Panda Goes to School: Rhyming lesson book series for kids ages 3-5

“Beautifully written with easy to understand prose. Children will fall in love with these adorable characters that teach relevant life lessons.” L. Strandt, Retired Preschool Director

“Panda has officially arrived! Panda’s World is going to be a huge player in children’s media in 2020, I’d bet my career on it!” – E.J. Ellis, MBA, Father, Best-Selling Author

L.E. Arning has done it again, this captivating series faces off against some of the biggest challenges that parents struggle through. An excellent read-along or bedtime story for you and your child and a ideal gift for new parents with children ages 3+.

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Life Lessons from Grandpa and His Chicken Coop: A Playful Journey Through Some Serious Sh*t


Love is superior, family is mighty, and we were put here, not for ourselves, but for each other. These are the core values that were passed down to me from my grandfather. Don’t chase the chickens because one day one might just chase you back, beer is more than just a breakfast drink, and do what you want, not what you’re told… these were also some things of value that were passed down to me from Grandpa.

Growing up just down the hill from my grandfather and his chickens taught me more about life than anything that I could’ve learned in school (had I paid attention). Learning how to stand up for myself, to lend a helping hand, to nurture, and protect the things I love, are just a few of the lessons that I learned while crossing that grassy path between his house and mine.

Life Lessons from Grandpa and His Chicken Coop is a book about love, family, youth, maturing, and all the learning that happens in between. It is a powerful, humorous, insightful, playful, and philosophical narrative about perspective and the lessons that I have learned growing up just as ornery as my ornery grandfather and his precious chickens.