Saving Key West

BRAND NEW BOOK RELEASE “Category 5 hurricanes can produce 20-25 feet of Storm Surge. The problem? Key West’s highest elevation is only 18 feet. Dramatic increases in storm activity have been escalating flooding in coastal regions for the past decade. Without proper preparation we may soon find ourselves in deep water. The Catalog Gathering viable architectural strategies into a catalog is the first step towards preparing our cities for flooding. The catalog acts as a resource for future construction and design. To demonstrate concepts within the catalog, strategies are tested at a case study location. The Case Study At the southmost tip of Florida sit a string of nearly 1,700 low-lying islands known as the Florida Keys. Key West sits at the southernmost tip of the Keys – directly in a common hurricane route. With storm activity becoming more unpredictably violent, the question remains unanswered: Can we save Key West?”

Meet Christine Sima

Christine Sima is an award-winning designer, author, and photographer from Cleveland, Ohio. She has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in architecture from the University of Cincinnati. Her architectural designs have been awarded an AIA CRAN award, Lyceum Fellowship, and the Simpson Urban Futures Award. Now based in Tampa, Christine focuses primarily on children’s literature, as well as architectural and historical non-fiction.