True Love Never Did Run Smooth

Set in Cleveland, Ohio, and Bonds Cay in the Bahamas, this e-novel takes readers on a suspenseful ride. What began as a blossoming unlikely friendship leads to jealousy and murder. Louise Jensen looks forward to a new life after an ugly divorce from a controlling husband; Annette Evans generously offers her friend an escape on her private island, only to realize this sets bloody events into motion; Katrina Engles, governor of Bonds Cay, falls head over heels in love and finds herself involved in murder and revenge. Cleveland Homicide Detective Marc Stevens learns more on this case than he bargained for…

Meet Marie Cox

Born and raised in Ohio, I yearn for the sunshine and deserts of Arizona! Until my dream is achieved, I peacefully reside in the Midwest. A published poet and essayist, I now have my first novel published and more! And I have under review some short stories and poems this year as well. Familiar with this poem, allegedly by Emerson, titled “Success”? “To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people, and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” At heart, I’m a Transcendentalist with a strong Native American spirituality, and I hope, if I’m to be judged at all, to be measured by the spirit of this poem and philosophy! Laugh…Love…Live…Be good to yourself and others! Peace! Please leave constructive criticism only!

Paradise Cove

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be LGBTQ or a SCUBA diver to enjoy this story. It’s a fictional suspense story about a group of friends trying to make a difference in a conservative Caribbean island nation with a romantic subplot. Some of you may have even lived parts of this story. I am a new author, but I am not inexperienced. Please check it out.

Meet Gary Fitzgerald

Gary Fitzgerald has lived in the four corners of the United States and many places in-between, but the majority of his time was spent in Texas and 5 other states in the southern U.S. He is a U.S. Navy veteran of 6 years, serving as a nuclear Machinist Mate on a fast attack submarine, and spent 6 more years in the commercial nuclear industry. Gary later got his degree in mechanical engineering, where he met his husband and worked as an explosion hazards risk consultant, traveling the world for 22 years. In that time, he authored over a thousand project reports and industry publications, becoming a well-known expert in the field of vapor cloud explosions. He and his husband fell in love with SCUBA diving on a trip to Australia in 1999 and have been avid divers since, often going with groups of other gay divers. Currently retired in Southern California, Gary is enjoying a slower pace, spending time volunteering at the local animal shelter.

Because You Came

“Because You Came” – Unveiling the Hidden Truths Dive into the gripping pages of “Because You Came,” the captivating new release that will leave you breathless. Follow Jona, a young protagonist who embarks on an emotional quest to unearth the deep secrets his best friend concealed before her tragic demise. In this heart-wrenching tale, you will join Jona on a journey of self-discovery as he delves into a web of mysteries, hidden motives, and unanswered questions. With every turn of the page, you will feel the weight of his determination, his longing to uncover the truth, and the bittersweet memories that bind him to his beloved friend. “Because You Came” will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride, immersing you in the turmoil of Jona’s emotions and the memories that haunt him. Guided by love and fueled by his relentless pursuit of truth, Jona’s journey will grip your heart and keep you captivated until the very end. Prepare yourself for a masterfully crafted narrative where nothing is as it seems. This tale of friendship, loss, and the power of untold secrets will have you guessing, gasping, and reflecting on the bonds we form throughout our lives. Are you ready to join Jona on his quest to uncover the secrets that lay hidden in “Because You Came”? Immerse yourself in this poignant and suspenseful tale that explores the depths of human connection and the lingering impact of unspoken truths. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary novel that will leave an indelible mark on your heart. Get your copy today!

Meet Bobbie X King

Bobbie X King is a mysterious author who prefers to remain anonymous. When she’s not writing, Bobbie loves to read and get lost in the pages of a good book. She also enjoys taking long walks, which she claims make her feel like an old lady. Bobbie has a quirky side and has been known to listen to Christmas songs in July. Although not much is known about her personal life, Readers will appreciate her creativity and the escape she provides through her writing.

Desire Slaps

Explore a hidden world in NYC. Discover surprised fantasies you didn’t know you had, as Marcos makes you face them. Just how far would an immigrant go to make ends meet to put food on the table and support their family (who think they are having the easy life in the land of the free and opportunities) in another country? When Marcos immigrated to the USA, he was ready to conquer the world and ultimately achieve the American dream because he knew it was the land of opportunities. Little did he know that he would achieve his dream but in a way he could never have imagined. While going about his life attempting to make ends meet, he attended an art event that signaled the beginning of a new career, one not in his plans when he first set foot in the U.S. One sexual encounter with an interesting couple opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box, providing a way to earn a good income. So, when things got tough financially, a few months later, he knew where to make easy money … prostitution. And there was no shortage of rich clients quick to use Marcos’ services and indulge him for a job well done because he was damn good at it. From insecure Marta to couples looking to try new levels of kink through BDSM, to a celebrity artist and many others from all races, nationalities and sexual orientations, he had them all in his quest to search for the mighty dollar. Marcos had life by the balls because he was living “the dream” and finally able to provide for his family. Then life slapped! His world was turned upside down in a matter of days. How exactly did life slap Marcos? Did his family ever find out about his secret life? Is the life of an escort as glamorous as we all imagine? You will have all the answers to your questions by the end of this book, so keep reading to find: A cocktail of explicitly told sex stories filled with excitement and kink ranging from threesomes to BDSM and much more Marcos’ unfolding life story that will open your eyes to a different, secret world Detailed and fun-filled sex stories that will definitely keep you from wanting to put the book down And so much more!

Meet Sandro Chaviano

Sandro Chaviano is a registered nurse by day and an erotica author by night. Through compelling and steamy storytelling, he imparts his readers a much-needed escape from day-to-day life and its countless stressors. Sandro’s initial spark of inspiration entered his life many years ago after leaving his home country, a beautiful Caribbean island he carries in his heart. Before attempting to bring his vision to fruition, the Cuban-American author told his friends and family about it and their support and positive feedback encouraged him to pursue his dream. Ultimately, this led to the release of his new book titled Desire Slaps, the story that will transport the reader into a world of pleasures. When he isn’t penning sultry plots into existence, you can find this emerging writer immersed in all things creative, from singing to painting. He also enjoys capturing the beauty of his world travels through a camera lens. To find out more about the author and his upcoming books, visit his official website at

How to Teach Kids to be Kind to Gay People

***** UPDATED JULY 2022 *****

This quick-read handbook focuses on LGBTQ equality by providing instructions for parents to teach kids how to be an LGBTQ+ ally. You’ll find step-by-step guidance for:

– Subtly learning your child’s true opinion of LGBTQ equality
– Responding to common LGBTQ questions
– Explaining the ABCs of LGBTQ
– Selecting family media that supports respect for the LGBTQ community
– Raising kind kids
– Learning how to talk so kids will listen

All instructions are written succinctly. Unlike typically long-winded parenting books, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Parent Guidebooks are intentionally concise to help busy parents find answers quickly.

Note: DEI is NOT going away – it’s time to prepare children for their future.

Meet Trish Allison

Raising two children in a 1990s same-sex family (way before modern “acceptance”), gave Trish a unique perspective on the importance of teaching kids that EVERYONE deserves kindness and respect.

She combined her experience as a parent of two grown equality-enlightened kids, her career as a technical/procedural writer, hundreds of hours of child psychology research, a degree in English from U.C. Berkeley, and a long-ignored passion to write something meaningful — into a collection of social-justice parenting handbooks.

Junkies, Hookers, Dykes… and Others I Have Known

“It was 1961. John Fitzgerald Kennedy had just been elected President. The Freedom Riders were working to integrate bus stations in the South. Vietnam was a long way from the horror it would become, and I ran off with my daughter’s eighteen-year-old babysitter.”
Actress, switchboard operator, model, encyclopedia sales-girl, wife, mother. Patricia Herd’s life in 1960s California was unusual, but she was a “good girl” with dreams of stardom. Married to a struggling actor and raising a newborn, Herd saw her own dreams of being an actress stifled. Deep within her was an attraction to the dangerous and the wild, an attraction that would break free and lead Patricia into the counter-culture of the period – a world filled with Junkies, Hookers, and Dykes.

But this is also the story of Patricia’s Texas childhood, and she delves deep into the unhappy lives of her parents and how that relationship shaped her own life, personality, and decisions.

Junkies, Hookers, Dykes … And Others I Have Known is a unique snapshot of mid-20th Century America, told with humor and insight.

Patricia Herd has been a teacher, an actress and, at age 86, an emerging writer. She currently has a screenplay in development and is working on a novel based on her mother’s life. She lives in Los Angeles.

Bride of the Crimson Queen

Kami, a novice fire sorceress, never wanted to fight. She already lost her mother, the great fire sorceress Arkemi, to the forces of darkness. While the world sees a fallen hero, Kami is riddled with regret and bitterness—struggling to understand what she died for.
Although heroes may persevere, darkness never truly fades; it merely waits for a chance to return. The Crimson Queen, a powerful vampire that once laid claim to Kami’s town, Fortuna, is back. Struck with fear, the townspeople prepare to evacuate. Alice, Kami’s best friend and vampire hunter, urges her to follow suit. She warns her that the Queen’s power is too great for them to challenge on their own. The Crimson Queen’s formidable power is also augmented by the legions of minions who assist her in her dirty business. Kami refuses, unable to leave her home—the last remaining link she has to her late mother.
But danger travels fast. Alice is bitten by one of the Queen’s vampire minions. Unless that vampire is destroyed within seven days, Alice will become their mindless servant. Unwilling to lose someone else she loves, Kami decides to join a group of hunters hired by the town’s Mayor to eradicate the Queen for good.
These minions have powers Kami’s never seen before and the skills to match it. Will her unwavering determination and raw strength be enough to save her friend and town in the process? She may have less than seven days to find out.

Meet Keri Moore

Keri Moore is the author of “The Fox Demon’s Kiss.” She works for the city by day and writes novels during her spare time. She received a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from Smith College and a master’s degree in International Affairs and Global Justice from Brooklyn College. She was born and raised in Brooklyn where she currently calls home. When she’s not writing, she can be found curled up in bed reading a book, cooking, taking walks through Prospect Park, watching Japanese animation, reading a manga, or taking a much needed catnap.

Tumbling Down


Kirkus Review: The brutal murder of a waitress leads a Long Island detective to the most complicated case of his career in this sixth installment of a series.
Detective Neil Jericho of the East Hampton Police Department is visiting his daughter, Katie, when he receives a call from his supervisor, Chief Krauss. A waitress was found murdered and Krauss wants Jericho to investigate. The victim is identified as 21-year-old Sally Espinosa Baez and an examination of her body reveals that she is a transsexual. Jericho turns to dispatcher Evangeline “Vangie” Clark for help. Vangie and her wife, Ingrid, attend meetings of the Hamptons LGBTQ Center and she can assist with the nuances of the case. The search for Baez’s next of kin leads Jericho to Phyllis Sonnenschein, an LGBTQ activist and candidate for town supervisor of East Hampton. Sonnenschein opened her home to Baez and she believes the killing is a hate crime. Evidence gathered at the homicide scene points in that direction. Meanwhile, Jericho’s girlfriend, tattoo artist Rainbow, and her business are targeted by a member of a hate group. As both cases intensify, Jericho discovers surprising secrets in Baez’s past that may hold the key to her murder. The latest installment of Marks’ (Amazing Detective, 2017, etc.) series starring Jericho deepens the development of the central characters while featuring a complex murder mystery full of surprising twists and turns. The narrative is anchored by Jericho, a dedicated detective with an unerring sense of justice. His devotion to his job cost him his marriage and he is determined not to make the same mistakes in his relationship with Rainbow. The supporting characters are equally well-developed, particularly Vangie, a 911 dispatcher who aspires to move up within the department. The investigation into the murder of Baez unfolds methodically as Jericho uncovers the tragic circumstances of her past and the mystery surrounding her death…
A finely paced crime thriller that should appeal to new and established fans of the series.

The gruesome murder of a local waitress draws Jericho into the unfamiliar world of the LGBTQ+ community in Sag Harbor. In the midst of a complicated investigation, he also has to deal with the intricacies of East Hampton politics and a potential threat to his girlfriend Rainbow. Will Jericho be able to solve this murder while navigating everything else going on in his life? His fierce search for justice leads him to a conclusion that will leave readers stunned.

Reviews for other Jericho Novels:

“Marks provides his intriguing principal characters with solid backgrounds and he puts the central mystery front and center from the start. The relationship between Jericho and Susannah gives the book a good, romantic spark. The whodunit initially seems straightforward, but it offers surprise twists that add further dimension to the characters. A fast-paced mystery with plenty of action and colorful characters”— Kirkus reviews “THE BATTLE OF JERICHO”

“Marks’s suspenseful second crime novel featuring Det. Sgt. Neil Jericho (after 2014’s Death Hampton) contains more than a few surprises. Readers should be prepared for a shocking ending.” – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY



We are not breeders. We are chosen to lead. Now fifteen, we are free from the burden of raising our own children. Born after the war, all of our energy was to be spent building a new and better world. But what if I was attracted to a girl? How would that threaten my future as a visionary? What if the others had secrets too? With my twin brother and Dani by my side, I thought we could bring great change to our dusty, desert outpost. And with our project soon to be unveiled to the other territories, a drifter warned me of a deception so great that it threatened to destroy us all. With inner struggles mounting and chaos erupting around me, the water was snaking its way to our pueblo. After all this time, the seeds had been waiting. I needed to make sure as hell that it was not too late.