This is meant to thwart the ideological pushes of the 21st century. Men must weigh out their future interactions in a different light and assess risks therein.

Mr. Powers provides the links to the history, his intimate path trekked, for good and ill, and a better way ahead as surmised in a Self-Fulfillment model.

A Manhood Doctrine does not speak for all men. But it hopes to dent the psyche of those that wonder why this reality is not as expected from the years of social conditioning. It serves up data to buttress the argument against much of what has been taught and a way out to a better you.

Mr. Powers holds an MBA from Valparaiso University and an Industrial Engineering degree from Purdue University. He lives in West Lafayette, Indiana.