Give and Grow Rich

Most of us want to be rich; we just aren’t sure how to get there. Do we fake it till we make it? Do we work smarter, not harder? Do we quit our day job and pursue our dream? What if the answer to becoming rich doesn’t lie in the answers to any of these questions, but instead lies in our ability to change our mindset and imitate the greats? This book will show you just that: how to become rich by changing your mindset and by imitating men who are already rich. Give and Grow Rich has been designed so that you get maximum benefit in the least amount of time. Who has time to read more than 100 pages these days? Who would want to? If you want quick solutions, no fluff, and no silly get-rich-quick techniques, then this book is for you. It’s like Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich,” but condensed, and more tangible. The same wisdom distilled in a third of the time (and pages). The wisdom doesn’t come from me alone, for I started out a poor man just like you. To write this book, I interviewed 7 guys from 7 different income brackets, ranging from $20,000 per year to $1million per year. I asked each of them the same 15 questions, and as I listened to their answers, I saw the trends between the poor, the middle, and the rich. Then, I read the biographies of 7 billionaires from 7 different sectors. Man, did I learn a lot. So I wanted to share the lessons I learned with you. Here’s what you can expect: ***You will learn how the poor, middle, and rich think about money. You will learn how they spend, save, invest, and give. ***You will learn how your beliefs about money drive your actions. ***You will learn how two billionaires rose to the top, then gave it all away, and tried to die penniless. ***If you’re a parent, you will learn how you can teach your kids about money. I benefited greatly from writing Give and Grow Rich, so I know you will benefit greatly from reading it. In fact, from the time I started writing the book, to the time I finished, my income doubled! I started thinking like a rich man, imitating rich men, and it is already benefiting me. The same is true for my friends who have implemented these lessons. One of them started out poor, the son of missionaries, and he is making nearly $200,000 per year. Another started out poor, the son of a single mom, and he is making $75,000 per year and has started two businesses. So if you want a jam-packed, practical, no fluff guide to becoming rich, read this book. Don’t be the person who keeps repeating the past, who keeps spinning out in a financial rut. Don’t think that the rich will always get richer and the poor will always get poorer. I am living proof that you can change your mind and change your income. You can imitate the greats and become great. My friends have done the same, and you can too. Be the person who becomes a success story and inspires your community. Be the person who gets out of the financial woes and wills yourself to riches. Change your mind and change your money. GIVE AND GROW RICH.

Meet Omer Redden

Omer is the bestselling author of 5 books, including “Give and Grow Rich” and “LifeDoc: How to Succeed in Life Without Losing Your Faith, Family, and Friends.” He lives out west with his wife, three children, three dogs, and growing mini-ranch. His newest book was released December 2021: On The John: A Devotional for Dads.

Don’t Buy Multi-Family! Build IT

Buy Multi-Family for Passive Income!
Sounds awesome, right?
Who doesn’t want passive income?

Here’s the dirty little secret that they don’t want to tell you: There is nothing passive about owning older properties that constantly need repairs and updates!

Right now real estate developers, big and small are putting up new construction multi-family properties as fast as they possibly can.
Why should you join them? …….

  • Strong market of people ready to snap up new construction!
  • Rents are at all time highs!
  • Interest rates are near record lows!
  • Shortage of new housing persists!
  • Lenders anxious to lend on new construction!
  • Great loan programs available for owner occupied buildings!

In this book, you’ll learn the process of building new multi family buildings for yourself. Once you understand the numbers, youll never think of buying an older property again!”

Meet Roger Luri

Roger Luri lives in Chicago with his wife Christine and two teen age sons.

“Growing up in Chicago, I’ve been intrigued by architecture and building since I was a kid”

Roger has been in the real estate and development business for well over 30 years. His companies have specialized in home building, real estate development, general contracting, architecture & design and real estate brokerage. He formerly served as a director on the board and on the loan committee of Ravenswood Bank.

Secrets of the Wealthy vs. Secrets of the Broke

With this book, you get a blueprint on everything from “Pay Yourself First” to “The Power of Compound Interest”. No preaching, but rather inspires its readers to make realistic, attainable changes and choices.

The Secrets of the Wealthy is a book purposed to awaken the reader to the simple, foundational, immutable laws required for success that many are ignoring or unaware of because these principles are not taught in school.

“The question is,” Russo, asks ” do you see your life as a great undertaking in which you are actively involved, or do you see yourself as a spectator pushed along by the circumstances of each day? Are you ‘making it happen’, or are you ‘letting it happen’? Are you in, or out?” He further says: “Life is not a do-over experience, so why not give thought to what you truly want and have a bias toward action. If we all do that, we won’t have to look in the mirror in our golden years and say to ourselves, what the heck happened.”

Through Ray’s real-life experience and purpose-driven advice, the reader gains a greater understanding of what to embrace and what to avoid in matters of personal finance.

For those seeking a basic understanding of money and common-sense approaches to financing and investing, The Secrets of the Wealthy is a compelling read.

Learn how to watch your money grow with this helpful book that helps new and experienced investors understand money concepts.

By implementing the suggestions presented, which are timeless and grounded in reality, the reader will be able to improve their financial situation in the long run.

That difference, for some, will be potentially millions of dollars. This is not pie in the sky theory. It is hard facts that represent the natural laws of money, and the mindset required to attract life and financial success.

Read this book: now!

Meet Raymond Russo

Raymond Russo is a “Dyed in the wool Entrepreneur”, who started his first business at the age of 22. Having grown up in the Bronx, NY in a broken home, living with his mother and 4 other siblings in a small 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment, and were the sole income for the family was state-issued welfare, he learned early on what he didn’t want.

At the age of 19, he left for the west coast, Palm Springs, CA to live with his dad who had found financial success in his business years prior in New York before moving west himself. To say this was a culture shock, from the Bronx to Palm Springs, is an understatement and was a real eye-opener for him.

This is where the entrepreneurial bug started. It’s been said that success happens when preparedness and opportunity meet. Ray’s never-ending pursuit of knowledge and persistent work ethic eventually led to various enterprises in real estate as a National Franchise owner, HUD-approved correspondent lender, and eventually gravitated toward the world of financial services, eventually having a financial planning business that served 6 offices in three states.

Today Ray is a fiduciary and owner of a Registered Investment Advisory firm in Las Vegas, Nevada where he provides insurance and investment solutions to individuals, couples, and businesses, as well as tax strategies for wealthier individuals as Managing Director of Redwood Tax Specialists.

Ray’s passions in life are as a mentor and trainer to those who seek knowledge and solutions for a better life. He is also a public speaker, writer, time management expert, and creator of his upcoming blog which will feature the extensive knowledge he has amassed in the areas he loves to talk about, with a focus on financial independence in a mobile lifestyle, i.e. the ability to create an epic business and lifestyle, while traveling the world and doing so with nothing but a laptop and an internet connection.

Financial Fives: The Top 325 Ways to Save, Earn, and Thrive to Retire Before 65

The goal of Financial Fives is to provide easy-to-follow tips in areas of personal finance that are applicable to the average reader, to absorb ideas effectively, and also refer back to for easy reading. No matter what stage of life you are in, the 325 tips in this book apply to pretty much anyone living in our society today (unless you’re heir to a fortune, in which case please gift this book to your less-fortunate friends, so they stop mooching off your trust fund). This book can help you retire early, negotiate a pay raise, save money on home renovations, save money on your wedding, buy a home, become debt-free, and more! And unique chapters on things like saving money at festivals, getting the most money out of travel and hotels, even how to make those most of launching your business idea! Some chapters include:- 5 Ways to Save Money on Car Maintenance- 5 Ways Guilt-Free Ways to Invest in Yourself- 5 Ways to Save Money on Throwing a Party- 5 Ways Questions to Ask Your Realtor- 5 Ways to Save Money on the Dating Scene.

Meet Gary Grewal

I wrote Financial Fives to inspire readers with a relatable crash course on money that is easily digestible and actionable with the unique content of the book. Providing value upfront and empowering the reader to implement change were the overarching goals of this book. My life outside of writing and work embodies my passion for the outdoors, and food. I love Saturday morning runs and farmer’s markets. I love tennis, cycling, and water sports. Coffee shops on a rainy day are blissful. Parks and trails are the greatest gifts from our communities!

Don’t Run Out of Money: How to Plan and Invest for Retirement Success


Ready or not, retirement is coming. Will you be ready? While many people think success will come from focusing on the markets and the balance in their retirement accounts, Don’t Run Out of Money will show the reader that the key to achieving retirement success is creating, executing, and following a comprehensive financial plan based on your goals for the retirement you imagine. This book will teach you the complete process for retirement planning, including how to manage the various risks that can derail your plans, the proper use of financial products and how to get the help you need.

In these pages you’ll discover:

    • The 12 questions you must ask an advisor to determine what they do, who they really work for and how you can ensure you get the advice you need
    • The dangers in taking shortcuts, following outdated rules-of-thumb, and relying on online retirement calculators or quickie financial planning tools
    • The one goal that must be included in the planning process
    • The risks that are far more dangerous to your plan than market risk
    • And much more to ensure you Don’t Run Out of Money