General Jack and the Battle of the Five Kingdoms

The times were hopelessly dark.
In a green land before time, all animals of the world laboured under the repressive rule of King Roar the Lion and the fierce Felines.
Miaow, the timid and inconsequential chief of the cats befriends a fourteen-year-old mysterious explorer, Jack. These two unlikely heroes engage in the impossible struggle for liberty of the repressed animals. The conflict reaches its apogee with an epic but disastrous battle.
Although the two protagonists were aware their survival was at stake, little did they know their enduring friendship would radically alter the destiny of the Animal World forever.
This book will appeal to fans of “The Hobbit” and “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

Meet David Bush

David Bush is a medical doctor specialized in haematology. He still practices hospital medicine. Since he gave up his private practice, he has more time to spend with the little ones. He has many interests. Most of all though, he cherishes the time he spends with his young nephews. He has published many papers in international peer reviewed medical journals. He also writes analytical opinion articles for an influential political blog. This is the second book of the Jack trilogy in which his young great nephew at different ages becomes a protagonist in the plot.

Size matters. Or at least it does to Ed, nitpicking quantity surveyor and captain of his local pub football team who has faked a business trip abroad to get some cheap plastic surgery.

Ed intends to be even more of a man upon his return. But has he managed to keep this as secret as he thinks? Will this really be such a wonderful surprise for Fiona on their wedding night? And just who is this operation for anyway?

Alex Henderson’s outrageous comedy debut shows what it means to be a man with a small problem that just got bigger.

Much bigger!

Trying Anyway is a collection of short stories. Some are humorous. Some are haunting. Some are impressionistic and a little obtuse.
They’re all weird—
It’s a book for book weirdos—
Are ya weird? Need something else weird to reflect on instead of your weirdness for a change?
Read these stories. They’re about the Philadelphia area. I don’t think there is enough literary representation of our Delaware Valley. Our strifes and philosophies are relevant. Not everything worth writing down happens in New York City. But these stories don’t happen in Philadelphia. They happen in the wilderness and in the dark. They happen in the quiet spaces where you just want to be alone. They’re still happening—right now. Open this book, and they could be happening to you.

These are stories about monsters chasing and people falling down. Everyone’s always crying and hurting each other. I’m troubled by them. I’ve collected them for you. I’m publishing them for you. These weird and wiry tales are unbefitting a standard press. They are lopsided and crude. Worrying. They go too far. They leave without saying goodbye.

If you are from Philadelphia, you will recognize the agony within. The temperature of this book is unbearable. The smell is choking. There is garbage everywhere. Philadelphia is built on a dank swamp that freezes in the winter. The days and nights are loud with illegal construction. The police are corrupt. The crooks are contemptuous. This city is a disappointment to its parents and a shameful catastrophe to behold. We are covered in filth and suffer from mental decay.

Profit made from this book’s sales go directly toward feeding and sheltering a person with clinical mental illness.

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Meet Justin Kirk Engard

Justin Kirk Engard has been trying to write a book this good for a long time. Reap the rewards.

Letters to Be Read in a Heavily British Accent recounts the hilarious (and historically-set) misadventures of Sherwood, a new recruit in H. Majesty’s army; and Penelope, his bit-of-all-right back home. Through their letters the two share incidents and adventures, and discuss their relationship, which looks good on paper, but…

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Bonnie is a young woman, engaged and passionate about her new job, her feminist ideals, and her friends. Bonnie is also single and looking for a soulmate. Her last boyfriend dumped her after she supported him through law school. Her new boyfriend is nice, but a little boring and they’re not attuned politically. Then Bonnie meets Jane. She’s a little older, experienced, and compelling. They share a commitment to feminism and social justice. Unfortunately, Jane is married. Still, Bonnie finds her attraction growing. She denies it because Jane is off limits, but Bonnie is compelled and sure the attraction is mutual.

Set in 2016, the election is a backdrop to Bonnie’s turbulent year of searching for love. This is a story of growth and maturation told in a voice that grows from timid to hopeful to confident and explores the complexity of relationships as well as themes relevent to the current times.

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Meet Alice Benson

Alice Benson lives in Wisconsin, with her partner and their dogs Max and Oliver. She loves to read, write, cook, watch movies, and take long walks. She loves watching baking shows but hates to actually bake. Alice recently retired from a job in the human service field; previously she spent over thirteen years working with a domestic violence program. She’s excited to be working on her third novel.


An intense love story between a spoiled young woman incarcerated in her bedroom and an ex-convict who lives in poverty at a bedsit in a Leeds suburb. Virginia has secrets that threaten to shame her father and step-mother. Tommy is gullible, but longs to put his past behind him. Their turbulent affair rocks with the twists of steadily exposed information that is often fabricated and perhaps borne from Virginia’s imagination. However, it maybe her father who is the architect of her instability – he too is suspected of keeping secrets that have shaped Virginia’s character.

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Meet Ken Ross

Ken Ross was born in 1953 at Westow in the East Riding of Yorkshire. As a child, he lived at Barmby Moor, Pocklington, and York, before his parents moved to Leeds in 1964. He attended Harehills County Secondary School until leaving in 1969. Married in 1971 he had an assortment of jobs while honing his writing skills. After his divorce in 1986, he brought up his 8 children alone and eventually succeeded in getting published. At first, he wrote articles for magazines but has gone on to write over fifty books, the first twenty-odd being solely for children. He is proud of his novels, ‘A Cross Of Crocuses’ and ‘Ann – irresistible spirit’. He currently lives in Osmondthorpe, Leeds.

The Silver Baron’s Wife

The Silver Baron’s Wife traces the rags-to-riches-to-rags life of Colorado’s Baby Doe Tabor (Lizzie). This fascinating heroine worked in the silver mines and had two scandalous marriages, one to a philandering opium addict and one to a Senator and silver baron worth $24 million in the late 19th century. A divorcée shunned by Denver society, Lizzie raised two daughters in a villa where 100 peacocks roamed the lawns, entertained Sarah Bernhardt when the actress performed at Tabor’s Opera House, and after her second husband’s death, moved to a one-room shack at the Matchless Mine in Leadville. She lived the last 35 years of her life there, writing down thousands of her dreams and noting visitations of spirits on her calendar. Hers is the tale of a fiercely independent woman who bucked all social expectations by working where 19thcentury women didn’t work, becoming the key figure in one of the West’s most scandalous love triangles, and, after a devastating stock market crash destroyed Tabor’s vast fortune, living in eccentric isolation at the Matchless Mine. An earlier version of this novel won the PEN/New England 

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Beyond The Utmost Bound

To Find Yourself…Disappear.

On the evening of high school graduation, an outcast teenager leaves his small country town on a quest to find himself when he comes face to face with an evolutionary roadblock that has derailed most of humanity.

With the help of an eighty-year-old American Indian Zen philosopher, an ex-marine cowboy, a reverend river guide, a Hopi D.J., an Iranian dancer, a ten-year-old Mexican surfer, a hippie pilot, an Italian street artist, a soul brother, a horse, a plane, a raft, a boat, a yacht, the stars, the universe, Mary, Molly and a guy named Frank, he travels halfway around the world on an epic adventure in search of a solution.

A solution that might not only determine his fate but ours.

A road trip comedy with a mystical twist. Clinton is an engrossing storyteller, delivering action and humor, the writing grand, and wise.”


A spiritual joyride, a metaphysical odyssey, a philosophical expedition, on land, sea, and into mind.”

-EarlyBird Review

“A young man’s humorous, rollicking journey in search of himself unearths a roadmap that solves an evolutionary puzzle of heart, mind, and soul.”

-Advanced Review

The debut novel from Joseph Clinton, Beyond The Utmost Bound, is the newest member to join the family of spiritual adventure and metaphysical fiction authors Paulo Coelho, Hermann Hesse, Richard Bach, Daniel Quinn, and James Redfield. 

Fans of The Alchemist, Siddhartha, Illusions, and The Celestine Prophecy, will enjoy this epic adventure that blends entertainment with both spiritual and philosophical thought. 

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Ghost Music (A Marcus Brace Mystery)

Named a Readers’ Favorite Book Award Winner
“a commendable and flawless mystery”

Seattle Detective Marcus Brace is falling apart, both professionally and personally. Before he can put his own demons to rest, a brutal homicide and an unusual summons from family long-forgotten force Marcus to confront everything he’s been running from and consider how the past continues to haunt our present. With the killer targeting those closest to him, Marcus is on a journey to not only find a murderer but also solve a family mystery that was hidden for decades.

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