You will not find a more powerful, robust and refined method for creating a Kindle ebook than Kindlegen. That being said, there are authors (including me) who’ve found the path to Kindlegen just a bit forbidding, where the prevailing myth has been…better leave this one to the pros. Though, once you get analytic about the subject of Kindlegen and start asking a few questions, set about finding answers—the forboding nature of the quest begins to fade like a mist exposed to warm sunlight.

Yes, Kindlegen is lacking a GUI (but there is a good workaround); yes, Kindlegen accepts only a single file as input (the OPF…but oh, what a file!); and yes, there is a mysterious second table of contents (but constructing it just seems truly…Logical).

The payoff is so great for those seeking a high level of control over their Kindle presentation and its structural integrity, that notto apply the Kindlegen method would appear to be folly. And yes, everything you are now seeing on your Kindle screen is being presented to you courtesy of Kindlegen!

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