Fixing Avoidant And Anxious Attachment In Your Relationship: Attachment Styles Workbook to Stop Overthinking and Relationship Anxiety and Build a Secure Attachment (Growth 3)

Do you always find yourself hoping and praying that your relationship will work while never actually taking the time to enjoy it for everything it is? Are you someone who struggles to trust your partner, constantly overthinks, and ultimately risks pushing them away? These types of feelings are common, but that doesn’t mean you should have to endure them for the rest of your life. What I want to do right now is show you that when you come to terms with who you are and how your relationships work, you’ll be able to break free from the underlying anxiety that always seems to be there. If you want to get a feel for what I’m talking about here, consider what would happen if you gave yourself permission to stop worrying. You would find you have so much more mental energy to spend on the things you love in life, all while realizing just how wonderful your relationship really is. The real problems that actually exist become so much more likely to be fixed now that you’re no longer distracted, and quality time becomes more and more common. Now, you might think this all sounds too good to be true, and for a lot of people out there, it is. What makes you different? I’m going to personally connect you with a resource that will guide you through everything you need to know. “Fixing Your Attachment Style” is the only way to change what’s wrong and celebrate what’s right. I know you can do this! InsideFixing Avoidant And Anxious Attachment In Your Relationship, you will discover: What attachment theory is and how it came to be The role of childhood development in developing an attachment style The four major types of attachment styles Identifying your attachment style How your attachment style impacts how you interact and relate with others Why some attachment styles attract each other Tools needed to change your attachment style Overcoming jealousy and insecurity in relationships Overcoming codependency and improving interdependence What attachment styles exhibit codependent traits Tips for building and maintaining healthy relationships And a whole lot more! One-click NOW will change your relationship! You can be anyone you want to be, and all within the confines of a secure, loving, and caring relationship. It’s all about finding a way to deal with your anxious self so there no longer feels like there are three of you in the relationship. Let’s make the change!

Meet Robert J. Charles

Meet Robert Charles Robert Charles, PhD, DMin, is a life coach, mentor, pastor, radio host, and best-selling author. He serves as a Departmental Director at the Greater New York Conference. Robert has also been an Advisor for the Doctor of Ministry program at Andrews University for eight years and is certified in World Literature from Harvard University. In his inspiring books, Dr. Charles calls upon three decades of spiritual and practical experience as a mentor and pastor to help you navigate the challenges of life, live with joy, and discover your unique mission on this earth. He believes everyone is equipped with God-given talents to help them become the best versions of themselves. He says his raison d’être is to help as many people as possible tap into their strengths. In his ministerial duties, Dr. Charles has come across many cases of preventable/manageable mental health dysfunction and breakdowns in relationships due to poor communication. This inspired his decision to take his mentorship across the world through his books. Some of the themes he has explored in his books and radio programs include: • The Effects and Dangers of Overthinking • Decluttering One’s Mind • Codependency • Effective Mood and Stress Managers • Stress Management Techniques • Physical Decluttering • Mindfulness and Meditation • Anxiety and Depression • The Pillars of Self-confidence and Self-Esteem • The Dangers of Wild and Unregulated Negative Thoughts Dr. Charles believes every person deserves the best mental environment to grow into a balanced life and succeed. He is loves meditating, walking, and listening to inspirational music. He works in a team with his wife, Gina. They are blessed with three adult children: Ginaldy, David, and

The Million Dollar Marriage

Why does the importance of God’s assistance in our daily lives be so crusial? As well fidelity, love, romanticism, respect, and communication play major roles in marriage relationships. The importance of nurturing each other with the prior elements are essential to be applied in our marriages. It is imperative to apply them all in our daily living just as the water we drink, the food we eat and going to the bathroom activities are essential to do daily to survive. The same way nurturing our spouses with all of these aforementioned elements are vital ingredients required to survive your marriage relationship. It is like understanding the gravity force, the one who understands the gravity force understands marriage. Live your marriage with a peace of mind, with happiness and free of resentment. Live your marriage happily ever after!!!

Meet Gloria Duran

Gloria Duran is an expert on marriage and relationships. It is her mission to offer advice to couples and young adults on how to have loving, fulfilling, and long-lasting relationships. She is 48 years old, and a mother of three kids. She lives in Tyler, Texas, where she has been residing with her lovely family for the past 12 years.

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Every person today knows someone who has been impacted by the devastating effects of sexual brokenness in one of its various manifestations – porn addiction, affairs, sexual compulsivity and sex addiction. The individuals and couples who have been affected by sexual brokenness in the form of sexual betrayal universally report that it is one of the most emotionally gut-wrenching experiences anyone can endure. They will often describe it as feeling “worse than death,” and many say they would rather die. Roane and Eva Hunter offer a raw and transparent account of the difficult path they have traveled together in dealing with sexual addiction. The result is their ability to offer a comprehensive road map for recovery. In addition to their own personal experiences, they are able to share as two seasoned and highly respected mental health professionals who have now field-tested this process of healing with countless couples through their clinical practice. The result is carefully crafted advice for discovering how to find the true intimacy of knowing and being known.

Meet Roane Hunter

Roane and Eva Hunter are Marriage and Family Counselors specializing in individual, couples, and family therapy. They maintain a private practice in Madison, MS (LifeWorks.MS), with three offices and a team of sixteen therapists. They are both Licensed Professional Counselors, National Board-Certified Counselors, Certified Sex Addiction Therapists-Supervisors (CSAT-S), Certified Clinical Sex Addiction Specialists (CCSAS), Clinical Associates with the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists (ABCST), and Certified Multiple Addictions Therapists-Supervisors (CMAT-S). They are World Conference speakers for the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) with over sixty years of combined experience working in the area of sexual wholeness while ministering to individuals and couples in recovery from sexual brokenness. They are popular speakers at churches, seminars, and retreats, sharing their remarkable journey from false intimacy to redemptive intimacy.