Destiny of a Fable

At seventeen, Rylee Jenkins’s angered words killed her mother and brother, her visions couldn’t save them, and now this strange, newfound magic is prying apart her life. Rylee’s father wants to remember the man who almost killed him, and to understand why his wife drove them off the bridge. Rylee just wants to forget it and repair the relationship.

Two months after the deaths of her mother and brother, Rylee is forced to address her grief. When it brings down her barn hideaway in a sea of flame, she learns that her saviors knew her mother. From the mysterious boy, Drake Sullivan, and his sister, Mara, Rylee and her father learn that Rylee is a witch, and with her lineage and an heirloom locket, she can unlock something no one else can. But if she can’t unlock it in the few weeks time she has, the Fable world will be destroyed.

Deceit and faith battle for Rylee’s loyalty in her journey to discovering the truth behind her mother’s death, her family’s hunter, and her destiny. Only by finding the magic buried behind a spell can Rylee save those she loves and uncover the true enemies in her life.

Meet Ally Marie

Ally Marie was born in Georgia where she spent most of her younger years writing and singing. It wasn’t until college, moving to Tennessee, did she realize writing was her truest calling. Which is where she lives now with her husband, five dogs, and bird. She thinks of them as her saving grace. If she isn’t spending time with her fur babies, family or writing, she can be found with either a book or game controller in her hands. Destiny of a Fable is her debut novel.