Prince Dane’s father is ready to abdicate the throne on the condition that Dane finds a wife and marries her quickly before he is coronated king. The only problem is Dane is in a relationship with his bodyguard, Asher. Reluctantly, Dane searches for a wife and against Asher’s wishes, chooses Lyric a beautiful ballet dancer who has run from her royal heritage.

As Asher grapples with the worry he will lose Dane to his wife, Dane faces rejection when Lyric refuses his proposal. On a mission to satisfy his lover, Asher brings Lyric back to the castle, and their tenuous friendship becomes love. Dane soon finds the same love for the kind-hearted Lyric and now they must sacrifice themselves for roles they must play so that Dane can become king.

As Asher, Lyric, and Dane face the prejudice of their kingdom, Dane realizes things have to change in order for them to ever be happy together…

This is a steamy MMF menage romance with a HEA, no cheating and a lot of fun.

Meet Azriel Hope

Azriel is a best selling author of several romance novels she has written as a ghostwriter for other pen names as well as a writer of young adult novels under her given name.

An adoptive mother to two almost three gorgeous girls, Azriel balances her time between exciting or exotic places her mind takes her and scary things like elementary school, middle school and soon preschool for her teen, tween, and eventual toddler. She also spends a lot of time playing with her kids, dreaming and drinking wine.

When she and her family aren’t dancing, creating, or water fighting in the yard, they are on an adventure around the world. Come take a journey…

Refuge for a Rogue

After a stint teaching in stuffy boarding schools, schoolteacher Zebadiah Kaine is delighted to find a school that allows freedom for both his love of nature and his unconventional teaching methods. Even if his family does think he’s mad for moving to the Montana Territory.

When he meets gorgeous but rude bookkeeper René Wellington, Zeb is shocked that such a small man can have such nerve, but as he and René are repeatedly thrown together in the cramped society of Bedford Creek, Zeb’s annoyance is replaced by maddening temptation.

René Wellington’s bookkeeping certificate is no more real than his last name. (He knows a very talented forger). Luckily, the Montana wilderness is the perfect place for a former swindler to settle into anonymity. Having spent his childhood in orphanages and brothels, René doesn’t make a habit of forming attachments, but when he takes wholesome, kind-hearted Zeb as his lover, he quickly learns Zeb isn’t the sort of person he can keep at arm’s length.

To find their happily ever after, they’ll have to contend with a matchmaking matron, a greedy railroad baron from René’s past, and their own deeply rooted convictions on love and morality.

Refuge for a Rogue is a sharp-witted MM adult historical romance for fans of Cat Sebastian and KJ Charles. It has steamy love scenes, enough alcohol, tobacco, and luxurious food to make the Gilded Age blush, and a guaranteed HEA.

Content warnings: This novel contains period-appropriate references to 19th century prostitution and child trafficking. There’s a discussion on corporal punishment in classrooms being wrong. A playground fight over catcalling is stopped by a teacher.

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