Why the F Do I Need Life Insurance?

Why the F*&% do I need Life Insurance?

It’s a question many people ask. And it’s a product we really don’t want to think about needing because it only pays out when the unthinkable happens. It is a concept that seems macabre and rather morbid, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Life Insurance wasn’t even on JB’s radar for the first thirty-five years of his life.

So, why Life Insurance? Why now? Why would JB be writing a book about Life insurance? He has written so many other books that are fun, full of imagination and mystery. Why waste his time on writing a book about life insurance?

It makes zero sense.

The answer isn’t complicated: buying life insurance is a selfless act.

JB started a family and realized that if something happened to him there wouldn’t be anyone to take care of his wife and kid. That simple concept of love and concern drives the vast majority of life insurance sales.

Love drives Life insurance sales.

Join JB on a hilarious, touching, and informative look at life insurance, through a lens only the award-winning mind of JB can provide.

Meet JB Michaels

I have spent my life in the study of story from riveting novels to the slam-bang action-packed world of comics to the examination of film history, I have spent a lifetime learning and examining the elements that make a story incredible. This steadfast dedication has led me to writing stories of my own.

I am married and with a son, I have a great love of family. I hope that you enjoy my bestselling books that mash genres from thrillers to science fiction to fantasy!