Little Girls Love Big

This Valentine’s Day, show your loved ones how much you care! Join Hannah Banana and Mary Berry on a heartwarming adventure that teaches little ones how to show their family and friends they care without breaking the bank. Hannah makes a card for her cousin, gives a kiss to Dad, has a long conversation with Grandma on the phone, and more. Mary is watching and learning from her big sister and decides to do something special for Hannah! Get your copy of this uplifting story that will inspire creativity in everyone!

Meet Amy Doslich

I’m so glad that you have found my website. I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls named Hannah and Mary. Hannah is currently 5 years old and Mary is close to being 2. You will also see an adorable white Pomeranian featured in my books who is named Snowball. I think of him as my first child.


An upbeat and unruly ferret is ready for an adventure! With his new companion Birzy, Ferald embarks on a journey into the unknown. Along the way, they meet many interesting characters, such as Mr. Wiggly, who offers them a scrumptious tea and toast. Join Ferald and Birzy on their journey as they learn the true meaning of adventure and appreciate the beauty of nature. Your children will be enchanted by the magic of Ferald’s woodland world. They’ll laugh and learn with Ferald as he discovers the best adventure of all and meets new friends. Ferald is an exciting story of friendship, fun, and discovery that will have your children captivated. Give your children a delightful treat and pick up a copy of Ferald today!

Meet Keith Williams

Keith Williams was born in New Rochelle, New York, to American parents. A self-taught artist and cartoonist who grew up on watching Saturday morning cartoons and reading comic books. At the age of thirteen, Keith started creating his own cartoon characters and stories as a hobby. Growing up with his brothers and sisters in Mount Vernon, New York, drawing and painting came naturally to him. Keith takes great pride in turning a blank piece paper into art.

How To Make A Unicorn Fall Asleep: Unicorn Short Funny Bedtime Story with Pictures (Ages 3-6)

How To Make A Unicorn Fall Asleep: Unicorn Short Funny Bedtime Story with Pictures - ASIN B088QMB8J9

How to put your baby to sleep? Very simple: invite him to bed with … a unicorn. But seriously, this book in a comic form will tell your child before going to bed how little Bianca and her friend Ben came up with different ways to put a little unicorn to sleep. Very lovely and sweet story about Bianca and her Unicorn.

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Down with the Dance


Middle School Mayhem: Down with the Dance is the first book in this action-packed, hilarious series.  

Meet Austin Davenport, whose fabulous luck landed him on this earth only eleven short months after his brother, Derek, putting them in the same grade. While Austin’s brain power is unmatched, it appears as if his brother got all the athletic gifts and the family butt-chin, meaning their parents love Derek more than Austin, or so it seems.

Join Austin on his journey through the tumultuous waters of middle school as he navigates the swampy and undeodorized hallways and explores the depths of the cafeteria’s seafood surprise.

Oh, and someone is plotting to take down the Halloween Dance, the one that Austin has his sights set on, so he can take Sophie Rodriguez, a girl way out of his league, but who doesn’t seem to know it.

Can he stay one step ahead of the new principal who has it out for him? Will Austin figure out who the perpetrators are? Will he save the dance in time? Will he wear a diaper on a stakeout?

This first in a planned series of twelve will have you ROFLing like you never have before.

The funny and fast-paced nature of this series is meant for middle grade and early young adult readers.

Beware! This series has the tendency to turn reluctant readers into eager ones.  

Healing Hands


Attending Healing Hands Academy is Denya’s only chance to become a handmaiden.

But studying at the Academy isn’t everything she’d hoped. The headmistress and many of the students still look down on non-elf healers. It seems as quickly as she makes friends, she has to say goodbye. And just as she starts gaining acceptance, she puts the other students in danger.

Is Denya’s determination enough to see her through, or will she be sent home, back to the peasant life she’s trying to escape?

The second Short Scroll of Zndaria, Healing Hands parallels The Golden Wizard and allows readers to see the magical world of Zndaria through Denya’s eyes.