Captain Correa: The Guardian of Arecibo

Captain Correa: The Guardian of Arecibo - ASIN B08D7VS3YB

It’s 1702. Dreaming of glory, a Spanish officer prays England will attack. When the attack comes, he won’t be ready.

Spain and England are at war—again. 

Far from the European centers of power, the Spanish port of Arecibo, in the Caribbean Sea, becomes a target of the powerful English fleet. The defense of the port falls to Lieutenant Antonio de los Reyes Correa. The lieutenant is a proud and ambitious officer and a loving husband and father, but his men are inexperienced, and they are armed only with pikes and machetes. The battle-hardened English troops bring swords and firearms. They also have a man inside Correa’s camp.

The defenders are outnumbered and outgunned.

When the reinforcements he needs fail to arrive, Correa realizes the English may massacre the whole town, including his parents, his wife and his child. Only a miracle can save them now, and time is running out.

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Víctor Rojas: The Lifeguard of Arecibo


He saved hundreds from drowning. No good deed goes unpunished.

Victor Rojas is a small town hero.

He has saved hundreds of souls from drowning in the treacherous waters of his home town. Prominent men befriend him. Women admire him. Little boys want to be like him. His name has even reached across the sea. He has earned medals from the Spanish colonial government and the crowned heads of Europe.

But …

Victor Rojas is a simple man. He is just a sailor. There are men in town who can’t bear to see a man like him celebrated. These men intend to put Victor in his place. Now, the trap is set, and what they meant as a humiliating lesson will soon turn into much more. Victor Rojas is about to learn the price of fame. For him, that price may be a fate worse than death.

Based on a true story, Víctor Rojas is a portrait a man facing his demons in a small town of 19th Century Latin America during the last days of the Spanish Empire.