He Leads Me Workbook

What would your life be like if you could experience far more of God’s counsel, guidance and leading? Would you have greater peace, prospering and success? Explore key ways God leads and how you can become more sensitive to that leading by recognising God’s voice in different situations. There are many ways that God leads, some subtle, some clear. Being able to recognize the leading God does in your life, no matter what method He uses, will open untold blessings to you. Using bible and life examples of God’s leading, this book will show you steps to enhance your sensitivity to God’s leading. Written as a workbook, you’ll increase your ability to be led in a wider range of ways. This is life changing.

Meet A Victor

Dr Victor writes books that are intended to be profoundly life-changing. He takes the distilled knowledge and expertise derived from over 35 years of dedicated biblical study and research and a life saturated in practical experience and makes this understandable and easy for anyone to apply. He has an earned PhD degree in Theology and Religion. He has an authoritative depth and clarity that comes from his breadth of knowledge, understanding and expertise and most importantly, from his extensive practical experience bringing depth and reality to the subjects he presents. And so, there’s a practical, workable aspect to all his training and writing. He draws insights from multiple disciplines and a wide range of personal experience. He is continuously studying, researching, writing and instructing and he has developed and created courses. He is amongst many things, a Researcher, Doctorate level Lecturer, International Seminar Speaker, Workshop Leader, Trainer in Business and Life skills, People & Business Developer, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Consultant, Writer and Artist. Dr Victor has taught internationally at all levels; from foundational instruction through to specialized instruction to senior leaders, from recovering addicts to doctorate students. His passion to inspire, transform lives and bring his readers into a living relationship with their creator shines through in all he writes.