City of Spirits

Paranormal investigator Wyatt Thomas deals with murder, spirits of the night, and a forbidden love triangle

It’s Mardi Gras in the Big Easy, an escaped killer on the loose, and a sunken boat in the shipping channel preventing cruise ships from entering or leaving the city. Wyatt’s rich new client wants him to prove he isn’t a passeblanc—a person of black heritage passing as white. Wyatt becomes enamored with his client’s beautiful daughter, a conflict of interest that threatens to get him killed. Oh, and N.O.P.D. Homicide detective Tony Nicosia is having a torrid affair with the daughter of his best friend.

Meet Eric Wilder

Growing up during steamy Louisiana summers, Eric Wilder would sit in the backyard at night beneath a giant pecan tree listening to his grandmother’s tales of ghosts, magic, and voodoo. The author of thirteen novels and many short stories, he loves reading and writing supernatural thrillers, and paranormal mysteries. He lives in Oklahoma near historic Route 66 with wife Marilyn, two wonderful dogs, and one great cat.