It’s spring break and the Gibsons are going camping at Beartown Campsite! They meet the camp director, Mr. Willis, and start having a blast. But almost right after they get there, things start going wrong at the camp. From robberies to wreckage, the campsite is falling apart.
Is it a string of bad luck? A mere coincidence? Or is someone trying to hurt the camp?
Find out if the Gibsons can catch the thief in this fun, illustrated, children’s book!

If you enjoy reading The Magic Tree House, The Boxcar Children mystery series or A-to-Z mysteries, then you will definitely enjoy this book.

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Blood of Angels


A present-day young adult urban fantasy romance adventure novel where vampires, werewolves, mermaids, witches, seers, shapeshifters, angel-like beings and other supernatural beings exist, roaming freely in our midst, engaging in a secret paranormal warfare that threaten world peace.

SUPERHERO — that’s what the dorky sixteen-year-old orphan, Hope Danielles always wanted to be. Ten years after her father left and witnessing her mom killed, it seems she is finally getting her wish.

One strange day filled with dreams and visions, while trying to help someone she doesn’t even know, Hope was nearly killed. Coming to her rescue was the mysterious cafe customer, who right in front of her transformed into a being with black and white wings like that of an angel. His name? Ashbel Saunders. He says he’s an ELIOUD, a descendant of the Nephilim — meaning he’s part angel and part human. And according to him, SHE IS, TOO!

In order to protect Hope, Ash keeps her in his care, until they find out who is behind the attack. But the longer she stays with him, not only does she meet more eliouds like her along the way, she also gets more entangled in the web of strange events unfolding, the more she discovers her abilities, the more dangerous things become, and the more they realize it’s not just their lives at stake but others’ as well. Will they be able to save those people while they too are on the run? Will this be her chance of becoming a superhero? Or will she be the one who needs saving this time?