Exposed to Love: The Complete Series

A fake fiancé. A secret baby. A wedding. Read the entire Exposed to Love Series today! His Shot: When Phaedra was hired for a corporate photoshoot at the hottest law firm in the city, she jumped at the chance. Finding love was not in her plans. When Logan discovered that only family men made partner at his firm, he thought his dream would be lost forever. Until he met a sexy photographer who might make the perfect fake fiancé for the upcoming office party. Phaedra and Logan have chemistry that is impossible to ignore, but this was just a business arrangement. Right? Can this staged romance turn into true love? Or, will their demanding careers stand in the way? Her Focus: Phaedra and Logan turned their fake relationship into true love. Everything was going great. Until Phaedra found out she was pregnant. With her business growing and Logan’s legal career on the fast track, this baby couldn’t be coming at a worse time. But, Phaedra is thrilled. She always dreamed of having a family of her own, and this baby could make her dreams come true… unless Logan wants no part. Afraid of how he’ll react, Phaedra decides to hide her pregnancy from Logan. How will he react when he finds out about their secret baby? Will it destroy his career ambitions? Can their love survive this secret Their Perfect Picture: Phaedra and Logan have been through a lot. From fake engagements to secret babies, their relationship has been tested and they always come out on top. Now with Phaedra’s due date looming, wedding planning is thrown into the mix! Can they plan for a baby and a wedding without losing each other in the process?

Meet Savina Joyce

With all the things that can go wrong today, it’s time to focus on the things that can go write. Love and sex don’t always have happy endings in real life, that’s what fiction is for. Savina Joyce wants to help you forget about your daily worries and get swept away by a little romance. Her stories are fun and flirty. Some are even hot! She draws inspiration from real life whenever she can. If that’s not possible, she makes it up. That’s the best part of being an author. Savina can shape her own reality. When Savina isn’t writing new stories, she is scouring the web for new yoga poses. Her desire may exceed her yoga skills, but that never stopped her from trying. Come fall in love. You might find a new book boyfriend, or two!

Sinful Love–Finding Love in the Wrongest of Places

She is the most beautiful, desirable woman Richard has ever seen. He’s been starved for love for years, immersed in high finance for a drug lord. He is immediately smitten.
But she is an addict and is only a shadow of herself. Still, he is transfixed by her. So, he must protect her, risk his life for her, in this drug-induced land of Caligula. 
She makes him want to be a better man. She intrigues and challenges him to rise above his forgotten morality and to change his expedient, selfish ways if he wants to hang with her. 
For the first time, Richard has a true “why” in his life and her name is Hailey. 
Get ready for a slow burn romance sprinkled with the cold, hard truth of a late 1980s Uptown Manhattan violent drug scene.
But how will they navigate the daily dangers and savagery of the world they occupy and still plan their way out alive? Will they end up together on the other side? 
So If you would love to read New Jack City meets Casablanca, the story begins! Read on!

Meet Richard Schreiber

Richard Schreiber is an American author born and raised in New York City. He lives with wife of 16 years, Margarita and their 14-year-old daughter Katarina. Richard is active in the autism community and is a strong proponent for diversity and inclusion in the world.
His passion for seeking multi-cultural experiences grounded in love inspired him to write his first romance novel and many more to come. His belief that we are stronger because of our differences in heritage, culture and expression are the foundations of his writing and the recipe for a greater more harmonious, accepting world.
I would love to hear about your stories of the love of your life, even if they proved elusive to you. I promise to honor you by telling your stories through my characters in future stories. Please email them to me at [email protected]

Prince Dane’s father is ready to abdicate the throne on the condition that Dane finds a wife and marries her quickly before he is coronated king. The only problem is Dane is in a relationship with his bodyguard, Asher. Reluctantly, Dane searches for a wife and against Asher’s wishes, chooses Lyric a beautiful ballet dancer who has run from her royal heritage.

As Asher grapples with the worry he will lose Dane to his wife, Dane faces rejection when Lyric refuses his proposal. On a mission to satisfy his lover, Asher brings Lyric back to the castle, and their tenuous friendship becomes love. Dane soon finds the same love for the kind-hearted Lyric and now they must sacrifice themselves for roles they must play so that Dane can become king.

As Asher, Lyric, and Dane face the prejudice of their kingdom, Dane realizes things have to change in order for them to ever be happy together…

This is a steamy MMF menage romance with a HEA, no cheating and a lot of fun.

Meet Azriel Hope

Azriel is a best selling author of several romance novels she has written as a ghostwriter for other pen names as well as a writer of young adult novels under her given name.

An adoptive mother to two almost three gorgeous girls, Azriel balances her time between exciting or exotic places her mind takes her and scary things like elementary school, middle school and soon preschool for her teen, tween, and eventual toddler. She also spends a lot of time playing with her kids, dreaming and drinking wine.

When she and her family aren’t dancing, creating, or water fighting in the yard, they are on an adventure around the world. Come take a journey…

Hearts Ahoy - ASIN B08KFQJXDZ

Palm trees…open seas…and a second chance at love.

With an impulsive phone call to a radio station and an exhaustive knowledge of 80s musical trivia in her back pocket, young widow Julia Delmonico wins a spot on a “Second Chance at Romance” cruise to Hawaii. She isn’t even sure that she’s ready to find love again, but as she floats toward paradise with a piña colada in one hand, she bumps into Martin Estrada—single, handsome, and funny. But it isn’t simply smooth sailing: Julia begins to feel that there’s more to Martin than meets the eye, and that he might actually be hiding something big from her. 

Is Martin’s past more important than a possible future with Julia? Can she live with his secrets and fall in love again, or is she ready to keep going on alone? With a little advice from the octogenarian in the cabin next door, and a strong nudge from the flamboyant and insistent “cupid” who’s been assigned to Julia on the cruise, she might just take a chance and choose love…

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Meet Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor is a high-school teacher who loves sushi, “The Golden Girls,” Depeche Mode, orchids, and coffee. Together with her teenage daughter she writes the American Dream series—books for young girls about other young girls who move to America. On her own, Stephanie is the author of the Christmas Key books, a romantic comedy series about a fictional island off the coast of Florida, as well as other teen and YA titles.


Bad Boys Love Sports

Thorn was projected to be one of the best up-and-coming football players in the country until an injury killed his career, and his dreams. After his injury, he spent most of his time drinking. When he was offered a job as a doctor for a women’s pro soccer team, he was happy to be back in the game, but the drinking didn’t stop. His new boss refused to tolerate his vices and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her.

Gabriella had her dream job managing the women’s soccer team in her hometown. All she needed was a doctor. When she found her old classmate down on his luck, she knew he was the right man for the job. Maybe even the right man for her. 

Will Thorn’s drinking and his bad attitude get in the way of his job and their budding attraction? Find out in the first book of Savina Joyce’s Bad Boys Love series. Each book features a different couple and can be read as a standalone with a happily ever after ending.

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