The Lightworkers

MYSTERY AND MURDER ENSUE WHEN THE CARNIVAL COMES TO TOWN. Thea’s entire life has been a lie. As high school graduation nears, she yearns for a purpose… and for a family, but on the outskirts of town, along the streets Thea’s long avoided, an evil force lurks, hunting her. After one reckless night out, Thea awakens in a dark, dirty pit to the sounds of chanting and screaming. A narrow escape throws her into a hidden world of magic and danger. She finds herself in-between two opposing factions and learns she’s a vital key in an endangered lineage of energy witches tasked with protecting all earth’s existence. Now she must relearn everything: who she is, where she comes from, and how to use the pulsing magic that’s always run through her veins. But time is running out. When a loved one vanishes, Thea must act fast. The evil will stop at nothing to get what it desires, and Thea can’t risk losing anyone else. *Books 1 & 2 available now!*

Meet Elie James Wile

Elie James Wile explores the magic of the cosmos through her fiction and nonfiction writing. Mixing reality with possibility, her stories dive into the heart of humanity, question authority, and face life-altering consequences. Elie’s books include the Carnival of Chaos series, a young adult urban fantasy series featuring the magical Thea deLaRue; the USA Today bestselling contemporary “glam-romance” series, The Lust List (written as Mira Bailee alongside Nova Raines); and a children’s picture book, And Love Speaks (written as JL Blair) that brings honesty and understanding to the impact of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. She calls the Louisiana bayou her home. Learn more about Elie James Wile and her novels at

Lost in Fantasia

When virtual reality takes over, it’s hard to tell the difference between what is real and what is a part of a game. Having all memories of life before The Game erased, Tack’s experience is altered when a glitch infiltrates her world. After her partner disappears, infected by the glitch, she is forced to find answers to the mysterious Game malfunction to determine if he is alive. Her home, partner, and game are seemingly destroyed. Glitched herself, Tack embarks on an adventure to unfamiliar and new worlds, including the largest Fantasy role-playing game, Fantasia. However, this glitch isn’t like anything else the Gaming world has experienced. With no one respawning and the Game’s Production team in a communication blackout, the lines between what is virtual and what is real are blurred even further. If Tack can’t stop the glitch, she risks more than just losing her partner forever—everything she knows and loves might disappear. “A surprising and engaging Lit-RPG adventure set in a future where gaming was so evolved (or decadent, depending on your point of view) that humans were employed as avatars… kept me involved in both the game world and the mystery.” —Readers’ Favorite

Meet Chelsea Caslie

Chelsea Caslie is an author, reader, and avid video game player who incorporated all of her passions into one project. A perfect day is when she plays video games with her dog next to her. When it comes to video games the longer and more immersive the better and you’d probably find her playing the same games as the main characters from her debut trilogy. Chelsea was born and raised in California and calls the Bay Area her home with her family and dog. The Fantasia Series is a Sci-fi and Fantasy trilogy composed of Lost in Fantasia, Fatal Reset, and A Broken Game.

Wounded Wisteria

Cleo is a spirit suffering from her own destructive thoughts. Yearning for something to feed her hunger, she stumbles across those who are detrimental to her. The Great Peet’s influence is no different. When he asks, ”Why is it you feel you have no choice?” she is quick to reply: ”I hear your touch and feel your voice.” When the story continues in the eyes of Peet, we meet the alluring Violet, for whom his love flourishes. Drawn to Violet’s grace, yet pulled by Cleo’s heartache, Peet grapples between purity and substance. Presented entirely in verse, each character in Wounded Wisteria embodies a different earthly element, while the story becomes a study of the power of perspective, and a testament to the youthful essence of craving and vulnerability inside the heart of us all.

Meet Maithy Vu

Vietnamese American writer of surrealism and poetry

Even More Ghostly Mysteries: Haunted Everly After Books 1-3 (The Haunted Everly After Collection Book 1)

Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, sometimes they believe in you… When Everly Dupree found her husband in bed with her best friend, for a split second, she wanted to murder them both! Instead, she doused them with a bucket of cold water and then packed up and moved back home to the small, quirky town of Mooselick River. For the ridiculously low amount owed in back taxes, Everly purchases a house, sight unseen, only to discover everyone in town believes it’s haunted! But after a run-in with spiritual enthusiast Leandra Wade, it turns out the ghosts aren’t interested in Spooky Manor after all, but it’s new owner. Now, Everly is tasked with solving every murder, new and old, that happens in Mooselick River. Otherwise, she’s going to end up being haunted Everly after! If you like plucky heroines, lovable characters, and ghost mysteries set in Maine, you’ll love this cozy, paranormal series. Includes: Book 1. Ghost Mortem Book 2. Bargain Haunter Book 3. Christmas Presence

Meet ReGina Welling & Erin Lynn

ReGina Welling and Erin Lynn are a mother-daughter writing team. Together, they have penned four series, The Fate Weaver series, the Ponderosa Pines Cozy Mysteries, the Mag & Clara Balefire Mysteries, and the Haunted Everly After Mysteries. ReGina is also the author of the Psychic Seasons books and Earthbound series. They live in rural Maine.

Murder Above the Fold (Elder Witch Mysteries – Book #1)

*Books 2-5 in series on sale for $3.99 until 8/15/2023. New town…new start…same old problems. When sister witches Mag and Clara Balefire moved to the sleepy town of Harmony, Maine, to take over leadership of the coven there, they thought they’d have achance at a new life. Fate had other plans. The Balefires hardly have time to get unpacked when they stumble over a dead body. Local authorities consider the death an open and shut case, but Mag and Clara refuse to let the ruling of accidental death stand—not when they’re positive it was murder. As they dig deeper, secrets begin to surface, and the sisters begin to suspect some of the townsfolk aren’t as innocent as they appear. When they discover the killer might be someone close to the victim, they don’t know who to trust. As if that’s not enough, the local coven expects them to bring their cantankerous, ancient leader to heel, and she’s having none of it. Between solving two murders and keeping a mischievous, elderly witch with power to spare from wreaking havoc, moving to a small town isn’t quite what the Balefire sisters bargained for. If you like a fun paranormal mystery with a heaping dollop of sarcasm and wit, you’ll love this humorous, magical story full of chaos and intrigue.

Meet ReGina Welling & Erin Lynn

ReGina Welling and Erin Lynn are a mother-daughter writing team. Together, they have penned four series, The Fate Weaver series, the Ponderosa Pines Cozy Mysteries, the Mag & Clara Balefire Mysteries, and the Haunted Everly After Mysteries. ReGina is also the author of the Psychic Seasons books and Earthbound series. They live in rural Maine.

The Portal House

When two twelve-year olds, Lizzie and Johnny, explore the local haunted house, they don’t discover your traditional ghosts. Instead, they find a house with a mind of its own and portals that can take them to other places across the world. Sure it’s nice getting a little free sightseeing in at Times Square in New York City or at Notre Dame in Paris, France, but the House isn’t the only thing with magic. There are witches and warlocks and even ridiculous talking statues to contend with and the kids are even able to learn a little magic of their own.
But where there are good people, there are also evil ones and this happens even in the world of magic. An evil warlock wants that portal house and he knows Lizzie and Johnny are the key. So now it’s up to all their new friends and every bit of magic they’ve learned to keep the kids safe. Will it be enough though?

Meet Kelsey Ruud

Kelsey has a scientific background but likes to leave reality and write fantasy fiction. There’s something intriguing about leaving the laboratory and upsetting everything with a little magic. She is a relatively new author with both a children’s and adult urban fantasy series. Check out her webpage at for the latest info about her books and to see her book review blog.

The Speaker Trilogy Book 1 The Persuader

New Synopsis for The Speaker Trilogy Book 1 The Persuader

The Speaker Trilogy Book 1 The Persuader Synopsis. Soon after the Universe was created there was the End Time Scrolls. These Scrolls prophesied that there would be three sons at the turn of the 21st Century left unchecked could destroy the world.

The End Time Scrolls also prophesize after disasters like earthquakes and dictators. Thus, the Brotherhood is tasked with stopping what is prophesied in the End Time Scrolls from happening. The main protagonist of the story James Emmanuel is one of the boys prophesied by the End Time Scrolls. James has the magical ability to influence the world through him by magical speech. The Brotherhood has had a bloody dynasty and is currently ruled by Grand Master Jauffere Richards.

There is a coup within the Brotherhood as less and less people within the Brotherhood think Jauffere is a worthy Grand-master, and do not believe that his son Martin, who is incompetent is a fit ruler. Under Jauffere’s rule the Brotherhood tries to kill James Emmanuel as a baby, one of the sons mentioned in the End Time Scrolls. James emerges 13 years later to combat the Brotherhood. In the end who will become leader of the Brotherhood and who will win between the war of the Brotherhood and James’s forces and power.

Meet James Palfi

My name is James Palfi and started Creative Writing in School and loved it. Since then, I have written multiple books across science fiction, fantasy and nonfiction. I am an avid reader, and this has helped with my writing. I have written over 10 books

I have a fast-paced writing style focusing on character development. I have also edited my book as well. A lot of my books there is progression for them to become series. In general series-based books do better than individual books. My books have original ideas whether it be the inspiration from Dante’s Inferno to write my book Hall of The Dead, or The Greek Realms and myths for my book Gods Vs Men Book 1 The Resurrection.

Devastation: Dark Forest Dryad, Book 1

I cast a spell in the forest to make my boss love me… or else leave me the hell alone. I was crushing big time on Cardew Bishop, my boss, even though he was the world’s biggest bully. With Gran’s help, I designed the spell and went to the forest to do it. Gran had connections to the woodland tree spirits – so she claimed. Cardew was also the owner’s son, and king of the garden centre. His family made its money by destroying the environment, so it was easy to hate him… even though he was annoyingly handsome. But when my best friend and I learned his company – the one I work for – was going to cut down the town’s 1000-year-old forest for a big engineering project, we were determined to make a stand. That made Cardew Bishop my enemy, and my all-consuming attraction to him was difficult to separate from my hatred of everything he and his family stood for. But I still wanted him. More than ever.

Meet Sapphire Lebesque

Sapphire Lebesque dwells on Cloud Nine on the liminal fault line where mortal and magic worlds collide. She wanders to and fro, seeking out stories of troubled rulers, scorned princesses and maligned queens. Oftentimes, she dons the guise of one to capture their deepest secrets. Sapphire is timeless, mayhap eternal, like the fae kingdoms she frequents, scribing the lives and loves of their heroes and heroines.

Squid Season

Come aboard the ship of early adulthood in this offbeat, magical tale.

Meet Maithy Vu

Hi there! I am thrilled to tell you about my debut novel, Squid Season. This story is dedicated to the dreamers and doers—the ones who dare to venture outside of what they’ve known. It’s the quarter-life crisis expressed in rhyme, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. If Squid Season makes an impact on you, please take a moment to review it on Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, or any other platforms. Thank you for taking an interest in my work. May this book fill your mind with wonder and your heart with hope.