His Plain Jane


Casper Hartley is the kind of man dreams are made of. Too bad he ruins it when he opens his mouth.

Jane Oakley moved to Maine to open a bakery on a whim.
Moving there from sunny Florida was a big adjustment, but it’s one she hasn’t regretted.

The only problem is Casper Hartley.

Casper Hartley, self-made millionaire, ruggedly handsome, well respected and utterly and completely out of reach.
Every afternoon Casper comes into Jane’s bakery like clockwork.
She takes his order, hands him his food, and takes his money.
That’s it, because Casper seems to look through her instead of at her.

Turns out, Casper Hartley is just a big jerk.

When the town holds their annual Valentine’s dance, Jane’s best friend insists they go and gives Jane the makeover of her life.
Casper definitely seems to like the changes.
But, does Casper want the woman he danced with?
The one that wore high heels, a fancy dress, and more makeup than the local department store owns.
Or will he be happy with plain old Jane Oakley, bakery owner? The girl who has only used an eyeliner pencil to jot down a note, wears yoga pants and would rather eat ice cream and read a book, than party.

L. Nicole brings you another fairy tale inspired story, and our poor heroine is being pursued by a strong, sexy, over the top Alpha. Some girls get all the breaks. So, curl up and enjoy a safe little story that’s warm enough to make you think you’re on beach in the summer sun. Sorry but cabana boys waving palm leaf fans at you are not included.

Forbidden Desires


Introducing “Forbidden Desires” Book 2 in the Insta Love Alpha Bad Boy Romance by Best Selling Author Vanessa James!

Mary and Caleb’s relationship is stormy at best. And Caleb’s dubious lifestyle doesn’t make things any easier; in fact, it only makes things worse.

Her growing feelings for Caleb worry Mary. Does she really want to move on with this relationship? There is a part of her that wants to rush in, throw caution to the wind, and just be with him.

But when Caleb reveals a secret about her father, Mary begins to wonder whom to trust.
Caleb’s dark past doesn’t help either, but he also knows of the risk he’d take to be with Mary.

With tensions growing every single day in the MC, and his overbearing father demanding that he continue his life of crime, Caleb feels confused, but most of all, he is scared of what is to come. Mary is that one bright spark in his life.

Will he finally make it to the point where he can understand this relationship? Will he be able to make things better for both of them?
What would Mary and Caleb’s life be like if they are successful?

Find out in the second book of this thrilling bad boy romance.

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