Decision Making in Employee Compensation Management

Written by an experienced Compensation and Benefits Professional, this book aims to introduce the reader to key principles of employee compensation management from a compensation professional’s viewpoint and the thought process behind the decisions made in the process. The endeavor here is to help the reader embrace the subtleties of this eclectic subject, and pique the interest levels through a practical exposition of the way it actually pans out in the corporate world. This book would be of immense help to early stage Compensation professionals and Management students. This would also be of interest to Human Resource Professionals who want to understand the nuances and the basic thought processes governing this important area.

Meet Ravishankar Duvvuri

My name is Ravishankar Duvvuri. You can call me Ravi. I am a reading and writing enthusiast. I blog/write about my areas of expertise which include Human Resources, Compensation and Benefits and Chess. I give wings to my imagination in the form of Short Stories and poetry. All my writ is always original in terms of thought. I don’t believe in rehashing existing thoughts or literature as my work. I have some projects of interest currently in the making. I have a corporate experience as a Human Resource Professional, which i gained post my MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai, which is a reputed management institute in India. Currently i am working with ManipalCigna Health Insurance, a company which i am in love with. I have also had some stints with companies like Damco (Maersk Group) , Xerox, Bharti Airtel and Essar Group. My core strength is incubating centers of excellence. I have also gained a lot of understanding about entrepreneurial spirit and other aspects of HR through my esteemed colleagues, past and present, and my daily lenghty discussions and debates with my better half. I have also worked in Indian Railways for around 2.5 years and have some family business understanding. I have had an entrepreneurial stint as a full time Options Trader. Chess is my passion and if i am not at work, you would mostly find me playing blitz on chess sites. I am a Candidate Master, a title awarded by the International Chess Federation, FIDE. I have an ambition to achieve higher titles at some stage of my life. Chess has given me some of the most beautiful moments of my life. I have made good friends, have traveled extensively and have learnt from the association with refined minds. I believe in the concept of a bucket list to be ticked off, with some easy and some not so easy targets. Writing a book was one of the easiest i had assumed, though the discipline required to bring a closure is immense. I am forever grateful to all the people who have valued me and shared their time, knowledge and experiences. Eveything i am today is because of this all rounded support.