Author interview with Jade Winters of ‘Unravelled’

Author Interview with Jade Winters

Rae and Lindsay are best friends and both have their share of troubles. Rae has a broken marriage behind her, Lindsay has financial woes and the relationship with her girlfriend is on the rocks. When Rae meets a charismatic stranger; Callum, it seems her life is about to get better. Desperate to have a child with her new beau, Rae asks Lindsay to be a surrogate for a fee. It seems the perfect solution: Two friends getting exactly what they want. However, their innocent arrangement is about to spectacularly unravel, as Callum plots a dark and twisted plan of his own …



Today I’ve managed to snag a few minutes with Jade Winters for a super speedy chat. Let’s start the interview race with the inspiration of your writing pursuit. In essence, why do you write?

I’m a full time writer because I love writing.



And how does this love translate into your day-to-day writing process?

My books unfold during the writing process. I write best in the evening and I write until I run out things to say.



What happens when you have nothing else to say?

Just keep writing even if I have to delete most of it when I go over it again.



That will work. Have you started working on a new writing project that hasn’t been fully deleted yet?

Yes, a romance novel



Good luck with your progress in the world of romance. As I think we have about a minute left I will just throw you a few random questions starting with, have you ever danced in the rain?



Are you a valuable asset on a quiz team?




What is your zodiac sign?




Are you introvert or extrovert?




Have you ever danced in the rain?




Are you left or right handed?

Right handed



What is your favourite flavor of ice-cream?




Do you have any philosophies that you live by?

Live and let live.



And on that note I will let you go on living. Jade, thanks for joining me today and I wish you the best of luck with your writing and self-publishing endeavours.


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