The Only ChatGPT Book You Will Ever Need: Making Money Online has Become so EASY

How to become a ChatGPT expert in 1 week so you can make money online even if you are not tech-savvy.

This comprehensive and engaging guide demystifies the world of ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model, and reveals how you can leverage its capabilities to establish and grow your online presence. Packed with insider tips, real-life success stories, and step-by-step instructions, this book is designed to empower beginners and experienced users alike to unlock the full potential of ChatGPT in their online ventures.

Inside this groundbreaking book, you’ll discover:

• A thorough introduction to ChatGPT and its practical applications in the online world.
• The best sites, add-ins, and external apps you can use with ChatGPT.
• Proven strategies for integrating ChatGPT into your existing online businesses or starting new, profitable ventures from scratch.
• Insightful case studies that showcase the power of ChatGPT in various industries, including content creation, social media management, affiliate marketing, and customer service.
• In-depth tutorials on using ChatGPT to create high-quality, engaging, and optimized content to drive traffic and increase conversions.
• Expert advice on how to do prompt engineering on your own and never be dependent on external resources anymore.
• And so much more!


• 250+ Prompts to Go Even Further in Your GPT Utilization
• A Cheat Sheet with all the Useful AI Websites I Use
• How to Bypass AI Detection
• A Tutorial on the AutoGPT Installation
• And so Much More!

“The Only ChatGPT Book You Will Ever Need” is a must-have resource for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive world of making money online. With this book as your guide, you’ll be well-equipped to harness the incredible capabilities of ChatGPT and watch your online income soar! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your approach to online entrepreneurship.

Grab your copy today and start making money online the EASY way!

Meet Mike Adams

Michael Adams is a multi-talented professional known for his expertise in finance, technology, and writing. He is based in Manhattan and has established himself as a go-to expert for anyone looking to improve their financial knowledge or explore new opportunities at the intersection of finance and technology. His book on ChatGPT is a must-have resource for anyone wanting to become proficient with AI, make money with ChatGPT, or learn how to incorporate innovative technologies into their work.

Although his background lies in engineering and finance, Michael’s interests extend beyond these fields. He loves exploring the vibrant culture of New York, indulging in gourmet cuisine, cycling around town, and spending quality time with his family. However, it’s his passion for technology that sets him apart. Michael firmly believes that the future belongs to those who can harness the power of technology and use it to create innovative solutions that benefit society as a whole.
His book on AI is an essential resource because it provides valuable guidance on how people can leverage AI to improve their lives and make money in innovative ways. Whether you run your own business or work for someone else, there are plenty of ways that you can leverage chatbots like ChatGPT to reduce your workload or automate routine tasks. For example, you could use ChatGPT as a personal assistant to help schedule appointments or draft emails quickly.
Nonetheless, this is just scratching the surface of what’s possible with ChatGPT. By diving deeper into Michael’s book, readers can discover new strategies that enable them to tap into the full potential of these technologies for both personal and professional use cases.
One key area where Michael’s book shines is its focus on highlighting case studies from real-world experiences implementing AI. By reading about these examples from other industries across many verticals you will harness durable knowledge.
This book is a must-have resource for entrepreneurs looking to stay ahead of the curve in their business ventures or young professionals and students who want to pursue careers in the tech industry. It provides a comprehensive overview of AI concepts and techniques while providing practical tips on how to implement them in real-world scenarios. This is not limited to those with a financial background either – AI technologies, specifically chatbots like ChatGPT can be highly useful across all industries.
Furthermore, Michael’s book isn’t just geared towards individuals looking to tap into the full potential of AI – it’s also useful to companies themselves. For example, the book explains how companies can leverage chatbots like ChatGPT for customer service purposes, reducing response times and enhancing user experience through instant solutions. Improving this experience leads to loyal customers who will likely return as customers over time.  

Commercial Real Estate for Beginners: How to Get Rich in 5 Simple Steps

If you’ve always wanted to make money through Real Estate but didn’t know where to start then keep reading…

Are you sick and tired of not being financially independent? Have you tried countless other solutions but nothing seems to work? Do you finally want to say goodbye to the fear of starting out and discover something which works for you?

If so, then this book is for you. You see, making passive income and getting rich doesn’t have to be difficult. Even if you’ve already tried other investments and it didn’t work as you wanted, with Commercial Real Estate for Beginners, you will achieve what you want.

Amazon Best-selling author, Mike Adams provides you with a step-by-step blueprint to Getting rich in Commercial Real Estate without having to invest a large sum of money initially.
Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover:

• How to get rich with Real Estate

• Secrets to Commercial Real Estate without having a lot of money

• The biggest mistake people make in Investing in a new property

• The best tips to help you on your investing journey

• …and so much more!

Take a second to imagine how you’ll feel once you get enough passive income to become financially independent, and how your life could change for the better. So even if you’re struggling to start out you can get rich with Commercial Real Estate for Beginners.

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Meet Mike Adams

Michael Adams, a financial specialist, author, and ardent champion of personal money, is a resident of the famous borough of Manhattan. Michael’s obsession with finance began early in life, driven in part by his family’s difficulties with handling money.
Despite pursuing engineering in college and spending several years working as an engineer, Michael’s real vocation was in the intriguing world of finance. He always attempted to go beyond what was already done, and his skill as an engineer helped him do that. Be it mechanization, or the utilization of new tools, he loved improving everything he handled.
The many years spent in engineering and finance honed Michael’s expertise, giving him a view on personal money that is unmatched. He has performed many positions within the financial sector, including dealer, investment adviser, and financial manager.
Outside of business, Michael is a man of varied pursuits. When he isn’t engrossed in the complexities of finance, he likes to jump on his bike, go on museum excursions or discover his inner gourmand. Above all, he cherishes spending valuable time with his family, sharing his enthusiasm for finance with his adored child and experiencing the infinite marvels that New York has to offer.
Michael’s aim today is to do much more than assisting a few people like he was doing with his work. With books, he now has the chance to assist thousands of people take charge of their money and create a safe future for themselves and their loved ones.
His works, filled with useful guidance and priceless insights, are a testimony to his drive. Whether you’re a novice to the realm of personal finance or a seasoned trader, this book is a must-have aid to achieving your financial independence.

ALL REPORT: Culture, Diversity, Leadership – Stop Talking And Execute

A must-read for every CEO and high-level executive, ALL enables executives to become active participants in the dialogue around diversity, equity and inclusion.

ALL may be the first book to document how diversity in the workplace is broken and why. Its insights extend across a diverse group, including white, black, Latinx, & Asian men and women, as well as LGBTQ+ and disabled individuals.

Author and CEO of Purpose Brand, Diane Primo, is an entrepreneur and visionary thought leader on diversity and purpose with two decades of experience in Fortune 500 C-suite roles.

  • Provides diversity insights on a nationally representative sample of workers to understand basic needs and attitudes by segment
  • Reports new quantitative survey results across a diverse group of individuals, ensuring you have an actionable and cohesive understanding of everyone
  • Examines 23 existing diversity programs to understand effectiveness and share each segment’s perspective on relevancy and impact
  • Incorporates real world examples of corporate responses to Black Lives Matter and other social issues
  • Goes beyond diversity alone and outlines critical inclusion and equity measures
  • Incorporates statistical evidence from secondary sources regarding diversity ROI
  • Provides a basic, actionable, seven step plan that every business should follow
  • Designed to be a quick and engaging executive read

Meet Diane Primo

Diane Primo is on a mission to help businesses find their purpose and live it out every day! She is a Fortune 500 C-suite executive and the CEO of Purpose Brand Agency, an award-winning, Chicago-based public relations, branding and digital marketing firm working with companies committed to purpose during the last decade. Her focus on impact marketing stems from the belief that brands must be relevant, purpose-driven and committed to consumers to be successful today. She is the recipient of the Global Hassenfeld Family Humanitarian Award and was a presenter at the G8 UK Deauville Partnership Summit. She is currently co-chairman of the nationally recognized Primo Center, Chicago’s largest center for homeless families, an organization her family founded. Most recently, she co-founded SOAR, an organization that focuses on empowering, connecting and growing the number of women of color in media.