Subconscious Mind: Master Your Subconscious and Achieve Happiness & Success

Available for FREE on 24th, 25th and 26th February, 2024 Finally, a proven guide to unravel the mysteries of your subconscious mind, paving the way for unparalleled happiness and success in every aspect of your life. Subconscious Mind: Master Your Subconscious and Achieve Happiness & Success Unlocking the Hidden Power Within: Master Your Subconscious Mind and Achieve Happiness & Success Ever felt like there’s a hidden power within you, just waiting to be tapped into? Dive deep, and you might be astounded at what you find. Imagine a vast, untapped reservoir of power within you, holding the keys to success, happiness, and a life beyond your wildest dreams. This isn’t some mystical fantasy; it’s the reality of the subconscious mind, a potent force influencing our thoughts, emotions, and ultimately, our destiny. Introducing “Subconscious Mind: Master Your Subconscious and Achieve Happiness & Success,” your definitive guide to unlocking this hidden potential and shaping your life with conscious intent. This book is more than just a self-help guide; it’s a transformative journey. You’ll delve into the fascinating world of the subconscious, understanding its secrets and learning how to tap into its immense power. Within these pages, you’ll discover: Achieve Lasting Happiness: Discover actionable steps to rewire your thoughts, paving the way for genuine happiness in every facet of life. Success Blueprint: Harness the subconscious to craft a clear path towards your goals, ensuring every step taken is in alignment with your true desires. The Science of the Subconscious: Unveiling the biological and psychological mechanisms that drive our subconscious programming. The Power of Belief: Understanding how subconscious beliefs shape our reality and learning to rewrite limiting narratives for empowering ones. Harnessing the Law of Attraction: Mastering the art of attracting your d esires through positive thoughts and intention setting. Visualization Techniques that Work: Cultivating the power of visualization to program your subconscious mind for success. Breaking Free from Negative Patterns: Releasing limiting beliefs and emotional baggage that hold you back from your full potential. Developing a Growth Mindset: Fostering a mindset of continuous learning and self-improvement, allowing you to embrace challenges and reach new heights. Practices for Building Inner Peace: Cultivating mindfulness and emotional resilience to navigate life’s ups and downs with grace. Holistic Well-being: Achieve a harmonious balance between mind, body, and spirit, fostering holistic well-being and a renewed zest for life. Grab your copy of “Subconscious Mind” now and unlock the secrets that await within!

Meet Shaun Oliver

Shaun Oliver, the luminary force behind Self Help Powers, brings over 15 years of dedicated immersion in exploring the profound depths of spiritual psychodynamics. His journey, marked by extensive study and deep introspection, led Shaun to amass a wealth of wisdom—a mosaic of insights drawn from the timeless teachings of diverse cultures and spiritual philosophies. Shaun Oliver’s commitment to empowering individuals culminated in the creation of—a digital haven fostering personal growth, self-discovery, and empowerment. This book stands as a testament to his mission: empowering individuals worldwide to unlock their potential and lead fulfilling lives. You can connect with Shaun: [email protected]

The Magical Journey to Abundance and Financial Freedom: From Scarcity to Spiritual Millionaire

“The Magical Journey to Abundance and Financial Freedom”
From Scarcity to Spiritual Millionaire

offers a refreshing perspective on how to achieve financial abundance while also living a fulfilling and purposeful life. The author’s personal experiences and insights, combined with practical exercises and inspiring stories, make this book a valuable resource for anyone who wants to use the law of vibration to achieve their goals and manifest their desires into physical reality.

The law of vibration states that everything in the universe is made up of energy, and that energy vibrates at different frequencies. According to the law, if you can align your thoughts, emotions, and actions with the frequency of what you desire, you can manifest it into your reality.
The author begins by describing her struggles with money and the limitations she placed on herself. She then shares how she discovered the law of vibration and started to apply it in her life.

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Meet Sonja Smiciklas

About the author:

Sonja Smiciklas is the founder and editor-in-chief of Cleopatra, a motivational magazine. She is also a graphic designer, author of motivational books, and a businesswoman. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics.

Sonja Smiciklas is highly motivated and focused on personal development. She maintains a positive attitude, practices auto-suggestion, and cultivates a success mindset and habits that consistently generate new motivation.

Furthermore, Sonja Smiciklas is committed to making positive changes in her life and strives to help others in their journey of transformation.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be.”

By combining thoughts with a strong mental state of awareness, one can develop a “charismatic” strength that attracts other complementary or relevant thoughts from the waves of ether. When executed appropriately, every plan, idea, thought, or purpose adds fuel to the fire of success.

Sonja Smiciklas embraces a state of gratitude for everything that unfolds in her life.

Essential Affirmations For, Empowering Black Women

Do you want to discover life-changing affirmation steps to follow that can help make your dreams become a reality through taking action? Then keep reading.

Would you like to know how to make the law of attraction work for you and how you can become a successful black woman winning at your own pace?

Whenever you feel alone or in doubt, remember that there have been many others in your shoes. In this book, you will receive insight into overcoming challenges, sharpening your mind, and making your success a reality.

Get to answer the simple questions that will help put meaning to your life and use the tips in this book to help you with empowerment, self-care, self-compassion and self-love.

In Essential Affirmations for Empowering Black Women, you will discover:

  • The genuine approach you can take to build your strength in the midst of anxiety and stress
  • How to effectively practice positive gratitude and overcome deeply rooted limiting beliefs
  • Gain quality knowledge on how to boost a healthy body and mindset
  • Get to recognize the simple fulfilling strategies to sleep and how to benefit from them correctly
  • Surprising advice from Mae Jemison on never limiting yourself
  • 7 excellent tips on how to increase your confidence with ease
  • Discover uncomplicated habits that attract happiness and motivation and create an atmosphere for success in your daily life or business life
  • Learn how to avoid self-sabotage and explore new techniques on how to stay true to your authentic self
  • Discover the strategies that can guide you through healing, self-esteem, and growth
  • Learn the powerful steps that can impact your life in a positive way to change the way you view the world.
  • And much, much more!

You can confidently start this journey now, no matter what stage you are in your life, even if you are a student, corporate executive, stay-at-home parent, or a badass entrepreneur. The information and practices in Essential Affirmations For Empowering Black Women are designed to help you reach the best version of yourself with positive self-awareness that will lead to a new transformation.

Imagine how you will feel being empowered by learning how to be successful, hack your mind to positivity, gain confidence, build daily rituals, reduce anxiety, and live a meaningful life.

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Meet Zena Williams

Zena Williams is a passionate author who focuses on writing about personal development, self-care, and health and wellness.

In her books, Zena shares the timeless wisdom she learned early on and wants to help others reach their full potential. She shares clear and concise actionable steps, impactful strategies, and simple ways to help you become courageous, compassionate, and fulfilled.

When Zena is not on her mission to help others, she enjoys writing, photography, hiking, and long walks.

A Millennials Guide to Surviving Your 20s

A Millennials Guide to surviving your 20s is a revitalizing self-help book that navigates through some of life’s most challenges experiences one might discover on the path of young adulthood.

In this authentic guide to surviving your 20s Shay Carroll Shares 40 chapters of hilariously inspiring stories, real life lessons and general advice to help you:

  • Break through limiting and old beliefs systems
  • Gain power and control over your life
  • Gain a better understanding of what adulting means
  • And most importantly help you to finally start living life for you

Meet Shay Carroll

Shay Carroll is an author of self development books for both adults and young teens. Shay has spent several years as a youth counselor helping troubled teens transform their lives. She was born in Philadelphia, PA and has spent most of her life between the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas. When not writing Shay can be found baking, browsing the local book store, thrifting, and being a mother to her super smart and highly spirited 6 year old son.