10 World Wonders

He’s off to experience an incredible adventure around the world. What amazing surprises await him along the way?

Adventure-loving Arthur is a dog on a mission. He can’t wait to experience the 10 mind blowing world wonders. He is all packed and ready for this experience of a lifetime.

From camel rides through the pyramids, to snorkeling in the ocean, nothing can stop Arthur from discovering what our planet has to offer. But with so many wonders in store, he’s sure to have many unbelievable stories to bring back home!

What incredible destinations will Arthur uncover on his sight-seeing quest?

10 World Wonders will delight you with bright pictures, colorful words, and impressive facts. Visiting the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, and the Arctic, you’ll go on an unforgettable multi-continent journey.

10 World Wonders is the fur-tastic first installment in the beautifully illustrated Kids Books for Young Explorers series for ages three to nine. If you and your child like discovering new places, learning about nature’s marvels, and fetching historical info, then you’ll love Gene Lipen’s paw-mazing children’s adventure.

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Molly McBean Clutterbug Queen

Meet Molly McBean!

Molly McBean wears her hair in tails

and clashing colored clothes.

Her big feet make her clumsy, 

and her socks have holey toes.

The morning had just begun and Molly is already having a bad day.  The pouring rain is keeping her inside so she can’t go skating as planned.  She tries to find her favorite game but her closet is just too messy and when she digs through her stuff, things fly everywhere.  Now her room is all cluttered and she can’t do anything fun.  Molly isn’t happy at all!

Molly McBean Clutterbug Queen is a fun-to-read rhyming story.  Cleverly written, it shows how quickly a mess can grow into a mountain of clutter.  When mom sees that Molly’s room is a total disaster, she instructs her to clean it up.  But Molly goes about it the wrong way.  She shoves everything back into the closet and piles stuff high up to the sky; wall to wall, ceiling to floor.  See what Molly does when her closet begins to bulge because it’s packed too full. 

In this entertainingly funny and heartwarming book, Molly McBean shows the value and importance of being responsible, sharing, and the bond of true friendship.  Full of surprises, Molly will delight her audience and soon be a friend to her readers. 

A valuable tool…

This book is a valuable teaching tool to help kids organize and prioritize which will help them decide which things to keep and what to give away. And for suggestions please check out Molly’s ‘helpful hints’ page at the end of the book.  It will help to de-clutter the FUN WAY!

Find Molly’s mouse…

Molly has an adorable pet mouse that got out of its house and it’s hiding on every page.  It’s a fun exercise and kids will love looking for it.  But the mouse needs a name!  So when you find it, please think of one.  There’s a place in the front of the book for the name you choose.

Illustrated in great detail…

Beautifully illustrated and in great detail by the author Julie Hanson, Molly McBean Clutterbug Queen will inspire children to be mindful of how they care for their things.  It will make the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays and other occasions.  Your child will surely connect with Molly McBean.  Parents will love her too!  Target audience is children ages 3 – 8.  

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Goodbye Dinosaur: Why Dinosaurs are Extinct


A fun story about Eons-ago when the world was flat and dinosaurs roamed the world. The domestic animals had arrived on earth but the only dinosaur left was an aggressive carnivore who threatened their existence. His attempt to eat each of the domestic animals is met with failure as the domestic animals go to great length to escape his huge jaws. The domestic animals survive by taking extraordinary actions to escape. The only dinosaur left meets his demise when he is blinded by the sunset and ends up falling off the flat earth. It is unclear where the dinosaur ends up after falling after the world. Themes from familiar nursery rhymes and classic children’s stories are playfully woven into the story to inspire the child to think about other stories and whether or not it relates to the extinction of the dinosaurs. This fantastical journey can evoke a conversation with a child about whether the world was always round, or did the world change shape after the dinosaur disappeared. This book offers a great opportunity to have a playful conversation with a child about the shape of the world, how the world has changed over the centuries, or what is the real reason dinosaurs are extinct.

Because Emily Dared. Children’s Book About Kindness, Supporting and Loving: Kid kind


Cute book about kindness for kids in bright and beautiful illustrations will help your children to be mindful to each other and help to show love and respect.

Will Emily dare to help the new girl in the kindergarten, especially when others aren’t?

Charlotte is a new girl in preschool. She has unusual appearance: coppery curls, big wide open eyes, and funny freckles. The other children aren’t sure what to make of her and are not very friendly.

Ben is a pugnacious, mischievous boy.  He has a bright jumping toy that accidentally hits right into Charlotte’s hands & then breaks! Charlotte knows she didn’t break it. But Ben is sure that it is her fault and, clenching his fists, he goes to Charlotte!

Emily is a sweet and very kind girl. Will she be able to help Charlotte, how to dare to be brave and resist the offender?

From children’s author Rachel Jones, this gentle story shows how to respond when a friend needs help.  Rachel provides examples of kindness – empathy, mindfullness, paying attention and confirms that it is not always easy to be kind, particularly when others aren’t. It’s okay to be different!

And colorful illustrations help a child better represent the whole story and tell it in his own way.

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