Through the Psyche of Ambrosia

Raised by his Mothers on the principles of the Goddess, but not one to believe, Ambrosia longs for the day when he can free himself of faith completely. Rituals of invocation, tales of reincarnation, dimensional coalescence, spirits and the astral plane… he never felt or saw anything during these teachings, and certainly nothing that he would consider proof of the lore, which brought him to the logical conclusion that there is truly nothing else out there–merely works of fiction. Yet all things change when Mona, a family friend he’s never met before, offers to grant his wish and take him far away from there. It’s only after arriving in the strange new place and leaving his one true home behind, that he is made to open his eyes. Either magic exists and the myths are real, or he’s lost his mind completely. It all starts with a girl and a dream…

Meet Byron Fortin

Byron Fortin is a North American author of fantasy, suspense, and supernatural fiction. His background consists of studies in classical literature, theatre, and romantic poetry. Byron also holds degrees in both healthcare and electronic engineering, with a great interest in the future of alternative energies and a passion for the natural sciences. In 2012 he received the Diamond Century of Service Challenge Award for volunteer services.

The Cursebound Thief

Six of Crows meets Heist Society in this new young adult fantasy series. The world wants a hero. The curse needs a thief. The party of the decade stands between Jerek Holden and saving the people he would do anything to protect. After twelve years, he’s finally found a way to break the curse that ripped all magic from the world and destroyed the peace that took generations to build. All he needs is one, simple artifact. But he can’t steal the heliostone alone. A girl with a soul of fire. A vampire bound by a vow. A werewolf bent on revenge. A knight torn between honor and duty. A hacker to keep them all alive. The fate of magic lies in their hands―if they can survive long enough to pull off the heist of the century.

Meet Megan O’Russell

The Cursebound Thief will be released on September 20th. I am running a special right now allowing readers who preorder to sign up to receive extra swag including character cards, signed book plates, and a map of the primary heist location. Readers can sign up for their swag by following this link:

Reincarnation of the Morrigan Complete Series Boxed Set

What’s a girl to do when she finds out she has a great destiny?

Reject it, of course.

Angelica Morgan doesn’t have a clue what fate has in store for her. She’s about to find out!

Grab this 9-book complete series boxed set to join her on this urban fantasy adventure!

The world is on its second pandemic in a decade and EMT Angelica Morgan is burned out.

An old boyfriend, and surprise her new boss, puts her on administrative leave. Believing tea and cookies are a good solution, Angelica heads to her grandmothers.

Can the world get weirder? Yes, yes it can.

What Angelica learns sends her careening down an entirely new path.

One she isn’t even sure she wants no matter how much she desires to help humanity.

Angelica realizes the advantages.

But will she live to make use of them?

Included in this boxed set:

  • Birth of a Goddess
  • The Way of Wisdom
  • Angelic Death
  • A Cold War
  • A Battle Tune
  • Broken Ice
  • A Torn Veil
  • Sins of the Past
  • The Wild Hunt Comes

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Rogue Agents of Magic Complete Series Boxed Set

Who do you call when magical trouble threatens?

The Feds used to call on Diana Scheen and her team of agents.

What happens when the Feds they trusted no longer trust them?

Pick up this complete 8-book action-packed, urban fantasy series to continue the story from Federal Agents of Magic in the Oriceran Universe. 

Diana Sheen and her team have been the Feds go-to Agents when magical trouble threatens.

Their ongoing mission to collect dangerous Rhazdon Artifacts is more important than ever.

Enemies don’t stand a chance. Cutting-edge technology, honed magical skills and artifact weapons gave them an advantage.

But what happens when the Feds they trusted no longer trust them?

Diana, Rath the troll, Cara, Bryant, and the rest of the team will have to turn to the allies they’ve made on their missions. Ruby Achera arrives from Magic City. Diana even reaches out to Nylotte, the Drow mentor. But is she far more than she seems?

Can any of it be enough when the foundations you counted on have turned on you? Only time will tell if the skills Diana learned from her old mentors help her escape and then – fight back.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue, join Diana, Rath, and the rest on their new adventure!

Books included in this boxed set:

  • Rogue Ops
  • Rogue Agents on the Run
  • Rogue Rescue
  • Rogue Retribution
  • Rogue Agents on the Hunt
  • Rogue Rampage
  • Rogue Agents Unbroken
  • Rogue Victory

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The Fable Ferrets

The Fable Ferrets Birth of Magic is the first book of the series which will introduce you our furry friends as how their adventure in a world of Magic where only animals live begins… One day our group of friends were having a normal fun day until something unexpected happens. Follow this series of illustrated books, on this exciting adventure into the unknown, what will they find and what the future holds for them.

Meet Eric Wolf

We are the duo behind The Fable Ferrets, as Eric Wolf 29 years old, writer and responsible for the marketing of the book and Noah Wolf 22 years old illustrator and also writer of this project, as it means a lot to us, since that we started as friends and now thanks to it we are much more then that, not just that, life hasn’t been easy for any of us, since jobs are getting harder and harder to get, we had to find a way to succeed in something we always valued, as could give us income for us to start our life’s together, since we are two people grateful for what entertainment gave us, we wanted to make possible for us to help this time for a change, so welcome to The Fable Ferrets universe and please leave us a review, because we hope we can grow as writers with all of you by our side.

Mary of the Aether

Fourteen-year-old Mary Lanham lives an unremarkable life in the tiny town of Chesset, Arkansas, enduring unhappy days at school and lonely evenings in her hilltop home. She has few friends and a hopeless crush on a boy she’s never spoken to. But everything is about to change. When the stranger in the long, gray cloak creeps out of the forest, a centuries-old mystery begins to unfold. Suddenly, Mary’s life is turned upside down. As the danger grows, she learns the magical secrets of her family’s past and discovers her true destiny, a destiny far greater and more terrifying than anything she could have imagined.

Meet Jeffrey Aaron Miller

Jeffrey Aaron Miller is a full-time writer of fiction, nonfiction, and everything in between. He held a wide variety of jobs over the years–social worker, bus driver, postal carrier, pastor, tire salesman–before finally embarking on his writing career. He lives with his wife and children in Northwest Arkansas.

Of Blood & Love: novella 1

In Novella 1 (of 35) . . . living a lonely life upon the secluded Kush Mountains, master sworldslinger and last Soothsayer Banzu Greenlief is draw into conflict with the demonic Enclave intent on ruling the world through aizakai slaughter by reassembling the infamous Dominator’s Armor that will make of their chosen Khan a living god.

Meet Adron Smitley

Author of the award-winning and best-selling fantasy Soothsayer Series, as well as the critically acclaimed Punching Babies teaching guide for writers.

Marked Wolf Tarot

Nova doesn’t live a good life. No family, no magic, and definitely no love.
But that all changes when she meets him and discovers his secret talent behind closed doors.

When their two worlds collide, they discover that no matter what anybody says, they are fated to be together. Their romance is written in the stars, and the primal love they share is sealed the first time he . . . heals her.

Since she was ten, her criminal father brought her into a life of theft. Every job gets them by for a little while, but their new one? It has the potential to bring them a bounty like they’ve never seen.

The Moon Diamond is said to possess magical powers, but it’s guarded by a security system unlike any other. So, Nova might be the only person who can crack it and get her hands on that diamond. After all, there’s never been a system she couldn’t break into before.

But when the mark of the Tarot’s Fool appears on her wrist, things are set into motion that can’t be undone.

Sent to an academy where she faces a love triangle between a vampire and a wolf, this steamy, fast-burn romance is enough to make a girl’s head spin.

Oh, and that mark?

It’s a sign of the next Moon Goddess—which hasn’t happened in a hundred years.

Two wolf shifters. A forbidden romance that’s meant to be. A vampire and a wolf fighting for her affection.

And she’s still supposed to save the world?

There’s not enough magic in the world to piece her back together, but her wolf in shining armor is damned sure going to try.

Meet Luna Starling

Luna Starling is an award-winning and bestselling author. Her debut novel was #1 in 12 categories on Amazon during its initial release, including in the Free Kindle Store and in new release categories. It also earned seven book awards, including the First Place in Humorous from The Bookfest, Finalist in the Book Excellence Awards in Romance, Winner in the Winter Pinnacle Book Awards in Romance, and the First Place in Romance from The Royal Dragonfly Book Awards. Her novel received ten glowing editorial reviews, including five-star reviews, and was recommended by the US Review of Books and featured by Midwest Book Review.

Her second novel was #1 in 6 categories on Amazon in the Free Kindle Store during its initial release.

Her writing has been accepted in an anthology and in multiple magazines in the US and U.K.

Luna has a background in dance, piano, and art. She loves cooking and being outdoors. She’s an avid reader of all genres of romance and loves interacting with readers on social media. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, she now calls Boston home.

Ellery’s Magic Bicycle

A touching picture book about a remarkable childhood bond between a little girl and her magic bicycle, perfect for children ages 4 to 7 and for fans of The Giving Tree.

Inspired by the author’s own childhood adventures, this heartfelt story will take readers on a whimsical journey through Ellery’s childhood with her magical bicycle in tow. Ellery and her bicycle share many wonderful new experiences together; lonely yet curious Ellery finds adventure, love, and friendship, as well as weathering sorrow and loss.

When she grows up, Ellery starts to forget her special bond with the bicycle. Will Ellery remember what’s important before it’s too late and the magical bike is lost forever?

A story of redemption, Ellery’s struggles, hopes, and triumph serve as an uplifting reminder to parents of their childhood bonds. Young readers will grow to love Ellery’s strong, kind, and compassionate spirit, and will see their own cherished bicycle in a new light.

  • A heartfelt and emotionally powerful read-aloud book
  • Books for kids ages 4 and up
  • Picture books for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students.

Praise for Ellery’s Magic Bicycle:

★ ” A fantasy grounded in real life with a gentle message about loyal friendship.” –– Kirkus Reviews 
★ “An uplifting picture book in which a girl forms a magical friendship that lasts throughout the years.” –– Foreward Reviews ★
★ “A sweet tale about honoring the best of your past that young readers should enjoy.” –– Blue Ink Reviews ★

Meet Maria Monte

Maria Monte writes beautifully sweet, heart-warming, and fun stories that teach little ones great values, such as kindness and love. Her spare time is divided between family, caring for her young son, and writing children’s books. A native of Melbourne, Australia, Maria enjoys mochas, watching comedies, and losing herself in wiki rabbit holes.

Shattered Souls

Blaine thought being a hero meant saving lives, having bards write songs about his great deeds, and resting easy at night knowing he had made the world a better place. Not being chased across the continent by a monster from another world. A monster he watched crawl out of a portal in his dreams. With the Shard hunting him and his friends, Blaine must go searching for answers on how to defeat the creature. Will Blaine and his friends prevail, or will the Shard continue its rampage? Shattered Souls is the action-packed introduction to a YA epic fantasy trilogy featuring tropes such as the chosen ones, found family, hidden truths, and unique magical creatures.

Meet Emily Huffman

Emily Huffman is the author of The Shattered Trilogy, an epic fantasy series releasing beginning in March 2022. Before becoming an author, she worked in fraud—but now she leaves stopping the bad guys to her characters. If she’s not writing, you might find her cosplaying at various conventions, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or playing video games/board games! Learn more and visit her website at