Life is Classical

This is an amazing book, written for people who want to explore the secrets of the world around them.
This book has a very serious message for humanity.

In this book you will find answers to questions bothering humanity for centuries, including:
? What’s our purpose Here on Earth?
? Why we Exist?
? Our beginnings, as a human race.
? Why does our world exis?

The book consists of three parts.
Part 1 is the original record of an alien interrogation
Part 2 is some information about the Blue Book project

The third part is the analysis of each part of the interrogation – that is, all the things the alien talked about, and finally also the interrogation as a whole.

If you like the so-called conspiracy theories, or are you curious about the answers given by the alien to these questions, do not hesitate!
You will certainly be pleasantly surprised by the answers to these questions, so don’t hesitate a second longer, and order this book now!

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Swinging Sanity

When the author was struggling with loss, illness, oppression and a perpetual cycle of anxiety attacks and phases of depression, she spent day and night stabbing keys.

And out poured poetry.

When the abyss spat her out she strung together those mutilated verses and compiled this book for the world to read what it feels like when you are swinging between sanity and insanity.

Profound Thoughts


PROFOUND THOUGHTS explores heart touching feelings which reflects the flavors of life, the madness of love, the value of time, racial discrimination, female infanticide, finding beauty in the most mundane things, different emotions, nature and femininity.
Featuring 60 soul stirring poems that condemn abuse of nature, traverse different facets of our emotions, and touching on femininity and fitness