The School Journey: Refresh Your Childhood

“The School Journey” Is A Story Of A Young Man, Digvijay, Who Narrates His School And Childhood Days. In This Book, He Recalls His Excitement On His First Day Of School, How He Met His Best Friends, His First Ever Crush Story, And Many More. This Is Not Just A Novel Or A Story Book. It Is An Emotion. The Emotion Of Friendship, Crush, Love Of Parents And Family, Fight With Friends, And Many More. This Is Not A Story Of Digvijay, It Is The Story Of Everyone. It Is The Story Of Each Individual’s Childhood And School Days. Let Us Come Together And Celebrate Our Childhood Through “The School Journey” Of Digvijay.

Meet Dhanush.S

Hi Everyone, This Is Dhanush.S From India. I Am A Teenager Currently Pursuing My 12th Class. Well I Had No Interest In Writing In My Early Days But When I Learnt About The Power Of Books And Knowledge, I Decided To Share A Beautiful Journey Of My Friend With You All. Proudly I Am Presenting You, My First Ever Novel, “The School Journey”. It Is Not Just A Book, It Is An Emotion, An Emotion Which Everyone Will Feel And Make Them Refreshed With Their Childhood Days. So What Are You Waiting For? Come Let Us Celebrate Our Childhood With “The School Journey”

Children of War: an anthology to support the children of Ukraine

When Russia invaded Ukraine, fourteen authors came together to make a difference and raise awareness about the experiences of children trapped in war. This multi-genre anthology is the result. All proceeds of this book are being donated to Voices of Children Foundation in Ukraine, an aid organization that supports the psychological healing of children suffering war-related PTSD.

Meet Astrid V.J.

Astrid V.J. is a South African fantasy author who writes transformation fiction: exploring our human capacity to transform our lives and achieve success in the face of adversity. Elena Shelest is an author of historical and contemporary fantasy with a message of hope and guaranteed happy endings. The name is Katz. Daan Katz. Looking for breathtaking stories packed with trauma and suffering? Look no further. Daan’s got you covered! C Phillip writes action-packed historical fiction, murder mysteries and fantasy books with a generous helping of romance, suspense and strong female leads. I. Vélez is a Puerto Rican author of steamy paranormal and fantasy romances. Light and darkness are always clashing in her works to show you nothing is as it seems. Susan Stradiotto writes fantasy for New Adult and later Young Adult audiences, with storylines enjoyable for adults too. Themes focus mostly on relationships of all kinds, family situations, coming of age, and finding oneself or one’s destiny. Darrah Steffen is a young adult fantasy author with stories of good triumphing over evil and characters you can’t help but love. MJ Krause-Chivers is a Christian historical fiction author who also writes Christian non-fiction penned as Miranda J. Chivers. Her themes include mental health, coming of age and difficult relationships. Joan T. Seko is a Japanese-American historical fiction author. Her stories are a collection of Victorian historical romance, feudal Japan, the Holocaust, American history, etc. Nandita Pant Joshi writes stories and poetry about things close to her heart – strong female characters, the will to keep fighting and a message of hope even amidst the most adverse circumstances. C. Borden is a Christian Fiction and Fantasy Author from the US whose works illuminate the facets of faith and of human nature: the good, the evil, and everything in between. Whenever historical drama fiction author Lauren Lee Merewether visits a place seemingly untouched by time, an emotionally intense family saga is born soon after. J.C. Seal writes a unique blend of fantasy, mythology, paranormal and romance in a way that makes you believe this could all be true.


Lizbeth Shannon must escape Skid Row and stall her descent into madness.

But not before severing the trauma bonds shackling her to an early grave.

In the fall of 2005, devils chased Liz Shannon across nightmarish acres and deep into the bowels of hell. Not actual devils, only personal demons. And hell meant the seediest underbelly of L.A., where she walked among clever predators and outright ghouls. Discarded and homeless after her girlfriend, Dell—a hospice nurse—finally grew a spine and tossed the “energy vampire” out the door and smack into the jaws of the street wolves.

But Lizbeth isn’t really a vampire. Forget the pale skin, sharp bite, and a life spent roaming through the gloaming hours. Depraved conditions fell upon her early, as they do to many who end up deformed by circumstance.

And yet, an inexplicable bond remains between the two women—an otherworldly connection—a cord that cannot be severed, no matter the fraying threads. Still, Dell can’t root through the ugly places or prevent her love from hitting bottom.

Only Liz can battle the fiends and avoid the abyss.

First, she must dig her inner child from the ruins. But the weight of history hovers, like the sword of Damocles, eager to generate more debris—and crush them both to smithereens.

***This book, previously published as Dig Up Through Within, deals with mature themes of trauma and abuse.

★★★★★ “Masterfully written.” ~ J. Adams

Meet Katherine Carlson

Katherine Carlson loves to write about the perpetual chase. About outrunning and outwitting the demons, always closing the gap and ready to strike. She loves to hide her characters in gnarly trees and plunk them into hostile mazes. She remains obsessed with the transformative journey of survivors—lost in the woods or lost to addictions.

Paper Targets

Art, math, obsession, and greed. An artist who confesses to murders through her drawings, and a stuttering computer criminal, have their paths collide while both are struggling to make amends for their past failures. Part Montana wilderness, part techno, and part desperate love, Paper Targets is a story of confessions. But more than crime, Paper Targets is infused with nature and solitude and unpacks questions about why people sometimes do bad things. Based on the actual fringe events of two of the world’s largest criminal frauds: the collapse of WorldCom and Enron.

Meet Steve Saroff

Steve Saroff is the host of the podcast Montana Voice, and the author of over 30 traditionally published short stories, first printed in Redbook and other national magazines. His available books include Paper Targets; The Long Line of Elk; and, the forthcoming Mixed Drinks. He was a runaway who became a ‘coder’ and then started several software companies. Two of his start-ups were purchased by public corporations. He was the founder of FreeMail Inc, the first commercially successful web-based email system. FreeMail was acquired just before the criminal fraud and combined collapse of WorldCom and Enron (still the world’s largest criminal frauds). His novel Paper Targets was written about the criminals that swirled about him during that corrupt and mysterious time.

The Stone Messiah Vol I

If you lived in a world… where your civilisation could be annihilated; every person you held dear murdered, mutilated or sold into slavery; in unremitting danger and unendurable oppression – YOU would need a messiah… Africa 2000 BC An unimaginably cruel and dangerous world, Genocidal war between two civilisations… The ultimate liberation struggle epic. FREE on Amazon on 13th August Circa 2300 BC – seafarers of Sumerian origin settle south of the Rovuma in East Africa, establishing the Uran civilisation, which grows and flourishes for 300 years. Centred on a walled city in Mozambique, a horse centred, hunting, metal working culture develops. Four hundred miles to the north, around 2070 BC, a huge maritime expedition from Egypt reaches Tanzania. They establish a great capital south of the Rufiji river. Seventy years later, these empire builders destroy the Uran capital Avara. A child is found in the ashes. The story begins… At twenty, that child unites the most gifted men of his generation, against those who brought their civilisation to the brink of annihilation. This is the story of the Uran’s astonishing war against the Andracians. Beautifully written, Intense, Cinematic, Visceral. An epic from the Heroic age of Myths. Life, Death and War. Comradeship, Strategy, Leadership. Triumph and Deliverance.

Meet Anonymous IV

The most memorable stories of all, were those myths that have lasted a thousand years, or to the dawn of civilisation – Gilgamesh, the Siege of Troy, Arthurian legend. Concise, fast moving tales with beautifully memorable twists, stories of heroes who like gladiators, defy death many times, but ultimately must pay the price: and for whom death usually provides a kind of absolution for all transgressions. The authors of these greatest of stories often shared the single, universal name – Anonymous.


BRILLIANT, YOUNG AND AMBITIOUS, Annika Tritzchler defies the norms of 1930s Berlin by pursuing medical training in a venue traditionally dominated by men. Facing contempt from her counterparts is minor compared to the massive upheaval in a city transitioning to dictatorship while brutally persecuting its enemies.

Annika’s career takes a decisive turn when, early in her psychiatric residency, she is expected to participate in applied eugenics- the roguish trend within Nazi medicine. Sterilizing patients deemed racially inferior and euthanizing the handicapped (including patients that she, herself, has been treating) works against everything she holds sacred. Acquiescence means choosing survival over morality, the antithesis to the spirituality nurtured by her Lutheran mother and Jewish stepfather.

Brimming with historical detail, Fräulein is less a story of Nazism than a woman’s attempt to rediscover meaning after her sense of self was shattered by unimaginable trauma. Recapturing identity is central, but only if she comes to terms with guilt.


“There’s so much to love about this novel. It’s a fantastic historical fiction piece that explores a full life heading into the Holocaust and even a bit afterwards, and I love the texture and established setting within the timeline most of all. Leonards’ knowledge of the war accents the plot and allows the gritty realism to feel that much more sound. Annika’s character is quite accessible and well rounded. Her growth from beginning to end is remarkable to witness.”
-Writer’s Digest

“Leonards successfully blends the horrific events of early 20th century Germany with the life story of Annika, whose search for meaning in life leads her into a career in medicine and beyond that into psychiatry and treatment of mental illness. The novel breathes life into many of the key issues of the era, including anti-Semitism, the mass hysteria of Fascism, and the totalitarian regime’s iconic institutions, the concentration camps and the euthanasia programs. Experiencing all of this, Annika tries valiantly to maintain her sanity as well as her sense of morality, and in describing her struggles Leonards has created one of the most unforgettable characters in modern literature.”
-Jack Morrison, Ph.D. Author of Ravensbrück: Everyday Life in a Women’s Concentration Camp 1939-45

“Amazing really what you have done… Ambitious and panoramic!”
-Charles Rotmil one of Maine’s few living survivors of the Holocaust

“Fraulein is a masterfully written, psychologically astute portrayal of a young woman living and practicing psychiatry in a country descending into political and moral insanity, a chaos that consumes its intelligentsia and decent people, and that threatens to consume her own integrity. Filled with lyrical, almost transcendental beauty, and etched depictions of evil, Fraulein is both a gripping story and an unforgettable lesson from history that the gift of a civilized society cannot be taken for granted, but must be nurtured at every turn – it is the only thing saving humanity from the abyss.”
-Jonathan Borkum, Ph.D. Psychologist and Author of Chronic Headaches: Biology, Psychology, and Behavioral Treatment

Your fictional character, Annika, sounds like my kind of person…”
-Tony Campolo, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Eastern University; public speaker; author of over 35 books; and former spiritual advisor to US President Bill Clinton.

Shots: Tell It Slant

If it can happen, I’m just writing… ‘SHOTS’ captures a gamut of human emotion. Set in Indian settings, these slice-of-life shorts are masterfully woven into the tapestry of issues and conflicts everyman is wired to encounter. The twenty-five stories of this collage explore the nuances of sexuality, love, lust, society and whatnot. Flash is a popular choice of attention-deficit times and these haikus of short stories exactly deliver the punch in a few heavy hits. This disturbing little book of sharp and crisp flashes illuminates human condition in ways that impel one toward self-examination. Heartbreaking and joyous at the same time, this is an unsettling debut collection. Don’t miss it!

Meet Rupali Saini

Rupali Saini is a poet, activist, author and wanderer who prefers to ramble in the world of her imagination. Alone but never lonely, Rupali calls herself God’s favorite. She is fond of tapping her feet with a story in her mind, and a random choreographer. When she is not penning the subtleties of human heart, she is an assistant professor and a passionate teacher who loves to promote learning through questioning. Her work has been featured in various journals and anthologies.

The Fabric Over the Moon

“A delightful collection of quaint and quirky tales of common people and uncommon creatures in our world and fantasy lands.” Stories come alive at night. They are whispered around dying campfires, by quiet bedsides, under deformed old trees. They might get interrupted by the howling wind, inaudible gasps, or nervous comments, only to be continued fervently once the dust settles again. Why did the girl visit the eerie village? What did the gypsy’s words mean? Can the discovery of a new flower change the world? Stories are supposed to end but they never do. They leave you wondering and longing for more. They live on in your mind, in corners with cobwebs and memories you’ve been suppressing, in recurring daydreams you have while waiting in long lines. They fester and thrive there. They spiral and soar. You wish they would die but they cannot anymore. Once you blow breath into a story, it instantly becomes yours…

Meet Ferran Plana

Ferran Plana was born in 1988, at present settled in Barcelona. He began his writing passion after a long period of improvising bedtime stories for his wife before sleeping. When he is not writing, you might find him building a sand castle on the beach, observing birds with his binoculars, playing cello or trombone, or in the hospital working as a doctor. The Fabric Over The Moon is his first published short story and flash fiction collection.

The Curse of Beauty

New Release! Before the Muses spoke of Medusa, a woman inspired the myth. Grab this gripping historical drama, and go back to a time when men became legends and kings became gods. Experience the rise of tyranny, discover the power of a people amid a sea of lies, deceit and secrets, and unveil the legacy behind the legend. “Unmissable.”, “…incredible…”, “…an unstoppable read…”, “…a powerful book…”, and “…an exceptional story.” – Readers’ Favorite reviewers 

Meet Lauren Lee Merewether

Lauren is an ancient historical drama author who loves to daydream while sipping green tea and watching experts unearth ancient civilizations on the Discovery channel. To get to know her a little more and grab some free ebooks, visit

The Ring

How could one small piece of jewelry mean so much to so many?

Paige West is a well-educated, financially stable business owner who mourns the death of her father and misses the closeness she had with him throughout her life.

Jessivel Salter is a high school dropout who had a child out of wedlock at sixteen and is now a single mother on the brink of becoming homeless. She also misses her now-deceased father, but for very different reasons.

When fate unites the two women, Paige is drawn to Jessivel from the start and wants to help her. But Jessivel doesn’t trust Paige or her intentions and rejects her many “helping hand” offers.

When the two women eventually connect, certain disturbing truths are unveiled, and they discover they have something in common that is inconceivable and shocking. Each woman must decide whether to take the easy way out and part ways forevermore or face up to the adversity that fate has thrown at them.

And it all started with “the ring.”

Meet Florence Osmund

After a long career in the corporate world, Florence Osmund retired to write novels. “I strive to write literary fiction and endeavor to craft stories that challenge readers to survey their own beliefs and values,” Osmund states. Florence’s book “How to Write, Publish, and Promote a Novel” offers substantial advice for new and aspiring writers including how to begin the project, writing techniques, building an author platform, book promotion and more. Florence lives on a small tranquil lake in northern Illinois, where she continues to write novels and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.