Author interview with L. M. du Preez of ‘Dette Chambers’ Death Journal’

Author Interview with L. M. du Preez

Dette is cursed. Technically she asked for it, but who wouldn’t ask for help when they’re on the brink of death? With the curse came the ability to smell death and a consuming addiction. After decades of feeding the curse and the addiction, she’s trying to stop … but it’s even more difficult when Zach, a stranger with good intentions and an intoxicating scent, enters her grim life.



Will Dette’s consuming addition continue to control her grim life, or will she be able to overcome the grasp of her curse? The grim grasp from within the pages of ‘Dette Chambers’ Death Journal’ will be examined by author L.M. du Preez, and I to see if a silver lining hiding in the shadows of Dette’s life. L.M., thank you venturing into the bleakness with me. ‘Dette Chambers’ is quite a dark read; can you assuage my curiosity by sharing where this dark narrative originated?

The story was inspired by two songs: Black No. 1 – by Type O Negative Last Kiss – covered by Pearl Jam.



Together those tracks do setup an atmosphere of gloom. Were these tunes enough, or were events from your life used to amplify the dark undercurrent?

Yes, on my fears of death and losing the love of my life.



The fear of death and lose of loved ones are huge fears emotions to tackle are obviously going to heavily impact the behaviours and reactions of your characters. Do you feel that the personalities of the character were so strong that their reactions to these fears modified the plot, or did you see the opposite in action?

The personalities of the characters influenced the plot, but also the plot influenced the characters–I think it was a healthy balance. Having only two main characters got pretty intimate and intense at times.



Do you feel that a bright spot emerged from the interplay of this intense intimacy between these characters and their fears?

The most important thing I wanted to say, or the silver-lining I was hoping to achieve, in Dette Chambers’ Death Journal is that we can all change for the better.



Was that silver-lining or end-goal a known quantity when you started working on Dette’s Journal, or did it appear later on?

For the books I’ve written so far, I know the beginning and the end when I start writing. It’s getting from point A to that point B that requires research and a lot of brainstorming.



Does brainstorming for each of your novels include listening to music to develop the environs that your characters will live in, like how Dette unfolded?

For each story I tend to stick to certain musical artists–kind of like theme music or a soundtrack.



Once the theme music is picked out, you’ve been writing for a while and your first draft largely done, how do move onto editing? Are you largely self-editing your work?

I edit a large amount of my own work. I of course get other people to look it over as well, but I do believe editing is just as important as writing, and even though I might miss (quite) a few mistakes (even when I think it’s perfectly polished) it’s my work and my ability and my art. A person who draws or paints wouldn’t let someone else come in and “perfect” their lines or shading. I’m always striving to be a better writer and editor, and I welcome critique even if it’s a tad painful to hear.



That’s a fascinating parallel to draw between writing and art, and I’m glad to hear that you’re striving to hit that balance of improving your art while retaining your voice. What ice-cream flavor would you have to celebrate the success of keeping your voice?

Chocolate. Always chocolate.



*Laughs* Indeed, always chocolate! Finally, can you round out our trek today by sharing your favourite quote that shows some of the best advice you’ve heard?

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” – Dita Von Teese



*Laughs* Dita is right on the money there! L.M. thanks for generously guiding us through the fears and feelings behind Dette’s journey, and I hope that you continue to progress improving your skills in the writing craft.


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