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Discover a collection of 8 stories that become more compelling and engrossing one after the other… Genres such as horror, crime, historical fiction, literary fiction Nightstalkers & Lycanhawks- a bloody battle between vampires and werewolves Labyrinth of Torture- A notorious serial killer is on the prowl The Liberationist- An over-zealous king must flee his own country The Kryptonite Room- An egomaniac seeks revenge on an ignorant society

Meet Justin Bienvenue

Justin Bienvenue is a New England-based writer and poet of 12 books. He is the author of the psychological horror series The Wax Factory and of the horror poetry series The Macabre Masterpiece. Justin is a big football fan(Sundays are for football), he’s never drank coffee(gets fuel from Mountain Dew Code Red), and The Shining is his favorite movie(He has 5 Shining shirts and even the rug). Due to his fascination with the unexplained and belief in the bizarre, he hopes to one day become a Ufologist. He is also interested in Egyptology and has a good shelf-size collection of Egyptian artifacts. He is the host of the Youtube series Mystery Unsolved and Mystery Ghost Stories, where he discusses some of the world’s most unsolved mysteries, conspiracy theories, and paranormal ghost stories.

The Sacred Lives of Seahorses

How would you feel if you discovered your entire life had been a lie? Twenty-four years rotting inside the fortress walls, shielded from the savagery of the outside world, twenty-four years of lies. One day, she discovered the truth. And it was not a blessing. It was a curse… Quirky and provocative new release!

Meet Lorraine Margaret

Lorraine Margaret is a maverick, a visionary and a dreamer, a lover of all things sacred and profound. She writes lush lyrical stories about fated, mystical love and anything else that might inspire her at the time. Lorraine believes sexuality and spirituality are irrevocably intertwined and ensures her characters enjoy both to excess. She is passionate about poetic prose and freedom of speech. Writing to market is her nemesis; her books exist in their own universe, a magical place where miracles are everyday occurrences and dreams really can come true. Her love of foxes and salted caramel might creep in there too… If you are yearning for something different, she’s your author. Lorraine is always thrilled when readers choose to read her kooky, sexy stories. She thanks them for their courage and support and loves to hear from them! Talk to Lorraine at twitter: @LMargaretAuthor or [email protected], and follow her on

Sketches Of The Common Saints

Sketches Of The Common Saints is an audacious, funny, and wistful portrayal of a Southern Italian family and the genuine world they inhabit. From the ominous beauty of Reggio Calabria, through the baroque cityscapes of Torino, to the promise and sometimes harsh reality of Toronto’s working-class streets, these nine interrelated sketches are reflections of common folk and their journey towards a kind of sainthood in the culmination of a dream. Told from various perspectives, in clear and fast-paced prose that often dances with the poetic, each story is conveyed through an unfiltered lens of blunt realism imbued with imagery that evokes the common beauty of a working-class culture navigating the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of a willing and necessary diaspora. Steeped in a traditional world where the sanctity of the family and the beatitude of the Catholic Church, intermingle with the dark doorways of iniquity and the unforgiving weight of crosses to bear, these people face the emptiness and the absurdity and the bounty of life, with a jaundiced eye and an unbridled passion, offering no apologies and putting on no airs. Taken on their own, or as a part of the larger narrative, the stories befit a boisterous Sunday table filled with heaping plates of pasta, carafes of homemade wine, and the fullness of life unfolding.

Meet Vincent Oppedisano

The author has been writing for many years. Even as life has been happening and he’s been busy making other plans, he has always been writing. Now he has finally decided, not only to write, but to be a Writer. He is a proponent of great literature and recommends reading Hemingway, Celine, Kerouac, Eliot, Dostoyevsky, and as many works of the Western canon as a life of reading will allow. He believes, with unwavering conviction, that just like great music and great art, great literature is great for a reason and it should be read with voracious audacity; detractors and deconstructionists be damned. He currently lives outside of Toronto with his family and he writes.

American Guerrillas

James Stanton runs his San Francisco startup in style. After the New York based Brayton group acquires a majority stake in the startup, he comes into conflict with billionaire Edmund Brayton, the heir of Brayton group. As the conflict escalates, James is labeled as a fraud and kicked out of the startup. After a few years, James puts together a guerrilla army to battle with the Braytons. His guerrilla army goes around America and beyond, executing missions and pulling pranks that haunt and hurt the Brayton family members and the Brayton group companies.

Meet DS Kumar

DS Kumar’s novels are available on Amazon Kindle. American Guerrillas (2023) and American Rehabilitators (2023). Twitter:

The Friends We Make in the Psych Ward

The mental hospital can be a scary, uncertain place. However, the friends you meet there can stick with you for a lifetime When Zoey wakes up in the adolescent psych ward with no memory of how she got there, she struggles greatly to adjust to her new environment and interact with the other patients. Then she meets Melanie, a wild, sarcastic fireball of a girl whose antics regularly land her in the psych ward. As Zoey gets caught up in one of Melanie’s schemes, she finds out there’s more to her than meets the eye, leaving her haunted well into adulthood. The Friends We Make in the Psych Ward is a story that tackles themes of trauma, mental illness, friendship and resilience all told through the eyes of a relatable teenage girl.

Meet Grace Anderson

Grace Anderson is an up and coming indie author based out of Denver, Colorado. Her work centers around grief, mental health and all the emotional ups and downs that come with being human. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, thrift shopping and sipping chai at local coffee shops.

The Longest Spring

March 1916.

No Man’s Land, Northern France.

In darkness and torrential rain, Second Lieutenant Alex Ryan makes a terrible mistake.

To make matters worse, the only witness is the famous war hero, Captain Eden, who convinces Alex that unless they both lie about what happened, Alex will be shot for what he’s done.

Life in the trenches is brutal and death is never far away, but behind the lines, Alex finds solace with Odette, a beautiful farmer’s daughter. Eden disapproves and tension between the two officers grows. And there are rumours that Eden might not be the hero that he seems…

When a soldier’s life is threatened, after seeing something that could destroy Eden’s reputation, Alex knows he should intervene. But Eden knows his secret. So a choice must be made. One that will test Alex’s loyalty, his morality, and even his humanity.

Inspired by true events and the stories of 306 British soldiers who were shot for cowardice during the Great War, The Longest Spring is a poignant exploration of how even in the most extreme circumstances, we still love, grieve and seek validation from our peers.

If you loved Birdsong and All Quiet on the Western Front, then you’ll love The Longest Spring.

Meet P. D. Sherrard

P. D. Sherrard is a writer and an award-winning sculptor and photographer. He currently spends part of the time travelling around the world in a campervan and the other half in a house in Bristol, England, both with his partner, a toddler and a three-legged dog.

Nineteen Hundred Days

Twelve-year-old Ben panics when his parents don’t come home from work one day, while his timid six-year-old sister Lucy clings to him for support. Having been raised to believe that the police and Child Protective Services are considered the enemy, the children will do anything to avoid ending up in foster homes. Unfortunately, their incredible journey to evade the authorities brings them into contact with people who may not have their best interests at heart. The lessons Ben learns in his nineteen-hundred-day journey, as he tries to get his own life on track and protect the lives of others, serve to prepare him for what lies ahead.

Meet Florence Osmund

After a long career in the corporate world, Florence Osmund retired to write novels. “I strive to write literary fiction and endeavor to craft stories that challenge readers to survey their own beliefs and values,” Osmund states. In addition to her store of published novels, Florence wrote “How to Write, Publish, and Promote a Novel” which offers substantial advice for new and aspiring writers including how to begin the project, writing techniques, building an author platform, book promotion and more. Florence lives on a small tranquil lake in northern Illinois, where she continues to write novels and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.


BRILLIANT, YOUNG AND AMBITIOUS, Annika Tritzchler defies the norms of 1930s Berlin by pursuing medical training in a venue traditionally dominated by men. Facing contempt from her counterparts is minor compared to the massive upheaval in a city transitioning to dictatorship while brutally persecuting its enemies.

Annika’s career takes a decisive turn when, early in her psychiatric residency, she is expected to participate in applied eugenics- the roguish trend within Nazi medicine. Sterilizing patients deemed racially inferior and euthanizing the handicapped (including patients that she, herself, has been treating) works against everything she holds sacred. Acquiescence means choosing survival over morality, the antithesis to the spirituality nurtured by her Lutheran mother and Jewish stepfather.

Brimming with historical detail, Fräulein is less a story of Nazism than a woman’s attempt to rediscover meaning after her sense of self was shattered by unimaginable trauma. Recapturing identity is central, but only if she comes to terms with guilt.


“There’s so much to love about this novel. It’s a fantastic historical fiction piece that explores a full life heading into the Holocaust and even a bit afterwards, and I love the texture and established setting within the timeline most of all. Leonards’ knowledge of the war accents the plot and allows the gritty realism to feel that much more sound. Annika’s character is quite accessible and well rounded. Her growth from beginning to end is remarkable to witness.”
-Writer’s Digest

“Leonards successfully blends the horrific events of early 20th century Germany with the life story of Annika, whose search for meaning in life leads her into a career in medicine and beyond that into psychiatry and treatment of mental illness. The novel breathes life into many of the key issues of the era, including anti-Semitism, the mass hysteria of Fascism, and the totalitarian regime’s iconic institutions, the concentration camps and the euthanasia programs. Experiencing all of this, Annika tries valiantly to maintain her sanity as well as her sense of morality, and in describing her struggles Leonards has created one of the most unforgettable characters in modern literature.”
-Jack Morrison, Ph.D. Author of Ravensbrück: Everyday Life in a Women’s Concentration Camp 1939-45

“Amazing really what you have done… Ambitious and panoramic!”
-Charles Rotmil one of Maine’s few living survivors of the Holocaust

“Fraulein is a masterfully written, psychologically astute portrayal of a young woman living and practicing psychiatry in a country descending into political and moral insanity, a chaos that consumes its intelligentsia and decent people, and that threatens to consume her own integrity. Filled with lyrical, almost transcendental beauty, and etched depictions of evil, Fraulein is both a gripping story and an unforgettable lesson from history that the gift of a civilized society cannot be taken for granted, but must be nurtured at every turn – it is the only thing saving humanity from the abyss.”
-Jonathan Borkum, Ph.D. Psychologist and Author of Chronic Headaches: Biology, Psychology, and Behavioral Treatment

Your fictional character, Annika, sounds like my kind of person…”
-Tony Campolo, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Eastern University; public speaker; author of over 35 books; and former spiritual advisor to US President Bill Clinton.

They Called Me Margaret

Cozy mystery writer Margaret Manning’s world becomes engulfed in suspicion and fear when her husband seems to be mimicking the behavior of her book’s shadier characters.

Meet Florence Osmund

After a long career in the corporate world, Florence Osmund retired to write novels. “I strive to create stories that contain complex characters and thought-provoking plots that challenge readers to survey their own values,” Osmund states. She has published eight novels and currently lives on a small tranquil lake in northern Illinois, where she continues to write.

A Fisherman’s Dream (The Aryan Series: Book 1)

Aryan is a young man living in the coastal village of Kornur, India. He dreams of becoming an artist one day, but his dream comes to an abrupt end when his father passes away when he is only sixteen, and since then he has been condemned to live the mundane life of a fisherman. But fate gives him a chance to achieve his dream and he moves to Mumbai in the hope of becoming a successful artist. The story then follows Aryan’s life in Mumbai as a struggling artist, the new things he learns and experiences, and his quest for self-discovery. During his struggle, he strives to master a new style of painting in order to stand out and succeed. He perfects his broken Hindi and explores human nature by observing himself and the people around him. He ponders on the nature of power, the desperate need for lies, the craze and importance of cricket in India, and the cultural differences between a small village and a big city, and he explores the relationship between God and human charity. This is a coming-of-age story about perseverance and survival.

Meet Arthinkal

Arthinkal is a pseudonym for Jordan John Anthony, who was born in Mumbai, India. A Fisherman’s Dream is his debut novel. He also maintains a website on which he posts essays on subjects that interest him. Connect with him on: